Chapter 11 – No help found

My mother laid charges of assault against this father’s youngest brother and I against his eldest brother. Since this family agreed to the court’s visitation schedule that weekend and they were not allowed to interfere and/or withhold a child.
The assault charges went to court in the little town near to this family’s farm. This husband’s youngest brother’s assault charge on me was also still there, but he wanted to settle out of court. I refused. The prosecutor said it was just a family brawl and wanted the cases dismissed. My mother and I both wanted to continue. The prosecutor postponed the court hearing.
I wanted to return to the respected country where my children were. This postponement held me up.
The next court date, my police case, that I opened in a different area, had still not been received by this area’s police and court yet. They received a faxed copy, but said they cannot work with a copy. Hence the case was split.

This father’s eldest brother was not in court, but his youngest brother kept on saying he will drop the charges against me.
I decided it will take up time and I needed to concentrate on getting my children back. While deciding this, this youngest brother’s lawyer came to me saying we don’t have proof that this youngest brother was in fact responsible for my mother’s injuries, or that the eldest brother was present. The eldest brother’s court case in this small town court was scheduled for beginning February 2013. I did not plan on staying for another three months in our native country with an appeal for custody in the respected country. I decided to agree that the assault charges can be dropped.

At the time there was an uproar about a serial rapist that, over years, pried on young girls. He burned his last victim alive. He got caught. This psychopath led an apparently normal life. He was married and had a child. According to the article, neighbours loved this funny, helpful and very social man. His colleagues at work needed therapy to deal with the reality of him being a serial rapist and killer. They could not believe how they had been manipulated and lied to for years by this social, polite, amicable person that ended up being someone with serious mental problems.

The last victim’s mother criticised the wife of this man. She said this woman had known her husband was not well and did not speak up.

I knew that screaming at the top of your lungs does not mean people are going to help you or listen to what you are saying or protect you.

The police case for the molestation incident in my mother’s apartment was still open. The police investigator said he is going to continue with his investigation, even without the children being in our native country. The other police case I opened for this father’s parents farm was stopped at prosecutor level.
Later the first case was also stopped by the public prosecutor. Again no assessments/evaluations were done. This father/husband successfully schemed and fought to avoid that, while claiming to be innocent.