I have tried my best in making my marriage work before the children told me about their molestation. My house is not always spotless, although never in the state depicted by this husband. I was not always a perfect mother, but I tried my best. My children’s noses did run occasionally. I allowed my children to play in mud, water and to climb trees – with me always around. The hamster was at the police station, although it did not run around. I do smoke. I am also not the most orthodox person you would find. I do have a temper and can be a bitch, but I have never had violent tendencies. I have not intentionally hurt, abuse, indoctrinate, manipulate or controlled anyone.
I believe the LORD God exists and is alive and well. I also believe that Jesus Christ is His first begotten Son and the Holy Spirit our gift. I am not a saint, but definitely not a satanist/witch.
I have tried to stay close to my children and to show them that I love them. This is made difficult, sometimes impossible, and mostly prevented.

I have not lied about what I had heard my children say or anything else.
It is my children that are placed in direct and imminent risk of being emotionally and physically killed by this lying, careless, abusive, insecure, emotionless situation.
How many direct lies can possibly be told, before someone is not found “worthy of the trust of a court”, or even examined closely before allowing that person to raise three small children?

This father lied in his diary to the respected country’s court. His Skype records are false. His “description” of my violence is false. To this day he deliberately provokes situations depicting me in a bad light and create false impressions about me.
This father lied, saying I lock my children in a room. The doors have no locks. He lied about the children’s behaviour with the hamsters.
He lied, saying that I prevented all physical contact between him and his children.
This father lied, saying he is going to stop working and handed in a letter for salary information that is falsified; also falsely saying he is still paying a mortgage.
This father lied in our native country’s court, creating the impression his molestation case was heard in the respected country’s court; when in truth the child molestation investigation/case in the respected country was stopped at prosecution level and never reached a court.

This father lied in our native country’s court, saying the children had undergone evaluation/assessment in the police molestation investigation, when they had not. It was impossible in the respected country, due to language difficulties.
This father lied in our native country’s court, where he negated having driven over one of his children after loading small children, without supervision, on a moving wagon filled with maize.
This father lied in his appeal court affidavit in our native country, saying he is stuck in the neighbouring country, because the child only had one passport when he had two valid passports for the child. He deliberately stayed out of the court and police jurisdiction, who wanted the children to be assessed for molestation in their investigation.
This father also creates difficult circumstances for these children in their already unsure situation. He leaves the children for weeks with nannies. Some he did not interview before employing, some don’t speak the children’s language and I doubt they have child care training or training in dealing with traumatised children. These nannies are instructed by him to prevent any and all contact or conversation between me and my children, and to record me every time they see me. They physically push these children around, spank them and punish them to achieve this.
In one court he states he is looking for the “perfect” nanny that is why there had been so many. In another court he contradicts himself claiming the nannies are scared of me that is why there had been so many! One nanny, caught in a lie, said he manipulates her. She continues to behave “manipulated” and the court says this is all fabulous!

What type of person stops a mother from giving proper love to her children, even prevents her from greeting them. While claiming it is for the benefit of the children, while, in fact, this is emotionally detrimental for a child, and parental alienation is proven abuse.

I myself have been forced to look at my children out of a window everyday, to listen to their voices through the floor below me! Pure emotional torture! But, according to the “sane”, I am the “mentally ill” that is fighting against them for nothing! (I would call it child welfare.) They utilise my Christianity, anti-pedophilia and hamsters. God help us if all mentally ill people and their children receive the emotional torture and harassment that we have endured at these “sane” people’s hands.

Is it normal for authorities to arrange circumstances that financially block mentally unstable people from receiving treatment? Have these authorities not already declared, by their half means, that the accused is innocent of molestation and that I, a mother, have delusional disorder being concerned for the lives of my children? Is being concerned for children’s lives and their normal development an evil deed, worthy of their fabricated lies and emotional punishments?

Can a person be driven insane? Maybe by somebody behaving like a monster and hooligan towards this person? I am betting, yes! Only by the grace and help of my God do I stay sane.

I find it incredible that, up to today, some “educated” people are saying, “We’ll wait until these children can speak.” When in reality these children can already speak. So why the comment to wait? Is there not urgency in compassion for the lives of three small children? Is your hearts desire for them to develop Stockholm syndrome or traumatic bonding, which would diminish the chances of them ever speaking out?

I have found incredible inefficiency thriving in this situation — far away from the direction of truth or in the direction of protecting the helpless and vulnerable. What is thriving are ruining and destroying lives.

Yes, I am frustrated and have every right to be, because reality is: protecting and assessing a small child is not such an enormous issue as it is made out to be. In total it will cost less compared to one day in court and no harm is done in any way or form to the child.

I am fighting for protection and safety for my children. None of the above-mentioned spewed (without evidence) lies of this father are remotely for protection and safety of the children, but this does not stop people accusing me, amongst other unreal things, of being a “threat to the safety and wellbeing of my children”.

Their actions are detrimental to the emotional and physical safety and wellbeing of me and my children. Children whom I had given birth to and love.