Chapter 18 – My balance of probability/preponderance of evidence

My children and I are unfortunately by no means the only ones dealing with this unfathomable situation. This is commonly practised procedures for judges in a Youth or Family court:

The Youth/Family Court, who handle child “welfare” cases, claim to be practicing justice and “protecting” children on the concept “balance of probabilities”. [] Definition:
Also known as preponderance of evidence. The common distinction is made with the balance of probabilities of proof – used in a civil trial -, while in a criminal trial, beyond a reasonable doubt is required. In a civil trial (i.e. Divorce/Youth/Family Court), one party’s case needs only be more probable than the other.

Thus a lower burden of proof is required with balance of probabilities. Beyond a reasonable doubt, which is a higher burden of proof, is not a requirement. In a civil trail no jury is present when making such decision. There is only one person/judge deciding. I knew nothing of these people who decided over my and my children’s lives, not their IQ, religious beliefs, interpretation of right and wrong, interpretation of law, sexual preferences, level of mental soundness, emotional maturity or details of their private lives. For all I know they can be said to “prefer little boys” and be practising in cults or be witches and satanists.

But these government workers do repeatedly execute the same procedures in cases like mine. Which is:
Scenario 1: The child speaks up about parental abuse to the police.
The prosecutor’s/general advocate’s office rebuffs with “no evidence”, with little, or even without any form of a viable investigation. The parent who supports the child is attacked and discredited at every level. Which includes being accused in a Youth Court of parental alienation, as well as accused of coaching the child to speak about child abuse performed by the other parent. For the judicial assumptions of “coaching and parental alienation” against the non-abusive parent, no evidence is required.
Scenario 2: The child discloses only to the non-abusive parent, who then reports to authorities, but the child does not disclose to the authorities in an interview.
Again little or even no viable investigation takes place in securing the child’s welfare. The prosecutor’s/general advocate’s office rebuffs with “no evidence”. The parent who reported the abuse to the police is discredited in all manners and mostly “diagnosed” with “mental instability”. In most cases no evidence is required for the “diagnosis”, usually “delusional psychosis”. Or either great effort, with several “failed” diagnoses, is made to obtain the desired diagnosis from a court contracted professional.
In both scenarios the judicial outcome is almost always that the non-abusive parent loses custody to the reported abuser – whether that abuser is a hard drug addict, with several mental illnesses, is dismissed. In many cases where the non-abusive parent is too outspoken about the child abuse, or attracts too much public attention to the child abuse, the judge/person will issue a gag order, banning that non-abusive person from speaking out. Such outspoken actions almost always result in a complete cut in contact between the non-abusive parent and his/her child/ren. This “you will never see your children again if you don’t stay silent about abuse, but if you stop speaking out you might see your children more”, is commonly used as a threat vs. punishment against protective parents and abused children. This threatening, manipulating and punishing of victims into wrongful silence is very common behaviour for abusers of all kinds.
My and my children’s case was “dealt with” in the above mentioned procedures in scenario 2. While “justice” workers claim they did their jobs with “balance of probability”. The main points, and only a few scenarios in this case, are necessary to compare if this “work” performance is on par with a morally correct civilisation. Pay attention to how everything “bad” and “discrediting” about me, is accepted by authorities without evidence being a requirement. Also how everything said which puts the “pedophile” father in a bad light, even said by himself, is quickly ignored by authorities.






This father says, “I am called a pedophile.” “I am said to prefer little boys.” He touches little boys’ privates during “wrestling games”

None required, but rejected.

Submitted video evidence is dismissed by the judge. Judge gives this father full control of the suspected victims/children.

Everything is simply ignored.

This father then says, “my wife is mentally unstable and has lost touch with reality.”

None, but accepted

Accepted by judge without questions and alienate children from their mother.

The Youth Court judge decides, “The mother is a danger to her children.”

This father spreads stories that “his wife is violent and dangerous”. “She massacred his pizza into a thousand pieces” he relays.

None, but accepted

Accepted by judge, calling it parental violence. Alienated children from mother.

The judge says, “This father is worthy of our trust.”

This father makes many other complaints, including, “she wants to ruin my relationship with my boys.”

None, but accepted

Accepted and judge ruined the mother’s relationship with her children in turn.

The judge concludes: “This father is worthy of our trust”.






I report that 2 children told me their father makes ‘food’ from his penis for them.

Minimum investigation. Only 1 out of 2 children interviewed. Medically examined only 1 out of 2 children. Refuse to evaluate any child for sexualization.

Dismissed and rejected.

The judge concludes: “No evidence.” Evidence is a requirement. The mother is mentally unstable without evidence required.

I report that this father loaded two children ages 4 and 5 year-old unsupervised on a wagon and drove over the 4 years old child in reckless negligence causing injury.

None and refuses to take injury report.

Dismiss and reject evidence of children describing the incident.

The judge concludes: “It was an accident” that small children are unsupervised on a moving, loaded wagon.

Some foreign language- speaking woman falsely testifies that, at the woman shelter, I refused to fasten children in their safety seats.

None, but accepted

Accepted and alienate the mother from her children.

The judge concludes that this gossip is evidence that “the mother is a danger to her children”.

I was “charged” with allowing the children to climb trees and take a pet hamster with them.

None, but no child, hamster or tree injury report and no official fine/charges?

The judge concludes: “The mother is a danger to these children.”

Accepted by judge and alienate the mother from her children.

I report that my children have told me of emotional and physical abuse, being beaten(also for speaking to me), slapped on the head, their ears pinched etc.

None, but rejected.

Dismissed and court rejected recording evidence.

The court personnel uttered: “The children are in no danger with their father. There is no evidence. We have future evidence that you are a danger to your children.”

I report naked pictures of my children (about ages 5-8 yrs. old) posing in sexualised positions. As well as a recording of this father, being present in the house and repeating, “penis-bum” to the children.

The children are interviewed, but left in the incestuous “penis-bum” circumstances.

The Authorities are silent, but allowed this father to leave the country on holiday with the children. Social service enforce less contact between me and my children.

Social service workers repeatedly inform me that “these pictures were already dismissed in court”, adding that it is simply “normal child development”, which “you must allow”.

I can question too many issues:
Why no psychiatric evaluation is required of this father and why children were not psychologically interviewed about his behaviour towards them? Is it unfathomable that a slack molestation investigation obviously renders an incapacity of forming a thorough judgement? But such behaviour is evidence of child neglect, endangerment and pro- pedophilia.
The non-abusive parent’s shocked and stressed state in relation to the child abuse, is completely incomprehensible to these authorities. There should be no trauma or stress reaction. According to them no parent in his/her right mind must fear for the destroying of children’s lives from pedophilia.
Did I wake up one morning and decide to start calling this husband a pedophile? No! This husband woke up one morning and decided to repeat to me that he is “called a pedophile”. Instead of him repeating, “I am called a pedophile” in courts, he then repeats, “my wife is mentally unstable and she is a danger.”

Someone like this father, who gives a false name at the bank, for example: Mr. PS van Stein, becomes court standard praise worthy. “Trustworthy”, is what was said – to be exact!
But, these authorities do not show any interest worth mentioning in morally correct child protection. Producing child pornography and “penis-bumming” little boys are considered “normal child development”. Authorities do not request the camera with the evidence for examination? But allowing children to climb on climbing frames/trees and children taking their pet on an outing is considered “lost touch with reality” behaviour for a parent?
Wearing no safety belt normally requires a fine,- when proved. But just on gossip, it is deemed punishable with a life term alienation sentence for an anti-pedophile parent? This father sets no boundaries for safety and allowed two small children unsupervised on a full, safety belt void, moving wagon. But it seems being called a pedophile is judicially deserving of special grace.
“She is dangerous, she massacred my pizza”, this father moaned to a court and social services. Was this a “pizza-gate” pizza (code language used by child abuse network) this father was hinting on? Entrapping me with false “morally good guy” performances and ruining my and my children’s lives are bad choice of ingredients for a “pizza father”.

This father, with the support and approval of the “respected” country’s authorities, continues to torture me and my children with our need for our mother-child relationship. While I am told I am “mentally ill” for not allowing or practising “normal” homosexual child/pedophile actions. While the respected country gave full control of my children to a father who says he is “called a pedophile who prefers little boys”. The respected country’s authorities condone small children being groped on their privates for adult entertainment. They approve of “penis-bum activities” with little boys. They approve of naked boys posing in homo-sexualised positions on their “prefer little boys” father’s bed.

My balance of probability judgement is: These are pro-pedophilia enabling, actions and opinions.