Addition 10 – Who lost reality?

This father, and several other people, have made claims of this kind: She has lost total touch with reality; she is mentally unstable; she is delusional; delirium; post natal depression; major depression; adjustment disorder, etc.
For example, one of this father’s claims in our native country’s court is, and I quote: After our first child’s birth, she developed what I believe to be, post natal depression. This depression has been untreated and has progressively worsened over the years.
Ironically this man, that now states I was “ill”, experienced no problems, or concerns, ordering me around to build his house, do his admin, handle a court case for him and raise our children alone.
I am now starting with the latest evaluation of me:
The respected country’s appeal court ordered a psychiatric evaluation of me in beginning 2013. Nearly one year after I have been court claimed “mentally unstable”, based on nothing but hearsay and rumours – mostly this father and the first social service worker’s work.
This court appointed psychiatrist stated I have “delusional psychosis”. His report states this diagnosis is based on me saying my children said that their father is molesting them and are taken by him to a “zoo” where animals “bite”, etc. His report states he contacted the police, who said their investigations proved there is no sexual abuse by this father. He read the social service worker’s report. From these authorities’ reports he deducted that I have delusional psychosis, also adding to it that this father is innocent.
He also states I did not speak of the abuse with the first psychiatrist and this supports his theory. I did not. There are several reasons: I assumed the psychiatrist would have been given the reports (police and social service reports). A psychiatrist (head of intake at the hospital) questioned me, seemingly having information. My advocate told me not to speak of it, which suited me, because I did not feel capable of dissecting or digesting it at the time. The combination of these resulted in me just answering his questions and not volunteering any information.
This diagnosis the court psychiatrist made, after seeing me for about an hour and a half and without having done any tests, in theory has to be completely baseless with no other witnesses or references.
This court psychiatrist did not ask for any specific information or documents and thus he did not have additional information – apart from the inadequate investigative police report and social service report, filled with this father’s lies. He also kept asking me to speak slower. Afterwards I found out that the reason for this is his english is below par. Maybe this is the reason why, in his report, he appeared to have concentrated on reports, rather than examining a person.
This father’s advocate, on receiving this certificate diagnosing me with “delusional psychosis”, remarked on this diagnosis, stating that “this husband is terribly unhappy and sad for his wife with this diagnosis”.
A history of the mental assessments and evaluations I did and this husband’s comments on them is as follows:
1. My first attempt to be psychologically evaluated was at the hospital the day, and in the days after, my children were put in full temporary custody of this father. In our native country’s court, this father made several comments on these attempts of mine. I quote this husband:
– As stated hereinbefore, the wife was apparently seen by a psychiatrist at the central hospital and the psychiatrist that is head of intake, but refused to be admitted to hospital for assistance.
– The psychiatrist at the hospital advised me that he could not admit the wife without her consent, which the wife did not give.
What actually happened, is in the following document – a medical certificate, written by the psychiatrist at this hospital, states the following:
I the signee, Doctor ***, certify that Mrs *** was inscribed on our waiting list for the month of May 2012.

The hospital had no space for me. Then they took me off the waiting list after one month without informing me.

2. The next evaluation is the psychiatric evaluation outside the hospital as a result of not getting into the hospital. There are three medical certificates from this psychiatrist written in the same format, but I will quote one of these certificates. This medical certificate states the following:

The problems are not to be considered illness psychiatric in the strict sense but problems of situational reactions to diverse tribulations that she endured in the frame of the quarrels in the separation of her husband.

The reflection and attitude is adequate, coherent and responsible. This patient do not present with any psychiatric pathology that would impair her occupying with competence the care and interests of her three children.

This husband makes the following statements on this evaluation certificate, (note the confusion), I quote all:
– Clearly this psychiatrist has diagnosed her as suffering from a major depressive attack and adjustment disorder. This, to my mind, does not provide support for the wife’s contention that she is not mentally unstable.
– As Is readily apparent from the letter of this psychiatrist, they do not purport to be reports of any psychiatric evaluations and are little more than confirmation that she consulted him, having presented by major depression attacks and adjustment disorder.
– As is readily apparent from these letters. This psychiatrist did not evaluate her but merely consulted her for major depression attacks and adjustment disorder.
– It is also evident that this psychiatrist planned a series of appointments for psychotherapeutic medical care with her. To my knowledge, she has not kept to any appointments.
– As set out hereinbefore, she has not followed through on the arrangements she had made with this psychiatrist for psychotherapy.

This husband, irregardless to what is black on white, continues to create false impressions and manipulate.
There were also no appointments planned by this psychiatrist for psychotherapeutic medical care, as this father falsely states.

3. Another psychiatric evaluation for this husband to comment on was the 6 hour written psychometric test evaluation I did for our native country’s court. The psychometric test indicated:

There are no elevations on the severe personality pathology scales, or the clinical syndrome scales, which suggests there is no indication of psychopathology.

This psychologist did comment that I appear to suffer from post-traumatic stress and high levels of anxiety and are obsessive in my thoughts regarding the molestation. This father honed in on this in our native country’s court. This husband’s statements are:
-This report similarly indicates that she is obsessive in her thoughts and beliefs and she appears to be suffering signs of post-traumatic stress. She is also described as suffering from high levels of anxiety.
-This report also mentions she is at times flustered and scattered. This reinforces my lay observations.
– It is clear from the report, bar the evaluation done, that she has not undergone any treatment.
– I am, in the event, advised that it would be inappropriate for this psychologist to consult the wife in a therapeutic capacity.

Notice how this husband says I “had not undergone any treatment”. He also states this regarding the previous evaluation, saying “she did not follow through on psychotherapeutic medical care”. Medication appears very important to this husband. He had also told me if I take medication, then I can see my children and/or speak to my children. I gather that this would have some sort of beneficial significance for him in his court case.
The comments made on signs of suffering post traumatic stress, anxiety, being scattered and flustered at times are in this report.
It is a totally natural reactions and response for a mother in circumstances like mine to have these symptoms. It simply indicates that I have heard my children speak of their molestation.

Post traumatic stress — Post-traumatic stress disorder is classified as an anxiety disorder; the characteristic symptoms are not present before exposure to the violently traumatic event. Causes of the symptoms of PTSD are the experiencing or witnessing of a stressor event involving death, serious injury or such threat to the self or others in a situation in which the individual felt intense fear, horror, or powerlessness.
Anxiety — : Anxiety is an unpleasant state of inner turmoil, often accompanied by nervous behaviour, such as pacing back and forth, somatic complaints and rumination. It is the subjectively unpleasant feelings of dread over something unlikely to happen, such as the feeling of imminent death.

These symptoms are not psychopathology. Statistics in cases similar to mine also show that these post traumatic stress reactions of the mother are in most instances used against the mother in a court room by assigning her a mental illness.
It is reported that previous emotional abuse in the marriage also increases the mother’s symptoms of post traumatic stress. Most child abusers also emotionally abuse their spouses to control them.

4. There is of course also this social service worker that states in her report: While the mother has the impression of not being supported by the authorities in protecting her children she is becoming more and more stressed.
I would say the word “impression” is wrong, but find it interesting that she was aware that not being supported in protecting my children, was increasing my stress levels. Her manner of saying, “take yourself to the hospital immediately”, in which she dealt with me and my children, did not create the impression of support. Even after this husband got full temporary custody, her support of, “get the police to fetch the children”; “throw her out of the house”; and “limit her contact with punishment”, did not help my stress levels either.
The question is to determine whether the numerous stress factors with which the mother is confronted did not trigger delirium and paranoid behaviour in the mother.
And I would have had less stress factors if I did not have a husband that has a pseudo persona and keeps saying he is called a pedophile.
How did this social service worker suggest that things should be determined? What were her actions?
She did not insist that the children be assessed for sexualisation to determine if this is just delirium/paranoia. Even just to have peace of mind that three small boys are in fact ok. No, she did not.