LUXEMBOURG, EUROPE: Pedophilia The Protected Lawful Secret

LUXEMBOURG, EUROPE: Pedophilia The Protected Lawful Secret


For the past 10 years, I have been trying to protect my children in Luxembourg Europe from pedophilia behaviour, a sexualised home environment and from their father who advertises openly the past 20 years that he is called a pedophile who prefers little boys.

In March 2012 my small children ages 3, and 5-years-old, while in the bath suddenly disclosed. The eldest boy said: “Daddy makes food from his penis and he puts it in my mouth”. The 3-year-old said: “Daddy puts the food in my buttocks.”

This very “daddy” told me he is called a pedophile who prefers little boys by 3 different people. His excuses vary and change rapidly. It was his last disclosure, just 5 months before which made me question him on why his hand is constantly in the children’s private areas during play and why he never stopped as I repeatedly requested. His excuses then ranged from, “it is normal my daddy played with me like this”, etc.

Have I had to deal with this before? No. I did not know what to do. So I went to a child welfare organisation Alupse with this information. They refused to speak to or evaluate my Afrikaans speaking children offering no other options for this. They offered their Dr. Seligman to do a physical examination on the children. He glanced at the children but refused to examine the 3-year-old who I heard talking about “food in his buttocks”.

I went to the Police. It initially took 2 telephone calls for them to reluctantly allow me to even make a report on what I had seen and heard. They interviewed the eldest boy in a conference room via a translator who learned Afrikaans from her boyfriend. The 5-year-old denied, they said, and then refused to interview the 3-year-old boy. The children’s poor pet hamster took all their attention away from their jobs. That’s easy. They did not try to contact the people Peter pedophile for 20 years mentioned as his “slanderers”. They looked at me as if they could not understand why I’m shocked and upset.

For the next few weeks my children kept disclosing. Talking of a place their father takes them. Saying there are many men, women and children who do what their father does. The 3-year- old called it the zoo. Saying he gets taken to a room where the people bite. The eldest boy talked of rooms with bedding with spots on them. Naming friends of this father’s and neighbours as being there. That they take pictures of him there. The police, specifically Detective Gildinger, wanted to hear nothing and refused to take a report. Even nastily said: “Investigate it yourself.” While dismissing everything with “no evidence”.

And then Peter the pedophile filed for a divorce and started to discredit the mother of the children campaign. He made up lies, while he provoked me and then exaggerated events. During the marriage I had discovered his “nice guy” persona was false but I had no idea the lengths he would go without blinking an eye.  “She is severely mentally unstable, I fear for my and the children’s lives”, he reported to court. A social service worker, Maryse Hansen” seemed to share in his talk. No evidence was needed against me only against this father was evidence a requirement.

Five weeks later this father had full temporary custody and I was given no rights. Peter pedophile with his sadistic and controlling traits, was given carte blanche to abuse us at his will. First, at midnight he ordered me out the house into an apartment above the jubilee house. Then he started making his full control rules for me and the children. I was not to be outside the apartment if the children were outside or he would call the police. The children were convinced their mother is sick and they cannot go to her. They were shown false/rejected restraining orders against their mother. Anything to make their mother look dangerous, bad and not nice was imprinted in their heads.

A long story short. No advocate who has represented me seemed to care that I was being judicially judged and punished for flimsy, petty, evidence void third party testimony accusations, “were might she take a goldfish”; “toys are on a carpet, chaos”; “she lost weight”; “she smells”; “she gives her children legally allowed homeopathic medication”. It goes on and on. I thought my domestic abuse from this nasty disrespectful man was bad, but then Luxembourg authorities took the cake. They increased the abuse on me ten times while helping Peter pedophile to the best of their ability. Peter pedophile, by the way, is a private pilot on luxury aircraft with special connections in high places. This might be dictating law.

Peter pedophile brought me into Luxembourg in 2006 on a family permit. I was a housewife with no income. The family permit was stopped with a deportation letter given. Even with several people saying how mentally sick, major depressive, dangerous and violent (more stories from Peter pedophile) I am, and eventually a “she is delusional psychotic” diagnosis one year in, there seemed to be no care for the thing/animal brought in to create children. Her use was over and “get” was the attitude. Even though Peter pedophile’s character witnesses raved about what a decent, caring, supportive and kind person he was. While Peter pedophile hired nannies to care for the children right under the mother of the children. I took to greeting my small children out the window on the second floor for 5 years.. I was recorded every day for about 2 years. Whatever was wanted was never obtained. Why can’t you ignore your children social worker Mr. Babachic asked? If you ignore your children you can speak to them on a Monday for 30min Peter pedophile offered.  It was not that I was not used to this recording harassment. Peter pedophile had tapped house phones and took pictures of everything I did (never a “kind” type of picture of his wife) while we were married.

One year in, I was allowed supervised visitation of 2 hours every 2 weeks with my small children. My children disclosed more abuse while I tried to, having learned a lesson, record their disclosures. Not that that made a difference.  “They beat us if we speak to you at the house”, my children would say. Then Peter pedophile would drive them to their police interview and they would deny this. While no one wanted the recording of them saying this to me. The visitation basically remained the same for 9 years.

I’ve tried to stay in the country amongst deportation threats, being made an illegal immigrant. And trying to stay in the apartment, having nowhere else to go, amongst one “emergency” eviction hearing on the other, year after year, made by Peter pedophile.

Having a transport economics degree but not having worked since 2000 did not help in finding a job which would sufficiently support me. Definitely suffering from ptsd and occasional depression, – by my own diagnosis -, while being broken down and treated like the worst person to have become a mother in Luxembourg Europe did not help either. I reached a point where, for example, listening to my children crying one floor below me, would have me repeating to myself, “don’t go insane, don’t go insane”. Then thinking about what my children told me, I would start to convince myself, maybe wishing, that maybe I was just mentally unstable as being told. I was too scared to make choices, Ironically even too scared to decide I am mentally unstable or had been driven mentally unstable. Everything was taking its toll and many days the thought crossed my mind to just abandon my children and save myself from the constant psychological and emotional torture. Just get away. But even that choice scared me. I trusted no one, not even myself. Many days not even God.

Years passed and I clung to every second being able to have contact with my children. My children returned a camera saying it was broken. I got it working and found images of my children naked and posed on Peter pedophile’s bed – 20 minutes of naked pictures. Peter pedophile was at home and in the room. One could hear him on a recording repeating: “two penis-buttocks”. This was too much for my ptsd. I lost control and deleted some pictures.  Whether it was the “you are mentally unstable” treatment or something else, but I struggled to admit that the pictures existed. I finally gave testimony in court saying I have found it, while trying to list all the abuse (adding recordings on a disc) my children had since disclosed. It was rejected by Luxembourg, the disc returned, by child protection court. The prosecutor screamed that they “had future evidence that I posed a harm to my children”. The judge, I was told later, called me a liar. I got the idea to censor the pictures and report it to the police in that manner and on a disc. They were not interested. Social workers said, “normal development of children”.

I had written a book on events as an outlet. I added research into child predators, child abuse cases like mine and institutional child abuse. Eventually I did not want to add another case like mine or a day’s events to the hell I was living and stopped writing.

After I reported the pictures my children seemed to turn against me. I know that for years they had enduring manipulation to reject me. Now they were blaming me for everything. On top of their father making court cases, my children were now making a court case against me saying I do not stay away from them as the restraining order said. Their father kept them under that impression for 5 years never telling them his restraining order was rejected. The reason why my children ran  away from me when they saw me. The little bit of monthly pocket money I managed to give them since the start of our supervised visits they suddenly said was “bribe money for them to say bad things about their father.” To me they said, “you want to buy us like the media buys people.” I knew those words as their father’s. The children’s new advocate was too scared of the children’s father to even interview her child clients. But that did not sway her or the court.

The judge on the children’s case against me ordered a psychiatric evaluation of me, him and the children. Finally rational action, I thought. But this father’s psychiatric evaluation report consisted of two sentences. One saying he takes his responsibility as a parent seriously. The rest of the report was filled with twisting my words and recommending that if I don’t stay silent about child molestation then I should never see my children unsupervised. If I do stay silent then I can. The pictures and everything else reported as “normal interaction between a father and his children.”

My advocate asked for another evaluation of all of us. The judge refused saying she accepted this report.

I do get legal aid since court cases are used to batter me as much as possible. As for advocates, In Luxembourg I have had 6. The first one could hardly speak English but I had to take her on the Friday because the emergency child protection hearing was on the Monday. But she seemed to share the social service office’s mentality of “where might the mother take the goldfish”. She later dropped me right before an emergency eviction hearing saying she cannot speak English and can’t represent me. The second approached me in a coffee shop. I should have known then already, but he was another manipulator and scammer. I left  him. My third advocate I found was eager and agreed with what I said. But slowly I realised she could not be bothered representing me and was hardly ever available and never gave me her paperwork or wanted to say what she had submitted to court. I found out she was batting for Peter pedophile by trying to block division of marital assets. Not that he needed her help because he had enough people taking care of everything he demanded, even if it was illegal. The advocate I found after her was at a law firm and she seemed normal, but also seemed to ignore the naked pictures of my children. She left the law firm and also the profession. The law-firm owner appointed me a new advocate. She was very professional, but also seemed to ignore naked pictures of children. Then the owner of the law firm fired her giving vague reasons. As for the owner, when I mentioned having sent the children’s pictures to the new children’s advocate and also to the psychiatrist doing the court evaluation he screamed at me for about 2 minutes for having emailed it to them. That was when I realised he was not normal. But every advocate I have had had said keep quiet about child molestation and acted as if the naked pictures of children did not exist. Would I find an advocate in Luxembourg who would legally represent me? Not just tell me how Luxembourg has destroyed me and that I should be nice to the hyena which has me by the face – literally word for word.

The Luxembourg courts decided I have no rights to my children, because I fear for my children from pedophilia. Against the law approving what I call child sex media, while ignoring what I said I heard my children say.

The courts of Luxembourg have decided I have no marital rights since Peter pedophile does not want to declare any assets in the divorce and a court appointed notary cannot divide assets because of this. Against the law a judge condoned his not declaring any assets as well. This is fraud. Criminal activities being approved by court. But based on this fraud he was also given his eviction order again saying I have no rights to share in marital assets.

Is there such a thing as justice and law?  Or is it an allusion for the naive? Should I just abandon my responsibilities towards my children?