Addition 12 – Can truth change?

This husband sites incidents in his diary to the court. His sole aim in these writings was to convince them that his wife is violent and mentally unstable. He lied, elaborated and deliberately created false impressions of me, by adding untrue stories that had never taken place. He attributed his own behaviour to me and changed information pertaining to his provoking and abusive behaviour.
When having to give a recollection to the police on two of the incidents he sited in his diary to the court, some of his information had changed drastically. I quote this husband’s statement given in his diary first:

Statement 1
I came to my bedroom to make my travel arrangements for work on April 3 and 4. Was busy talking with Airline in order to finalise my flight arrangements? The wife walked into the bedroom and started peering over my papers and pretended to take them from me. I got up and walked to the dining room and went to sit at the dining room table in order to be able to finish my arrangements in peace.
While talking with the Airline agent the wife came to the dining room table and tried to grab the paper I had with the flight detail on. I got up and moved around to the other side of the table. She took my hot cup of tea and threw that at me. I jumped out the way and she hit the wall behind me. (See video clip of her cleaning the wall) When she realised she had missed me she jumped onto the table and grabbed the paper with the flight detail out of my hand and tore it apart in the process. (Picture of paper) I then grabbed the paper back from her, as I needed it as I was still on the telephone with the Airline. She managed to retain a part of the paper and in the process she slipped and fell against a dining room chair causing a scratch against her shoulder (See Photo).(Listen voice recordings)
After this event I went to the Police station to report this matter. At the Police station I rang the bell at the entrance door and spoke to a Police officer. He informed me that unless it was very urgent they would not send someone out to take reports. I asked him to please make a note that I had been at the station to report this matter.

What matter he wanted to report to the police is obscure. In court I replied that this paper contained nothing for this husband to act secretively about – only a name and 3-4 April in his handwriting on a blank paper. I also indicated that he spent most of his time in his bedroom. In this husband’s following statement he had to make at the police on this event, he changed the bedroom to the living room and the “secretive” blank paper now contained a flight plan. This he now claims to have been studying to see where he needed to fly to – although he was not piloting an aircraft. He also is no longer on the phone, as he had claimed in statement 1, as it would not fit in with his changed document.

Statement 2 (translation from a police report)
I cannot recall the date of said incident.
On the day of the facts, I was standing with a flight plan in the living room.  As the wife wanted to see said document, and I did not want to let her see it, we had an argument. Whereas I tried to read the route I had to fly, the wife tried to send me a hot cup into the face.  As I could quickly duck, the tea flew against the wall of the room.  As I still did not show the document to the wife, she run to pursue me around the table. When she became aware that she could not catch up with me, she jumped onto the table and snatched my flight plan. By doing so, she tore up the plan and fell with the shoulder against the back of a wooden chair.

How I remember events:

Saturday afternoon 31 March 2012 around 15:00. I was with the children downstairs. They were playing in their room and the garden. I went upstairs to put something in or get something out of my drawer in the main bedroom. I cannot remember what. I walked into the bedroom and saw this husband sitting on his bed. When he saw me, he turned the paper in front of him over and closed his computer.
My drawer was on the other side of the room away from him. I did not peep at his papers or pretending to take them, as he says. He took his paper and walked out of the room. I walked back to the stairs to go down and he was now sitting at the dining room table. I did not approach him, but stood by the kitchen counter,approximately 3 metres away, watching him. Once again he stood up. He walked past me and as he had passed me I grabbed the paper. He immediately grabbed it back and ran around the dining room table to the opposite side. He had forgotten his tea on the table. This was cold. I threw the contents at him and totally missed.
I climbed over the table, somehow managed to grab the paper, and turned to run. He pushed me with force from behind towards the glass sliding door. My shoulder, more specifically my collarbone, caught a 10cm*10cm wooden beam in the 8m window. He grabbed the paper back and it tore. I was still holding half of this. I looked to see what was on this “secret” paper he was guarding. It was a blank piece of paper with “Maria” and “3 − 4 April” in his handwriting on it. Nothing that warranted his behaviour. It meant I fell for provocation.

Another event he describes is:
Statement 1
While I was in my bedroom the wife came in and started provoking me and making accusations. I got up from my bed and tried to go to the toilet. She tried to prevent me. Once in the toilet she kept pushing the door open and putting the light on and saying that she should cut off my private parts. She was standing in the toilet door with a glass of milk in her hand. I asked her please to let me use the toilet in private and once again tried to close the door. She again pushed the door open and I then pushed her out of the way so I could close the door. She lost her temper and tried to hit me with the glass of milk. I partially blocked her blow and received a minor cut on my lip. (Photo available) The glass of milk hit the door frame and broke and cut her fingers. (Listen voice recordings.) She continued to harass and provoke me trying to solicit an angry response from me.

In court I commented this toilet door cannot be pushed in. It only opens to the outside. In
the next statement this husband then changed his “kept pushing” statement to “she
opened the door several times”. A light has to be switched off if you want to switch it on every time or continually. I had also found it humorous that this husband claimed he had begged me to urinate in private, a statement that is not the truth, and neither did I threaten to cut off his penis, holding a glass of milk.

In his second statement on this event, he claims he is in the toilet undeterred and urinates continuously, – without begging. While urinating he claims he several times closed this now opened toilet door. When open, this door is two arm lengths from the toilet he was urinating in. He also changed “she kept putting the light on” to saying, he cannot remember the light – on or off.

Statement 2 (Translated police report. Name changes were made.)
Regarding the accusation that I should have injured the wife on her hand on 1 April 2012, I’d like to say the following: I cannot recall the date of said incident. On the day of the facts, I was standing in the toilet and was busy urinating. I can no longer recall if the light was switched on or off at that moment. However, I can remember that the wife opened the door several times and threatened to cut off my penis. As I shut the door each time to finish my business and not to react to the wife’s provocation, she got upset. Suddenly, she hit
the class of milk against my upper lip, so that it started bleeding. As I warded off the hit, the glass bumped against the doorframe and broke into pieces. Due to this, the wife got a cut wound at the hand.

This is how I remember events:
I went upstairs around 10:30PM. Poured a glass of milk for myself and on leaving the kitchen, saw this husband standing in the dark toilet. He was not there when I entered the kitchen. The door was open, outward. I walk towards the toilet and reached for the toilet light with my left hand (holding the glass of milk in my right hand). I sarcastically said, “Wait, let me switch on the light. I also want to see where the “food” for the children comes from.” This husband slapped my hand away from the light switch.
I repeated myself and he again slapped my hand away. He moved out of the toilet and I moved back. I said, “No wait, let me switch on the light,” and pointed with my left hand to the toilet. He grabbed my left hand and pressed it with force. I used the bottom of the glass, that was in my right hand, and hit him on the lip, so he would stop. He did, looking surprised. He walked into the bedroom where he looked at his lip in the mirror. I watched him from the bedroom door. He walked back to the toilet, passing me in the doorway. I again said, “Wait, let me switch on the light,” but did not move.
He turned around, walked back to me without any expression on his face, placed his left hand over my right hand that was holding the glass and pushed the glass into the bedroom door frame. The glass broke in my hand. I remember thinking, “This is who he actually is.” After this I went downstairs. He must have cleaned up.
I had gone to the police on Friday 30 April to report what my children had told me of their father’s behaviour with them. The police postponed taking my statement till Monday. On the Monday I informed the police officer what had happened over the weekend. The police officer replied that I should go to the doctor. The fingers on my right had, that held the glass, had small cuts and my ring finger on my left hand was swollen from being compressed. I got an appointment at the doctor about two days later. He wrote a medical certificate.