Addition 14 – I Am Not The Only Parent This is Happening To

There are many parent groups which have formed on social media, for example: THE WOMEN’S COALITION – ; PROTECTIVE MOTHERS UNITED –;

Research done that shows Family Court judges’ with disturbing trends. Shocking trends that involves one child after the other ordered into full custody of the parent they named as sexually abusing them:

Books are written to describe the mad judicial process that has been referred to as: ”The judicial rape of children.” 

From Madness to Mutiny: Why Mothers Are Runni…(Paperback) by Amy Neustein,Michael Lesher



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Movies are being made to highlight the plight:
“Every day, 5 million children in the U.S. experience domestic violence, either as witnesses or victims. Due to a horrific system that favours abusive fathers, a shocking number of mothers who seek to protect their children (and themselves) end up losing them. Most Americans are unaware that an abusive father, who contests custody from a protective mother, will win 70 percent of the time.   This bold and provocative film “What doesn’t kill me”, is a long overdue exploration into why the most powerful country in the world is not protecting its most vulnerable mothers and children and thus enabling generations of abusers to continue their abuse.”

Plays performed in attempts to garner help: “Forbidden to Protect” depicts the true stories of six cases from across the U.S. where custody courts have revictimised abused women and their children. In four of the cases, the courts took children away from non-violent mothers to give put them in the custody of confirmed batterers and child sexual abusers. In all of these cases court personnel refused to look seriously at the extensive evidence of abuse, while insulting and threatening mothers for their attempts to protect their children.

Here is an example of the incest entitlement culture mindset with which a protective parent is confronted with:
Virginia congressional candidate wants to make incest legal (2:33) Transcription:
Nathan Larson, an accountant and northern Virginia candidate running for congress. Nathan Larson claims he wants to restore liberty and make incest legal.
Interviewer: What about sexual relations with your own children?
Nathan Larson: I would favour, like, legalising incest.
Interviewer: Why is that?
Nathan Larson: Just because .. uh.. personal freedom.
Interviewer: What about the children’s rights?
Nathan Larson: Uh
Interviewer: Wouldn’t that be rape to have sex with a child?
Nathan Larson: Uh, well like, like with girls, I mean I just believe that it should be for fathers to make this decision.

Huffington Post reported:

Nathan Larson as “Lysander” on,- a forum for “suicidal pedophiles-,” Nathan Larson wrote numerous posts endorsing child rape and other forms of sexual abuse, saying: “Why doesn’t every pedo just focus on making money so they can get a pedo-wife and then either impregnate her with some fucktoys or adopt some fucktoys?” he wrote on the platform in October. “That would accommodate both those who are and aren’t into incest. And of course, the adoption process lets you pick a boy or a girl.”

Amazon is under fire for selling pro-pedophile baby clothing according to a shocking investigation by The Sun Online.

On Amazon’s American site, the news outlet found two infant onesies for sale with disgusting slogans. The black onesie read “Daddy’s little fuck toy” while the white one read “I just look illegal.” Both retailed for about $20 and were sized for babies up to 24 months old.Similar tops were discovered on Amazon’s Canadian site, as well, sold by retailer VanBer who also sells offensive adult T-shirts, The Daily Mail reports. One of those was even emblazoned with “Daddy’s little slut.” The items have since been removed
A man has been spared jail despite a court hearing that he planned to get a 14-year-old girl pregnant so they could abuse their own child together. He sent indecent images of children as young as three to a girl called Lauren who turned out to be a group of paedophile hunters. Net Justice handed over their evidence to police after confronting him at his flat in Chelmsford, Essex, on March 25 this year. When ‘Lauren’ said the pictures made her sad, Wells told her the girls were ‘enjoying themselves’ and said: ‘If you love me enough we will do this to our children.’
Pedophile police officer accused of raping 13-year-old girl in car back seat while he filmed her tells jurors: ‘She seemed to be enjoying it’ Ian Naude, 30, South African and previous Afghanistan gunner, picked the girl up from her house and drove her to the country. Father-of-one told jurors ‘he asked her to call him daddy because it excited him’.

How does a parent become a child predator? Statistics show 40% of abuse victims accept and rationalise their sexual abuse and become like their abusers. With male victims more likely to continue the abuse cycle.

The court was told that when the girl was just 4, her father tried to penetrate her vagina and threatened to “kill her if she told anyone”. Crown prosecutor Christopher Cook said the next time the girl was abused was when she was only 8 or 9, at a motel in Maryborough. It was there her father had performed multiple sex acts on her several times and rubbed her groin until she cried. He then raped his daughter in the motel room’s bathroom. Defence barrister Russell Clutterbuck told Judge Clare his client had suffered sexual abuse at the hands of his grandfather at a very young age, and struggled with alcohol abuse throughout his life. Judge Clare said his early upbringing was “tragic but it cannot be used as an excuse”. “You knew these things were very wrong and you knew, perhaps better than most, how traumatic sexual abuse could be,” Judge Clare said. “Yet you persisted in assaulting and raping your own child when she was just a little girl.

Here are some testimonies of child victims of the family Court System: Victim of Parental Alienation Hoax Speaks Out [4:54]

The Women’s Coalition January 24 at 2:45 AM 2020 Brave 12 Year-Old Runs Away; Writes Letter Detailing Abuse Trying to Protect Little Brother from Sexual Abuse He Reported: “I cannot live with [my father] anymore. I can’t take any more of his abuse and the courts forcing me to live like a prisoner with [him]. PLEASE HELP ME! I am afraid for my life and will keep running away until I am safe at home with my mom.”
Avery Avery’s Letter: 12 year-old Avery ran away from her reportedly abusive father 5 days ago in Austin, Texas. The Amber Alert got much media attention, with law enforcement falsely claiming she was in danger with her mother so that the public would turn her in. A warrant was issued for her mother, Kassia, even though she insisted Avery ran away on her own. Kassia has posted bond and awaits trial. Avery turned herself in two days ago, and apparently was not forced to return to her father—yet. Kassia is not allowed to know where her own daughter has been taken, but it is feared that Avery has been forced into “reunification therapy”, which is where children often go when they will not stop reporting abuse. That is where they are tortured into recanting abuse by fathers. Avery and Kassia have been trying for years to get protection for her little brother, who reported ongoing sexual abuse by his father. As usual, Family Court covered up the abuse and gave sole custody to the father. Avery’s letter in her own handwriting: “Clint is sadly still living with his abuser,” says Kassia.

“My sister and her children have been in a nightmare since November of 2016 when my niece made an outcry of sexual abuse to her brother by her father. Many outcries were made by my niece and nephew and investigations…After countless people failed to help/protect Avery and Clint, the children were forcibly removed from Kassia’s custody in July 2019…They have been with their abuser with absolutely no contact with their mother since then.

Bear in mind that a parent who does not report the abuse a child had told them another parent commits against them, faces criminal charges. Which include criminal negligence causing bodily harm and causing a child to need protection. Here is an example where the mother did not disclose the sex abuse of the father and one child then disclosed the abuse at school:

But in this “Family Justice System”, double standards are shockingly prolific. For example: When a parent does report parental abuse of a child or tries to protect the child against this abuse, the chances are very high that the following judicial strategy will apply to this protective parent:
World-Wide Pattern Followed in Court Child Abuse Cases:
Parent’s who raise concerns about possible sexual abuse by the other parent is systematically silenced and accused. The method is succinctly described in the book ‘When his eyes turned white’ by retired teacher Catherine Ni Mhuillin (2014) :

1. Child discloses abuse, usually sexual abuse. Law enforcement does sub-standard investigation. Says there is not enough evidence to give to D.A. and closes the case. Child Protective Services does a sub-standard investigations, labels it unsubstantiated and shunts it into family court as a custody case.
2. Family Court Judge appoints insider children’s attorney and / or psychologists to shift blame to mostly the mother by fraudulently reporting that she is a liar / alienator and / or mentally ill and recommend custody to mostly the father, who they opine is the ‘friendly parent’.
3. Judge minimises, disregards and conceals evidence of abuse, finds mostly the mother to be lying / alienating or mentally ill and gives custody to the abusive parent.
4. Judge isolates children from the mother and anyone who might support the truth about the abuse while children are Stockholmed and brainwashed by the abuser, a ‘reunification / deprogramming therapist’, or an out-of-state camp, into forgetting about or recanting the abuse and agreeing to live with the abusive parent.
5. Judge places mother on supervised visitation where neither she nor the children are allowed to speak of abuse, past or present. Supervision monitors report to the court if either speaks of the abuse and end the visits if they do.
6. Judge makes orders that prohibit children from seeing professionals who may support their disclosures, prohibits mother from taking children to doctors or therapists, and gives the perpetrator control over who they see.
7. Judge gag orders the mother so the public cannot hear about the abuse or the cover up of abuse and threatens that she will not see her children again if she does not remain silent and go along with the cover up.
8. Judge disempowers the mother by bankrupting her through the legal process, traumatising her through separation from her children, and enabling the abuse to continue.
Dr Lynne Wrennell, Senior Lecturer in Criminology at Liverpool John Moores University, who inspired Catherine to write this book, wrote an excellent article about the ‘Trojan Horse’ nature of so-called ‘Child Protection’ and features in some You Tube videos:

Silencing techniques or gagging orders are generally used in this judicial system. Here is an example of an order on a mother in the UK:

Sara Root, a mother involved in child protection proceedings, has been jailed for posting information about her children on Facebook. The length and type of sentence has not been disclosed. In a post about the mother last week, we explained that she had used the social media site to talk about details of her case which she said included several failings and breaches of the law by child welfare professionals. Medway council complained about her posts on Facebook. Sentencing her last Wednesday, Mrs Justice Theis said she was jailing Ms Root because the mother of two was likely to continue breaching the injunctions.

Pedophiles are used in these Family Courts as “experts” in advising the judge in child sex abuse custody cases. These types generally choose the accused child sex abusers as the “best parent” to have custody.

The psychologist, who has since been charged with sexually abusing three children, was appointed by the Family Court to make custody recommendations in cases where one parent had accused the other of sexual abuse.

The statistics average about the same percentages in all countries. The problems exposed in this “child protection” system and listed in the report below are the same in all countries with this Family Court system. Never are steps taken to safeguard this system and never ever are these issues resolved. For example:   Submission to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Justice and Equality, February 20th 2019, Ireland – Extracts page 74 − 76

“Tusla receives approximately 3,000 referrals on child sexual violence per annum (the number of children concerned will be fewer). I’d invite you to consider what happens to these 3,000 reports. International in-depth studies of disclosures, from whatever source, of sexual violence committed against children  allows us to say that we can expect some false allegations at a rate of approximately 2% – 8% with the lowest rate of false allegations being detected for the child who discloses themselves. In accordance with the law and protocols all cases are notified to An Garda Síochána (police).  According to the Garda Inspectorate, for these cases there is a 4% prosecution rate, with less than 2% resulting in a criminal conviction. Less than 2%. Therefore, our criminal justice failure rate in reported child sexual violence is between 90% and 96%. 62% involved incest. The fact is our family courts are handling highly criminal matters of the most sensitive and urgent child protection nature in unknown numbers, without criminal authority, without the appropriate tools and in the absence of appropriate specialisation.68 RCNI would advocate strongly for a special family law court which addresses these concerns. Such a court was recommended in 1996 [over two decades ago ] by the Law Reform Commission, and since then by the Child Rapporteur, the Child Care Law Reporting Project amongst others. The family courts are held in camera [held in secret]. there is little by way of gathering and collating of data to allow for accountability and reassurance.”

A 2017 government inquiry into a “better family law system” made 33 recommendations, and an Australian Law Reform Commission inquiry released this year made 60 recommendations. The government has not responded to either review. Instead, the government announced another review this month, to be co-chaired by One Nation senator Pauline Hanson, who made allegations of widespread lying by women to stop fathers accessing their children.

Experts, who are witnessing the dangerous behaviour of court personnel and identifying it as harassment, discrimination and child endangerment, attempt to instigate change and make the behaviour public, to no avail.

COURTS are giving alleged sex abuser fathers custody of their children in Tasmania, a child protection expert says. Mothers alleging such abuse are being declared mentally ill or delusional and to be the “dangerous parent”, according to Professor Freda Briggs, a former Scotland Yard child protection officer who visited the Coast in September. “Having recently spent time in Tasmania, I am concerned that no-one appears to be protecting very young children from father-child incest when there is a case pending in the Family Court or a Family Court order is in place,” Prof Briggs said in a letter to Premier Lara Giddings in December.

Mothers ‘labelled dangerous’

“While in Devonport, I received 12 phone calls or visits from mothers who had lost or were about to lose residence of their children because of inadequate investigations by state services … being diagnosed as mentally ill/ delusional and labelled as the dangerous parent.” Family court’s view A spokesperson for Family Court Chief Justice Diana Bryant said: “The premise of the writer’s criticism is that there is some kind of systematised or formulaic approach by the Family Court to cases involving the allegations of child sexual abuse”. “That proposition misunderstands and distorts the role of judges who deal with individual cases in which, in each case, the goal is to arrive at an order which is in the best interests of the particular child or children in that family. “In many cases that will involve the need to protect children from harm.” The spokesperson said cases involving allegations of abuse were frequently cases in which the abuse was denied [by the accused]. ” … crucial to any decision will be the need for the judge to make findings of fact as to whether or not alleged events occurred.

“The standard of proof required under the Family Law Act, is not the criminal standard, but is on the balance of probabilities.” Children’s reports `dismissed’ Prof Briggs said: “Children are taught in school to report sexually inappropriate behaviour to someone they trust, but if they report sexual abuse by their father to the teacher or another relative, the report is dismissed as the child being trained by the mother to make a false report”.  In one investigation, it is alleged Patterson forged an accuser’s signature and falsely claimed to prosecutors that two teachers who may have been witnesses were dead. Pollard allegedly removed and destroyed four photographs that were ‘important exhibits’ to an investigation and also misrepresented evidence to his supervisor so no further action was taken in a separate probe.


Parents, who attempt to protect their children, are also confronted with shocking dismissive attitudes and ridicule thrown at them by employees within this child “protection” system.

Two police officers sabotaged a string of child sex abuse investigations out of a combination of ‘cynical disdain’ for accusers and laziness, a court has heard. Detective constables Sharon Patterson, 49, and Lee Pollard, 47, forged documents and concealed evidence over a three-year period, the Old Bailey heard today. The Essex Police officers, who were in a relationship, discussed a plot over email, with Pollard thanking Patterson as his ‘partner in deceptive crime’, jurors heard. One count against Patterson involves a teenager who said that – from the age of six – she was regularly raped by her father over some five years, which was seemingly supported by a sister’s previous allegations. Patterson interviewed their mother who gave ‘highly relevant’ details, but the officer instead record that she was ‘unwilling’ to make a statement, it was alleged. It was decided the case should not even be passed to the CPS for a charging decision, with a supervisor citing the mother not being willing to corroborate evidence as a key reason. Patterson’s ‘deceit’, the prosecutor said, ‘directly contributed to this investigation being brought to a close’. Alexandra Healy QC, prosecuting, said: ‘The allegations against them involve the forging of documents, concealment of evidence and the misrepresentation of the state of investigations, and the evidence involved in investigations, to supervising officers.

‘The effect was that allegations involving child sex offences were not properly investigated. ‘The motivation appears to have been a combination of laziness, self-preservation and sometimes a cynical disdain for complainants in these child abuse allegations.’ The officers, who live together in Colchester, Essex, each deny three counts of misconduct in a public office between 2011 and 2014.

Do Family Court Judges support the pedophile and incest?

Judges weaken rules on paedophiles. Paedophiles have won unsupervised access to their own children because it would breach their human rights to keep them apart, judges have ruled.

Houses of the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Justice and Equality Report on Reform of the Family Law System October 2019 Page 76: In addition to the in camera rule, confidentiality and non-disclosure clauses imposed on parties in the family courts do sometimes occur – whereby the court rules, amongst other things, that a child’s disclosures of rape and sexual violence MUST NOT BE REPORTED TO THE STATE”S INVESTIGATIVE AUTHORITIES, An Garda Síochana, directly but must instead be mediated through appointed individuals or Tusla who will decide when a child’s voice can be heard by our mandated criminal justice investigative authorities.

“If this was the 1950s and you had a jury of 12 men there, which is what you’d invariably have, they would say it’s unnatural for a man to be interested in another man or a man being interested in a boy. THOSE THINGS HAVE GONE,”  says a JUDGE Neilson.

Judge Neilson made the comments during the trial of a brother charged with raping his younger sister. The man has pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting his sister when she was 10 or 11 years old in 1973 or 1974 but has pleaded not guilty to charges relating to sex they had in 1981, when she was 18 and he was 26.

Pedophile (no jail) granted access to daughters

The authority’s argument is… “as long as it is in the privacy of the home”. That simply condoning or dismissing, for example, assault, torture, abuse and pedophilia are appropriate for legal employees who are supposed to uphold law and civilisation. On condition that the crime is done inside a family’s house and the victims must not dare testify and speak up or…! This “law” is apparently now a requirement after having buried truth and justice, while persecuting family victims, for decades.
19 September 2018, Italy’s government is pushing draft legislation that would revolutionise the country’s divorce laws, abolishing child support and taking custody away from parents who bad-mouth their exes or try to otherwise harm their relationships with their children. The idea behind the bill, which is supported by Italy’s governing coalition and has a good chance of becoming law, is to enforce what it describes as “perfect co-parenting.”

Here are examples of cases where children are judicially given to suspect abusers. The abuse can be psychological, physical or sexual:

The Women’s Coalition  February 5 at 5:20 PM ·

Face of the Crisis: Lauren: My ex was sexually aggressive with me and other women and I had concerns for my daughter’s safety. She always came back from visits with bruising on her inner thighs and diaper area. She’s had four anal fissures and a cut on her vagina. But the judge said I was the abusive one because I kept reporting her injuries and my concerns for her safety, so he gave her to my ex full time. Now I don’t even have any visitation with my own baby girl.

I’ll never forget sitting across from Lucy, an 18-year-old who, aged eight, had the courage to tell her school counsellor she was being sexually molested by her father. When her mother, Tina, applied to stop contact, a family report writer dismissed Lucy’s allegations, described Tina as “psychotic” and wrote in his report to the court that if the allegations should be raised again, Lucy should be ordered to live full-time with her father. Tina wanted to keep fighting, but with this strong report against her, she was terrified that she would lose Lucy altogether, so she consented to one overnight stay per week. For five years, Lucy had to spend one night a week with her father. Over time, his molestation escalated to full-blown rape. “It became very violent,” Lucy told me, “and if I wouldn’t comply, it was brought up that I wasn’t allowed to speak about it [by the court], so maybe I should just shut up and let it happen, and no one would believe me anyway”. Lucy’s father suddenly relinquished custody when she was 13. Lucy thinks that’s because she was old enough for people to believe her.

Such stories are legion across Australia. I’ve lost count of the number of victimised parents, usually mothers, who’ve told me they are terrified to leave their violent relationships

Tina Melo  March 11 at 10:45 PM
State Police Cyber Task Force on Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) received the same and more of my evidence which I presented in 2007 The United States Federal District Court Of RI after having been illegally prevented from returning to Munich GERMANY WHERE I was living since 1994, by an illegal ex-parte motion 6 days after arriving for a 2 week vacation.
ICAC confirmed it was 100 % child porn of my 2 sons age 5 and 6, yet although they confirmed my sons were.victims and the photographer their father all they did was wipe their hands clean of the crime against me and my sons by sending all their evidence and findings over to Germany, instead of arresting the actual criminals who held the.evidence, saw it and hide it from the criminal ri authorities and changed custody of my sons from me to the photographer of #childporn.

Jonah Rief is the son of Tammy Rief. Reportedly, Brian Sullivan has at times claimed to be the father of Jonah, but reportedly he is not actually the father of Jonah. Records reportedly show that Brian Sullivan evaded an Alabama order calling for a DNA test. “Tammy had briefly dated Brian Sullivan, in South Carolina, but had not heard from him in over three years before he suddenly attempted to achieve custody of Jonah in her state of residence, Georgia. Tammy proved to the Georgia court that Brian Sullivan could not be the biological father and that Jonah was at risk from Sullivan.Brian Sullivan then went to San Diego’s judge Gregory W. Pollack who arranged for California Marshals to bring Jonah from Georgia into his California jurisdiction and control. In California, Judge Gregory W. Pollack ordered that Jonah be handed over to Brian Sullivan.

When the mother was allowed a visit Jonah, the mother “saw Jonah had been battered and had rope burns on both wrists and on his ankles.” Jonah told his mother that his father had abused him along with several other men. Tammy Rief took Jonah to the nearest out-of-state hospital. An examination showed Jonah had been physically and sexually abused. However, the Arizona police arrested Tammy and Jonah and sent them back to Sullivan and Judge Pollack. Judge Pollack charged Tammy with kidnapping Jonah and gave her a three-year prison sentence. Reportedly, in 2013, Jonah was trafficked to Australia. Reportedly, nude and body part photographs of Jonah were seen later in 2013 on a Facebook site under the names of Sara Francis and Sara Frances.

Kristina Becker separated from the child’s father before her daughter Daria (10) was born. She allows Daria’s daddy to see the little girl – until it comes to a scandal between him and Kristina.( TAG24 reported ). A dirty custody battle broke out, the two Becker women fled in the meantime even from Germany.Then Kristina was deprived of custody, Daria sent to her father and his new girlfriend. Only then did her dad realise that he did not want the child at all.His attempts to send her to the children’s home or Kristina failed. “On April 7, 2015, my daughter Daria Becker was separated from me for no reason and taken to the former GDR children’s home Ernst Schneller, today Horizont eV Nauen in Steckelsdorf.” Since the summer of 2016 she has to live against her will with her father, who can not cope with her she calls her sick and she beats her, “said the desperate mother.

The ten-year-old herself has described her precarious situation in a letter. It says, “My dad beat me, he told it in court, my dad did not want me, and he says wicked words to my mom, and he says bastards to my cat, Oliver.” Now the dispute between the angry mother and the youth welfare office Havelland goes into the next round! Kristina Becker has written an open letter to the head of the youth welfare office, Roman Lange. For over two and a half years, Daria wants her mother, but for over nine months her father, the youth welfare Havelland and the Higher Regional Court of Brandenburg prevent any contact between mother and child.

[Translated from German]FP: When was the last time you saw your daughter Daria and how did you come to the separation that continues today? I saw Daria for the last time in the fall of 2018, half a year ago. Her father, who, in spite of his police, juvenile and also court-proven violence to me and Daria had been given the sole custody, prevents any contact between Daria and me with the help of the youth welfare office and the judiciary, although he likes to claim the opposite. However, if you read the exact files from which it can be seen that he is characterised by an unrestrained hatred of women in general, and on me personally in particular (his statement in the report: “The word” Mama “is a red cloth for him), then you know how it really is. FP: There is a public debate about strengthening fathers’ rights. How do you feel about this? See the answers above. This gives violent and hateful fathers the opportunity to avenge the child on their mother. Daria’s father said so frankly, “This is my revenge”.

Darrel Riley   21 hrs 28 March 2019

Police wouldn’t accept the reports of abuse from my teenage daughters or do any kind of investigation. And the reasons are becoming clearer and clearer. There is a systematic problem with police covering up child sexual and physical abuse. The head of security at my work was arrested for allegedly trafficking a child. My daughters don’t report abuse anymore because when they did the judge immediately forced them to live full time with their abusers. That is the definition of child trafficking. The criminal justice system is in crisis. The evidence continued to show the police officials themselves are a part of the problem. Children are being victimised all over the country without any effective efforts to protect them.

COASTAL police have reopened a child sex investigation after getting disturbing audio evidence of a five-year-old girl making allegations her father and others may have engaged in illegal activities with her. The complainants have had a long history of sharing their concerns with Western District Police, who told The Advocate several months ago the investigation file had been closed pending the receipt of more information. Yesterday, Detective Sergeant Richard Chugg said “as far as we are concerned the matter is still under investigation”. Mr Fisher, who has also had contact with the child’s mother, said he very much doubted the child was being coerced by anyone to make allegations. “I can’t see that the kid was coached,” he said. “From all the information I have this sounds like a case that deserves investigating as soon as possible. It’s pretty damning to me.”

[ Note: Shortly after this article was published the child was take by social services into state care. Following that the child was handed to this accused father and he was given sole custody by Family Court. The mother has not seen her child since 2012 which was at a supervised half hour visit. ]
Breaking the Silence: [8:44] Published on Mar 30, 2006
So Many Abused Women and Children Are Being Failed By the Family Courts.
This link is a blog written by a survivor of domestic abuse. Her identity has been withheld to
protect her and her children.

Рутти Светлана
Yep, I am in very similar situation. My daughter was 2 weeks short from her 3rd birthday when she disclosed her father is sexually abusing her. And I didn’t even get to the point of police report. My case is completely crazy. The police asked me if I have a video of the predator doing it to the child or his confession, oh you dont, sorry can’t do anything, the CPS will investigate. The CPS investigation was a joke, not a single person ever spoke to my daughter from the CPS or any other agency and then she turned it against me in her bias report, stating that it appears that the child is coached. How do you coach a 2 yo????
Рутти Светлана
July 30
Help me save my little girl from her pedophile father, who got unsupervised visitation despite medical evidence of sexual abuse. Please call Gov. Cuomo or call and report the sick monster who is charged in Russia for sexually assaulting a minor. [Note: This child has been treated for STD’s and Incredibly this accused father has now been given full custody.]

‎Nicole Ownbey‎
Arising: Testaments of Harm
October 5, 2016 ·
My name is Nicole Ownbey. This is the fight to #savelilyandjackson. In October 2012, I left an abusive relationship with the father of my two children, ages 1 and 2 at the time. Two weeks after leaving, Lily spoke up. She told my mother she was being molested. We followed all procedures and though we had evidence, she was said to be “too young” to make a valid claim. Fast forward to March 2015, Lily is now almost 5. She again makes graphic claims of sexual assault. We take her to world renowned Loma Linda University Medical Hospital. Then to the forensics unit, where she was confirmed to have vaginal and anal trauma. With full reports and forensics, the State of Arizona still kidnapped my children and gave them to the abuser as retaliation for not complying with court order to allow visitation and further rape. My two precious children have been gone nearly 7 months now, and I am labeled the law breaker. The system is broken and tainted. It’s sole purpose is to destroy families for financial gain. I am Nicole. I am one of too many Mothers abused by Family Law.

A suburban Chicago woman told the Daily Caller that police, the courts, and the Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) all ignored numerous warnings about her former partner. Now her two year-old son is dead. On October 31, 2019, at approximately 9:50PM Kara Witkowski’s two-year-old son was found dead at the home of her ex-boyfriend, Thomas Biel. “He was found in the master bedroom and his lips were blue,” Witkowski said of her son.

At the time of her son’s death, Witkowski was barred from seeing either of her two children by court order of Judge John Dalton of the Illinois 16th Circuit and upon the recommendation of DCFS. Dalton has not responded to the Daily Caller’s requests for comment. “On 3/26/19, I received a child abuse neglect report from DCFS investigator Amanda Patricoski. The report stated that Kara Witkowski had taken her three-year-old daughter to Advocate Medical Group on 3/25/19,” the Elgin Police Department report stated, “Kara reported to Dr. Valina that (Witkowski’s daughter) had small bruises on the back of her leg after being cared for at her paternal grandfather’s house.” During the same investigation, Witkowski brought her daughter in again on April 19, 2019, once again saying her daughter had a bruise. But according to Palatine Police, they found no such bruise. But Medical staff at Northwest Community Hospital did find a contusion, according to hospital records, when Witkowski’s daughter was examined on April 19.

Biel, the child’s father, and his parents also denied anything untoward happened “Later that evening [April 19], Kara made another report alleging physical and sexual abuse of [Witkowski’s daughter] by her paternal grandfather,” according to the officer who wrote the report. On April 25, Palatine Police closed the case.  DCFS also closed the case concluding the allegations were unfounded as well. On March 22, Witkowski reported Biel to the Elgin Police Department, alleging he raped her. Witkowski said it was the second time Biel had raped her — the first being August 2018 — and Biel seemed to admit to that rape in a series of text messages. “Stop pretending like we were ever going to be as we were before I raped you,” Biel stated to Witkowski in a subsequent text message. On March 28, Witkowski reported Biel to the Elgin Police Department again, after she found a flash drive with child pornography on it. While Biel was arrested, he was never prosecuted. On April 21, in a video Witkowski recorded, her three year old daughter disclosed that Biel’s father was touching her son inappropriately. Referring to her bathing suit area, Witkowski asked her daughter, “did someone hit you there today?” “Grandpa,” her daughter replied.  After police and DCFS closed their investigation, Witkowski said it was she who Judge Dalton, the judge on her family court case, treated as the unfit parent. When Witkowski asked for an emergency motion to temporarily bar Biel from seeing the two children to be heard on May 2, she said Judge Dalton refused to allow any evidence. At a subsequent hearing which Witkowski didn’t attend, Judge Dalton granted Biel’s emergency motion for change of custody. Witkowski said Biel’s attorneys argued that she had Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a reason to change custody.

Biel was buoyed by the guardian ad litem (GAL) assigned to the case, Julie Pirtle. Judges assign GALs to represent the interests of children. “I believe neither she nor Kara can see the harm that continual, repeated, false reports cause the children. Kara and her camp seem so singularly focused on destroying Thomas that they can’t see how harmful their actions have long term impacts on the children,” Pirtle stated in a September report. Pirtle did not respond to a message left at her office. She said, “my children are repeatedly coming home to me with marks and bruise(s),” she said about the condition of her kids during this period, in an August 2019 interview with Northwest Liberty News. She said she took photos and continued reporting to DCFS. In June, Witkowski received a series of voicemails from Lawrence Riordan, a friend of Thomas Biel’s. “You’re putting your own children’s lives in danger; what kind of a f$%king person are you,” Lawrence Riordan stated in one of four voicemails.  She was then relegated to supervised visits.  In August, Biel informed her that her son, who was still only one, was taken to a nearby hospital for a prolapsed rectum, which is when the rectum loses its normal attachments inside the body. Despite this, she said DCFS told her in August she would no longer see either child. Witkowski said the same agencies that bungled her previous reports, Palatine police and the DCFS, are now investigating her son’s death. Local press, based on information from Palatine Police, reported days after the death of her son that the police did not suspect he was murdered.Witkowski said this showed they weren’t looking for the truth, since the autopsy had not even been completed before this claim was made.
A father sexually abused his children and still received custody.
A young child, Jane Doe, 4, had visited her father who resides in Arizona. The father,  an Arizona correctional officer, Bruce Lusk, decided to utilise these visits as an opportunity for the sexual assault of the child. As if this story isn’t bad enough, it’s also been discovered that her brother was also a victim of this heinous crime. The full police report can be read. Although there are many pages to the police report (72 pages,) it is merely impossible to disclose all the forms of abuse these children had, and continue to endure. The children, who actually remain in this man’s custody, have dealt with physical, emotional, and sexual traumas. Meanwhile, the mother, who currently resides in California, has tried to regain custody only to fail.
She has, as any mother would, done everything in her power to keep this man away from  the children. Violating court visitation orders, sparked police interaction, and even went the distance of having her phone lines tapped. However, according to my sources, the mother is now being hammered by the state for this due to the legal aspects of these taps. The mother is being made the villain while the real villain remains at large.

The Women’s Coalition August 19, 2015 ·

Another Woman Jailed & Terrorised for Fighting to Keep & Protect Her Child: 90 Days on Bogus Contempt Charges “Judge Wiggins continues to ignore my renewed requests for continued relief for an emergency order to bring Marcy home immediately. There is not yet any adherence to federal or Virginia law.

– Protective Mom Erin posted just before being arrested. Erin’s case involves physical and sexual abuse of both Erin and her daughter, Marcy. Medical evidence of the abuse is being disregarded and covered up by Judge Esther Wiggins and the police. Wiggins gave full custody to the father and allowed him to take Little Marcy to Germany even though both parents are American. Erin hasn’t seen Marcy in almost a year. SHAME on Arlington, Virginia Family Court Judge Esther Wiggins! Erin made this video on Friday on a walk to the court from her residence talking about her case: Ironically, Erin was honoured by the U.S. Department of State’s Civil Rights Office for Women’s History Month 2015:…/…/pix/womenshistory/2015/238152.htm
[article contains her bio] Below is Erin’s letter to her daughter, Marcy, the day before she was arrested and jailed. She had thought it would be a chance to present more evidence and get Marcy back but it appears it was a trick to get her arrested on bogus charges of contempt: Hi Sweetheart, Before Mommy’s off to the Arlington, VA Courthouse to renew my request for an emergency order to bring you home from EUCOM safely, I’m sharing 36 seconds of musical joy in honour of your 4th Birthday on August 30th! Because Judge Esther Wiggins stripped you of a legal protections as a U.S. citizen and removed your GAL Robin L. Robb after 38 months and failed to replace her, I will represent you and your best interests in court today according to Christian values and my ethical upbringing in America’s Heartland. As a proud patriot, if our U.S. Constitution doesn’t apply to us as females in the Arlington, VA Courthouse, our country deserves to know.

The Women’s Coalition
In 2012, Charlene was falsely prosecuted for domestic violence and coerced into taking a plea. Shortly after her divorce, her youngest child disclosed sexual abuse. She said her daddy eats her pee pee and demonstrated how he does it on her arm. CPS said there was not enough evidence and they would not do anything unless there was a tape of her disclosing.
A few months later, her daughter described to day care providers and her how her father was putting different things up her butt. She also had a very bad yeast infection, which sometimes results from sexual activity. Charlene got this evidence and these disclosures on tape, but CPS still refused to protect her, as did the Family Court judge, Judge Korey Wahwassuck.
The two older children reported physical abuse.
Judge Wahwassuck deemed Charlene mentally ill, despite no history or diagnosis of mental illness and despite the father having a history and diagnosis of mental illness. She granted sole legal and physical custody to the father and prohibited Charlene from even going to their school, though she had been very active there and all the teachers knew and supported her.
Charlene then began to speak out on social media about her case and advocating for other mothers this has happened to. Despite the fact that she did not use names, she was charged with “harassment of her children”. This was obviously done in retaliation for exposing their corruption and to silence and punish her for fighting so hard to protect her daughter.
Charlene went through three public defenders who all failed to defend her properly. Her witnesses were not allowed on the stand, nor discovery to the jury. Because of this lack of due process, she was convicted and on Monday, August 27th 2018 at 2pm, Judge Heidi Chandler could sentence her to up to three years in prison.

A FAMILY Court judge has granted custody of four children to their father – a convicted pedophile and rapist. The mother of the four youngsters, all aged under 15, requested custody at a recent Family Court hearing in Adelaide. The unsuccessful application was made not long after the children’s father was found guilty in the Adelaide District Court of multiple sex offences against a minor. A transcript of the Family Court hearing shows the presiding judge was aware of the father’s convictions and that he was on bail awaiting sentencing. Further details, including the names of the family, cannot be legally reported. The mother and her current husband also both have criminal records. However, child support groups have condemned the idea that a convicted pedophile could be granted custody of any child. A spokeswoman for the Family Court said judges could only award custody of a child to those parties who applied for it. “If a judge has concerns about a child’s welfare, they cannot make an order that a child be put in the care of the state,” the spokeswoman said. “A judge can ask but not compel a state welfare department to intervene if they believe a child is at risk of abuse or neglect.”

The MacLaren Nightmare – Daughter Taken, Abuser Gets Custody? [4:42]
Maralee’s Story [8:22]
BMCC XI: Prosecuted But Not Silenced (Maralee McLean) – Part 1 (20:22)
Published on May 20, 2015
Maralee will openly discuss her tragic legal journey in the grass roots effort of trying to protect her child.
Prosecuted But Not Silenced: Courtroom Reform for Sexually Abused Children
by Maralee McLean (Author)
Prosecuted But Not Silenced is a powerful documentary about a mother, Maralee Mclean, and daughter’s tragic involvement with the judicial system when there were allegations of child sexual abuse—a human rights and civil rights issue for women and children. It is an important educational tool for judges, lawyers, social workers, therapists, politicians, and the general public so that people realise what still occurs today. A National Health Crisis, Maralee’s story reveals the last taboo and a crime that needs the public’s attention, and emphasises the need for training in the dynamics of maltreatment so that no more mothers have to suffer what happened to Maralee and her daughter.

The Women’s Coalition
August 29 at 11:51 PM ·
Face of the Crisis: Sara
My ex made my life a living hell after I left him. I was granted a Restraining Order in criminal court protecting my son and me from his violence, but the family court judge ignored it and ordered my son, who was 9 months old at the time, to visit with his father unsupervised.
My son would come home from visits distraught, too young to be able say what was going on, but we ended up in the ER several times because he was inconsolable and displayed concerning symptoms. Instead of being concerned, the judge accused me of “Munchausen’s by proxy” and said to send him to visit his father or face jail time for contempt. I was also ordered to stop breastfeeding him as it interfered with the father’s visitation.
My ex committed multiple restraining order violations, assaults, vehicle tampering, got DUI’s, and stalked me. There were police reports of child endangerment. He was even committed to a mental hospital for violence on the job and was diagnosed with dual addictions and a cluster B personality disorder. But the judge ignored all that.
I had 6 attorneys in the first 2 years. I was left standing in the middle of our last trial with none of my files after the last attorney, whom I paid 25K, bailed on me after throwing my case. The father’s team spent me down until I was forced to represent myself.
At age 5, when our son was old enough to find the words, he divulged awful abuse that had been happening since before he could speak. His father had threatened to kill both of us if he told about the abuse. Mandatory reports were filed with heart-breaking voice recordings of my son telling what his father had done to him.
My ex filed for full custody after he got wind he had told about the abuse. My son was terrified, even afraid to go to school, saying his father would “shoot us with his gun.” I can only imagine what my son has been through, and the added abuse he has suffered since telling on his father, because it almost killed me.
At the custody hearing, I was not allowed to present evidence, witnesses, or to cross examine theirs, and because I was representing myself, I could not question myself, and I was prevented from seeing evidence against me.
I was accused of “parental alienation” and the judge granted my ex sole custody. Prior to that, he had only one weekend a month because he didn’t want any more. There was no visitation provided for me in the orders.
I was given just 2 hours to hand over my little boy to our abuser. His gloating father flew him 1100 miles away to another state. He had threatened to “take him and hide him where you will never find him” and the judge enabled him to do just that.
Holiday and birthday packages have been returned with no forwarding address, and my ex was just granted a restraining order against me—without cause, prior notification, or required service of documents—to prevent me from inquiring where he lives.
I have been completely shut out of my son’s life because a family court judge enabled my ex to get revenge on me.
Sandra “Sam” Grazzini-Rucki in Her Own Words (37:06)
Published on Jan 24, 2018
In this YouTube video Sandra “Sam” Grazzini-Rucki describes a life on the run, courts ignoring sexual abuse, attempted murder, and other crimes at the hands of her husband, David Rucki. These crimes are allowed to happen largely due to a ring of judges, cops, and lawyers in Dakota County, Minnesota.
The Barnstable District Court is ignoring clear evidence of child molestation in a particular case wherein the people of Cape Cod have been demonising the mother for the last couple of years through the Cape Cod Times. The case somehow turned into a parental kidnapping case against the mother Shannon Reckner, who reported the molestation to a New York court and was able to obtain a protection order there.
Shannon Reckner was first alarmed when she saw blood in the feces in her sons diaper. Shannon thought to start documenting what was happening to her son and what she found when her son came back from visiting his father.
Shannon Reckner reported that her son said the following in the back of their car which sparked the immediate hospital visit and the court proceedings in New York etc….
Quote: The sons dad called and wanted to talk to his son, when the phone was handed to his son the boy said. “Daddy, I no talk to you, I hang up now”. Shannon was shocked because he had never said anything like that before. Shannon asked her son why he did not want to talk to daddy and her son said: “Daddy stuck his tail in my bum and we go up and down” he was then asked Where does daddy do this? and her son said, in daddy’s bed on daddy’s lap, we play chu chu train.” end quote
Shannon responded with, I was in shock and had a case of denial that this type of thing was happening too my son, I don’t think anyone is prepared for this when it happens to their children. I acted when I realised there was a pattern and who was responsible. I took it to court with the documented evidence and got a protective order against the father. The politics started when the Barnsable family court judge called the New York Judge directly without any hearing and took jurisdiction over the case. That is when my life took a turn for the worse and has never been the same since.”
Further, the Human Rights Defenders did not want to start accusations against a father, based on allegations of a mother who has a court ordered ankle bracelet on and is being treated like she is on probation. But the Judge is saying that Shannon Reckner is not on probation yet she has an ankle bracelet on her?? Why is the mother being withheld from seeing her son when she had full custody at the time when he was taken to Florida and where Shannon was arrested on her way back? If a parent is kidnapping their son, why bring him back when she did not know there was a warrant out for her for parental kidnapping? We could go on and on but the readers of this publication of record can see what is going on with this brief description of the case.
The son has been with his father for the past two OR three years and was awarded full custody and Shannon Reckner was told to stop making false accusations against the father or she will never see her son again. It appears that the people of Cape Cod Massachusetts have made good on their threat.
Judge Hand also refuses to allow the Universal Declaration of Human rights and the rights of the child to be entered into her court and displays the highest contempt for any form of evidence that may come against the father in this case. Those actions by Judge Hand alone would tell anyone that there is something wrong here.
Maine’s HHS Child Protection Staff are Trafficking Children
My two-year-old daughter, Mila, has been trafficked by Maine’s Health and Human Services (HHS) employees.
Mila is now ten-years-old. She has not seen me, her mother, or even heard my voice since she was four-years-old. HHS staff intervened, over and over, to protect my daughter’s abuser [the father] and not my daughter.
Unless you have had the misfortune of coming in contact with Maine’s HHS Child Protection Service (CPS), it is impossible to understand how rude, cruel, dishonest, incompetent and corrupt these government employees are.
Thankfully, I was advised to start recording the calls and meetings with HHS as they trafficked my daughter. You may hear, for yourself, how my two-year-old daughter confirmed for rape and other abuse by her father and I, her mother, have been treated by Maine’s HHS employees.
I was passed from one corrupt government employee to another, trying in vain to get someone to do their job and uphold the law. Trying to get child protection staff to actually protect a child. My child. My daughter. She was only two-years-old. Imagine.
The evidence of crimes committed against my daughter by her father and his lawyer — Michael Waxman and Maine’s HHS staff are extensive. I share here just a few documented reports of abuse. These occurred AFTER Mila was confirmed for rape by her father by the medical examiners (Spurwink) HHS hired to conduct the sex abuse investigation. Maine HHS employees, along with Judge Moskowitz, ignored confirmed sex abuse and forced me to traffic my daughter, every weekend for two-years, to her father and his lawyer Michael Waxman.
Yes, the lawyer was spending weekends with my 2-year-old daughter. He fought hard and dirty to maintain his access to my daughter. And then he took her, with the very active assistance of Maine HHS employees, when she was 4-years-old. I have not seen her since. During those first two years, my daughter continued to be abused by her father and his lawyer and I continue to report the abuse to HHS Maine.
Also Blunt Force Trauma to my 4-year-old Daughter’s Head
This was documented by an emergency room (ER) report and confirmed by Dr. Eli Newberger of Harvard Medical School.
Dr. Newberger issued a sworn affidavit to HHS Commissioner Mary Mayhew. Dr. Newberger explained, directly, to Mayhew during a call what the ER report confirmed and why my daughter was a critical risk.
Mary Mayhew, currently running as a candidate for governor of Maine, did nothing to protect my daughter. I logged many calls about this abuse. From the top of HHS to the bottom — no one protected my daughter. Everyone violated the law. Everyone committed child endangerment and obstruction of justice.
MONROE, NC (WBTV) – Kristy Brooks became the subject of a manhunt launched by the Union County Sheriff’s Office. A judge signed an order directing deputies find her, take her into custody and put her in jail until her daughter was back in the custody of her child’s father.
“I’ve taken every legal avenue to protect my daughter and nobody will help,” Brooks said. “I have contacted everybody, anybody; written letters, emails. Nobody has done anything.”
Brooks said her child’s father has sexually abused her daughter.
Doctor’s report reads, “Child trying to put things in vaginal area and other unusual activities. Mom says that patient tries to stick toys, remote control, etc in or near the vaginal area,” a doctor wrote at the time. “She is hitting her head (more over the last week) pulling out her own hair, mom states that when she gets out of the shower, patient has opened up mom’s towel and tries to put her mouth on mom’s private parts.”
Several pages later, the same doctor’s note reiterates the allegation of sexual abuse.
“No clinical or physical evidence of sexual abuse; there are some concerning behaviour regarding trying to place items in vaginal area and trying to place mouth or kiss mother’s underwear area – unusual behaviour for child. Current investigation underway per mother’s report,” the note reads.
Allegations of lax oversight and investigations included in one of two related UCSO investigative files suggests investigators did little to investigate.
A detective wrote that the mother brought the child’s father to her office to take a polygraph administered by the State Bureau of Investigation but, ultimately, the detective concluded that such a test would not be necessary, because there was not an “act” of abuse being alleged.
There is no record in the file obtained by WBTV indicating detectives took any other steps to investigate the claims. A spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office provided a written statement. The statement reads in part:
“The Sheriff’s Office investigates all matters alleging criminal conduct with the same degree of thoroughness and professionalism. In regards to the matter noted above, this case was thoroughly investigated and no evidence substantiating sexual abuse was found. The alleged victim in this case was examined by medical professionals specifically trained to identify signs of sexual abuse and none were found. Moreover, there were no witnesses to any alleged sexual abuse. In addition, the Cabarrus County Department of Social Services, at the request of Union County DSS, conducted an independent investigation into this matter and found no evidence substantiating sexual abuse.” A letter closing the investigation into the sexual abuse claims made by Brooks was sent on Union County DSS letterhead and signed by former Union County DSS supervisor Wanda Sue Larson.
Larson signed the letter in July 2013. In November 2013, Larson was arrested and charged with abusing foster children in her care. Wanda Sue Larson later pleaded guilty to those charges.
A Mother’s Right: The Elizabeth Morgan Story 1992 (1:29:40) Based on the true story of Dr. Elizabeth Morgan, a mother sent to jail for refusing to allow the father of their daughter visitation rights after she discovered that he may have sexually assaulted her.

Last month, I was in Costa Rica trying to help a mother who chose to risk jail to save her son from an abusive father who likes to play the “penis game.” The three-year old boy convinced his best friend to go in the bedroom and remove all their clothes. The boy’s penis was sore from trying to push it up his friend’s bottom. He also peed all over his friend’s back before the friend’s mother found them and stopped them. The evaluator who claims to be an expert in child sexual abuse dismissed this extreme behavior as “playing doctor.”

Justina Valva

September 11, 2017   September 06, 2017 – the day when the Judge from Nassau County Supreme Court issued enormously harmful me and my children order. My 3 loving children, whom 2 of them have special needs were TAKEN AWAY from me and DEPRIVED FROM ANY FORM OF COMMUNICATION and CONTACT with me….The Judge punished my children for their love towards their mommy, and I was punished by the Judge for loving my children unconditionally…

[Child sex media, child sex abuse, physical child abuse and psychological child abuse were all condoned, secreted and rewarded by corrupt Family Court workers and Social Service workers. The mother who was fighting for her children’s childhoods and lives “killed off” by them. Until a child was tortured to death in their corruption. Now the same want to act stupid  and say, “what ‘accident’ happened here? Let’s see how we can now ‘fix’ the torturous lives and death of a child/ren.” ]    Mother Justyna Zubko-Valva Talks On Death Of 8-Year-Old Son Tommy Valva (8:49)     In honor of my little angel Thomas (2:18) Child-abuse hotline got 17 calls on kids of alleged NYPD killer dad Michael Valva  Families Civil Liberties Union New York February 4 at 3:27 PM 2020· FIRE AND PROSECUTE JUDGE LORINTZ AND CHILD’S ATTORNEY DONNA MCCABE: As this decent Daily News report shows, both of these family court operators are complicit in Tommy Valva’s death. MCCABE, whose job it was to protect the kids responded to multiple reports of abuse and neglect, made by the kids’ teachers and mom, with this statement: “Last week, I met with all three children, and they looked well. They don’t look malnourished,” the children’s advocate said.
As for JUDGE LORINTZ, read this exchange, taken from the transcript of one hearing. The child’s mother Justyna Zubko-Valva desperately asked Lorintz: “Is your Honor waiting for my child to die under the care of Michael Valva and Angela Valva?”
Lorintz said nothing
The mom continued: “Because that’s what it’s leading to. The plaintiff (Valva) is hitting the children, beating them up. Nothing is being done.”
She then asked Lorintz that she be able to see the kids. He immediately denied the motion.
“Why? On what basis? The children’s life is in danger, your honor,” the mother asked.
“Because I said so,” Lorintz replied.
“The children’s life is in danger,” she repeated.
Unmoved, Lorintz said, “Call the authorities.”
Noting that teachers at her school are reporting the neglect in some reports, the mother replied: “The children are coming soaked in urine. Anthony is sleeping in the garage, his hands and feet are bright red, your honor. He’s not getting any food.”
“Ms. Valva, move along!” Lorintz ordered. “I can’t remember everything you’re saying because you’re saying so much.”
“You honor, the CPS is not doing the job because they are closing the reports the next day.”
Lorintz replied: “I have no power to do any other investigation.”

Prosecutors described in horrifying detail on Thursday the years of abuse endured by two of NYPD officer Michael Valva’s children — as the cop and his fiancee pleaded not guilty to felony murder indictments in the hypothermia death of Valva’s 8-year-old son, Tommy. Valva, 40, and Angela Pollina, 42, appeared separately in Suffolk County Supreme Court and sat stone-faced as prosecutors announced new child endangerment charges against them for allegedly neglecting and abusing Tommy and his brother Anthony. “As a police officer, [Valva] took an oath to serve and protect the citizens of New York City at large. However, as a parent to Thomas, as well as to Anthony, he had a duty to protect his children from physical harm and provide them adequate medical treatment,” prosecutor Kerriann Kelly said. “[The boys were] eating crumbs off tables and eating out of the garbage and going under the bleachers at the gym to try and find food,” Kelly said. Two days before Thomas died, he was banished to the family garage and was captured on the home’s surveillance cameras “shaking in the freezing cold air and clearly exhibiting signs of his need to use the bathroom in 19-degree weather,” Kelly said. There was no bathroom in the garage and if Thomas soiled himself, he would be punished. Pollina sent a clip of the video to Valva and asked if Thomas was going to stay home from school the next day. “I have zero clothing for him, f–k the piece of shit Thomas, he’s not going anywhere,” Valva texted, according to prosecutors. Ten minutes later, he seemed to poke fun at the trembling boy. “Geez it seems like he has to go, too bad he doesn’t have a bathroom,” Valva texted. “They were literally begging for food at school.” The two allegedly were deprived of breakfast and starved in punishment for failing to call Valva’s new paramour, Pollina, “Mommy,” Kelly said. By their second year in the school district, the elementary-age boys came to class wearing “pull-ups” while reeking of urine and feces, with bruises and cuts on their bodies.

“Thomas came to school so soiled one day that the urine was squishing in his sneakers,” Kelly described as Zubko-Valva sobbed loudly in the courtroom.  The prosecutor described how the brothers were loath to go out for recess because they were so cold, leading school staff to give them clothes “in secret … as to avoid further punishment of the boys. The children were sent off to school freezing cold. Their hands and cheeks were bright red and icy cold to the touch,” Kelly said.

Melody Bannister: Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a wanted woman, a fugitive of the law? Many a movie portrays it as a glamorous, guns-blazing adventure, but in reality it is quite different. I am one such fugitive, what with the warrant out for my arrest and all. My crimes? Believing my children when they disclosed a lifetime of ongoing abuse. Reporting to the Stafford, Virginia police.

After Detective J.G. Wright and Jennifer Dudley of CPS spoke of youngsters’ “vivid imaginations” and expressed concern for our mental health, they promptly closed the case. Oh sure, they chatted with some of the abusers first, who no doubt assured the officers of their innocence. I mean, if a guy is a respectably-dressed working professional who lives in a half-million dollar home in a picturesque suburban neighborhood, he couldn’t possibly enjoy beating and sexually abusing small children in the middle of the night . . . could he? Nah. The cops thought not too. A local judge weighed in on the matter, giving total custody of all four children to their father—my husband William Joseph Bannister—the man who my children have told me covertly delivered them at the appointed times to the man they named as the abuse ringleader: his father Jay Tuhl Bannister, who lives directly across the street. (Perhaps that explains the mysterious wad of crisp one-hundred dollar bills on his dresser last December. Maybe a Christmas bonus for a dutiful son, keeping it all in the family?)

My father-in-law is a generous man, after all. He is known in the community for his gift of giving; my children’s testimonies indicate that this generosity extends to sharing his grandchildren with his circle of friends. Why should he be the only one to gain pleasure from the terrified screams of preschool-aged girls in the darkness atop his big red barn? Why not have his tiny, innocent grandbabies be forced to perform sexual acts on his buddies as well? A man could make a profit from such an enterprise. We have been fugitives for nearly six months, like vagabonds upon the earth, on the “wrong side of the law,” with the rancid hot breath of child predators close upon our backs. We left home with barely a week’s worth of summer clothes and are practically penniless, living off the kindness of friends, who one by one have taken us under their wings. The mental health and credibility of my children and me have been assessed and verified by two of the most prestigious forensic psychiatrists in the country: Dr. Michael Stone and Dr. Carole Lieberman. Just as I suspected, we are neither insane nor lying. Naturally, the abusers did not take kindly to such a development, and are seeking to have the reports stricken from the record. Children do have bright and creative imaginations; it is an integral part of the human spirit. But no child is capable of pulling a story out of thin air, which includes them being violently abused physically, sexually, and psychologically, in ways that would cause even the most stout-hearted adult to lose their lunch. Why now? Why did the children wait so long to tell you, their own mother, what was happening to them in the dark watches of the night? A legitimate question I have been asked repeatedly. When abusers demonstrate in graphic detail just precisely how they will murder and dismember a child’s mother if ever he breathes a word of his abuse, it has the tendency to render him mute on the subject.
OKLAHOMA COUNTY – It’s been four years now since Lisa Knight lost custody of her daughter, Sarah, to her ex-husband in California.
“Most of the times, I wake up crying. It’s just really horrifying,” Knight said.
The Oklahoma judge’s decision caused widespread outcry because Sarah’s dad, Nicholas Elizondo, is a registered CHILD sex offender.
“It’s sort of like the judge just sent her to California and thought, you know, this is it, and it’ll be over with and it won’t be my problem anymore. You know, that’s the way I feel,” Knight said. Knight said she became angry all over again when she recently looked up Judge Howard Haralson and realised he’d been promoted.
“I was just like, oh no, how can this be happening? How can the governor not protect our children?” Knight said.
In May, Governor Mary Fallin announced she was appointing Haralson to fill the Office 3 District Judge vacancy in Oklahoma County, praising him as a “conscientious and dedicated public servant.”
“She was giving him praise, and he, you know, gave custody to a child molester,” Knight said.
We also spoke with Elizondo. He claims Sarah is doing well with him out in California.
He said the sex offender charge stemmed from a conviction of molesting his step-daughter.
And, he told us his step-daughter then later recanted her story at the custody hearings for Sarah.
Other notes:
Elizondo did not report to media that the Child Protective Services subsequently remove Sarah 3 times from Elizondo, for offences including drunk driving etc. They always returned Sarah to him as soon as they possibly could. Someone, who has been friends with Elizondo since they were 8 years old, also witnessed Elizondo sexually abusing Sarah. He did report to police what he had witnessed. Did the child welfare or judicial system protect Sarah as per their advertisements? No, this child is openly abused – approved by the justice system.

Hollie Greig: A Survivor’s Battle For Justice

Hollie Greig: A Survivor’s Battle For Justice
The information below is based on extensive interviews by Robert Green with Anne and Hollie Greig and on papers, reports and documents relevant to the Hollie Greig case.
Hollie Greig is now a young woman of 35 and has Down’s Syndrome. Nevertheless, she is a competent and truthful witness. This horrific sequence of events only came to light in 2000, when Hollie was twenty. After her mother, Anne Greig, suffering violence by her husband, fled the family home, Hollie, who was with her, began to relate the details of this staggering affair. Not only had Hollie told of her father and brother’s alleged sex assaults, but also named a further 20 alleged ritual abusers to the police, including a senior police officer, a local sheriff (judge), her head teacher, her own female Social Services carer, medical staff and a variety of other professionals. Some time later Hollie named another alleged ritual abuser who is the Head Teacher of a school but this name has yet to be shared with the police as they refuse to investigate the case.
Eleven days after Hollie had made her statement to the police in 2000, a party of ten, on the instructions of Social Services, dragged her mother Anne Greig from the flat she shared with Hollie, forcibly injected her and took her unconscious to the local mental institution. Social Services then sent Hollie back to her allegedly abusive father.
One of the effects of having Down’s Syndrome is that those with the condition generally have long and vivid memories,. Hence, through a process of elimination, Anne was able to discover that Hollie’s abuse must have begun from the age of six.
On 17`h November 1997, Hollie’s devoted uncle and brother of Anne, Robert David Greig, had been found dead in a stationary burning car in a remote lane outside Aberdeen. There was no real explanation at the time for his death.
He had no serious problems of any kind that were known about and was a pleasant and well-liked man with no history of depression or any similar disorder. Anne, despite being his next-of-kin, was repeatedly refused a copy of his autopsy, which was not provided until late 2009. She was suspicious, but had nothing to go on and the police and fire service made no enquiries about foul play.
In 2001, Hollie told her mother that her uncle, Robert David Greig, had once walked in to find Hollie allegedly being sexually abused by her father. The father had allegedly threatened to kill Robert Greig. Again, by calculating the time of this event, it was concluded that this alleged occurrence took place shortly before Robert’s mysterious death.

12 08 Susan Skipp (17:48) A Case for Parental Alienation

Linda Marie Sacks 512K Stream (20:55)
If You Want Custody Of Your Kids, It’s Better to Be a Criminal Than a Concerned Parent
They had both lost: One mother in criminal court; the other in family court. But Mary Winkler, convicted of voluntary manslaughter for shooting her husband, got her children back. The other parent, Linda Marie Sacks reported child molestation, she never did get her children back.
“I was sitting in my living room in disbelief,” Florida mother Linda Marie Sacks said of watching a 2008 TV news story about Winkler. “All I did was try to protect my children and raised concerns regarding disclosures, drawings, and asked the official avenues for help in trying to protect my children, to no avail. I never knew that parents in America would lose custody for reporting child abuse. Mary Winkler had killed someone and she got out of jail and drove right over to pick up her children.”
When it comes to taking parental rights away from a convicted criminal, courts have checks and balances built into the system. Under federal law, criminal courts terminate parental rights only as a last resort and require reasonable efforts to preserve and reunify families.
Family court is another story.
Though she has never been accused of a crime, Sacks was allowed only supervised visitation with her children. Despite filing appeals and petitioning the Supreme Court to hear her case, for more than eight years she has remained on supervised visitation, allowing her just a few hours a month with her daughters. Psychiatry Gone Psycho?
By O’Meara, Kelly Patricia
Article excerpt
A pop-psychology theory, parental alienation syndrome, is being used in custody cases to defend fathers accused of incest by blaming mothers for being narrow-minded.

Six-year-old Eric Hashimoto described to Merced, Calif., detectives and child protective services how he was forced to perform oral sex on his father and the abuse he endured if he refused. In Sacramento the sexual-assault team believed Eric’s claims, thoroughly supported by horrifying details. But despite overwhelming evidence presented to the court that both Eric and his mother, Michelle, were victims of physical and sexual brutality, sole custody was awarded to the father in this 1996 case. Michelle has been allowed just one four-hour visit since.

Irene Jensen of Salt Lake County, Utah, also can document a long history of physical and sexual abuse by her ex-husband. He is listed in Utah’s Child Abuse/Neglect database, and nine experts, including 6-year-old daughter Brittany’s paediatrician, provided testimony to the court supporting the abuse accusations. But Jensen’s ex-husband was awarded sole custody of Brittany in 1995, and Jensen is allowed just one eight-hour visit each month and prohibited from making any other contact with her daughter.

Karen Anderson’s daughters, ages 4 and 7, told her and child protective services that they had been molested by their father. The Amador County, Calif., sheriff’s department provided a statement supporting the accusations. But during the custody hearing, Anderson was barred from testifying or presenting evidence and witnesses. Her ex-husband was awarded sole custody of the children, and she is allowed only court-monitored three-hour visits twice a week.
California Family Courts Helping Pedophiles, Batterers Get Child Custody                                                                   By Peter Jamison Wednesday, Mar 2 2011
Mother, Joyce Murphy (right) fled California with her daughter because family-court officials wouldn’t listen to her accusations against her ex-husband. He was later sentenced to prison for sex crimes.
Another mother, Karen Anderson, suspected that something strange was going on between her ex-husband, Rex Anderson, and their 15-year-old daughter. Prior to the couple’s separation in 1998, the girl would sometimes put on high heels and makeup, “visiting” her dad while he worked late at night in the family’s basement. It was the same retreat in which he stored the dildos and artificial vaginas he used to stimulate himself sexually.
After the divorce, Rex was given primary custody of his daughter, as well as the couple’s 8-year-old son. Karen says this was because he had a full-time job as a facilities engineer at Santa Clara Valley Medical Centre, while she was unemployed. While staying with her on weekends, her daughter would sometimes say she hated herself and wanted to die.
In 1999, Anderson, a resident of San Jose, decided to take her concerns to Santa Clara County Family Court. She urged the court to investigate whether her daughter was at risk of sexual molestation, and whether Rex’s custody rights should be restricted as a result.
Family Court Judge James Stewart temporarily barred the children from seeing their father while the court looked into the abuse claims. But instead of seeking evidence as to whether molestation was taking place, he hired a Menlo Park–based psychologist, Leslie Packer, to evaluate both parents. Among Packer’s tasks was to assess, in light of their psychological profiles, whether the accusations were likely to be true. After a series of interviews and personality tests, such as the Rorschach inkblot test, she delivered her opinion: Karen’s fears for her daughter were unfounded.
“Karen’s suspiciousness goes to the extent of paranoid thinking, particularly in regard to her husband’s actions,” Packer wrote in an evaluation delivered to the court. “There is a basis in her concerns with her husband’s unusual sexual practices, but it appears that most of her speculations about her husband’s possible sexualised attitudes toward their daughter are not based upon documented or reality-based evidence.” Rex regained primary custody of his children.
Today, Rex Anderson is serving a 23-year sentence at Pleasant Valley State Prison in Coalinga. In 2003, he pleaded no contest to 25 counts of sex crimes against his daughter, including child molestation, sexual penetration of a child with a foreign object, and use of a minor to create pornography. When she turned 18, his daughter left his care and reported years of abuse to police in El Dorado County, where they were living. (SF Weekly is withholding her name as a victim of child sexual abuse.)
Observers say the Anderson case represents just one unfortunate outcome of systemic problems in the family courts’ methods for investigating accusations of abuse.
“The family court system is supposed to work in the best interests of the child, but very infrequently does that happen,” says Susan Wilde, a Berkeley psychologist and expert on child abuse intervention. “Families find themselves in the grip of a system that has no responsibility to them or to the children, that just kind of runs amok.” [Extract Page 1 of 5 ]

Svetlana – Texas USA

Svetlana’s oldest boy age nine had disclosed sexual abuse in June 2014 at the age of 4-years-old. It started with disclosures of inappropriate touching and tickling of his privates by his father. The child displayed symptoms of anger tantrums, regressed bedwetting, nightmares, etc.  The father denied any wrongdoing and Child Protection Service dismissed the case with no evidence, because the child refused to be interviewed. Svetlana filed for a divorce and the father got weekends overnight visitation. Svetlana’s second boy, near the age of 4, then disclosed sex abuse by his father on March 18 2018. Saying their father performs sex acts on them while they laid to sleep. The police was contacted and a medical examination arranged. The child also disclosed to the nurse. The eldest child remained silent. Forensic interviews were schedules and again the eldest child refused to be interviewed. The second child again disclosed sex abuse by his father. A criminal investigation was opened and a search warrant at this father’s apartment produced the “toys” the child described his father used to molest them. Svetlana filed for a temporary restraining order against the father which was granted. On 9 November 2018 the judge ruled for supervised visitation for the children’s father. Both children had severe anxiety attacks knowing they would see their father and the first visit did not take place which the judge disapproved of wanting to know how the children were punished for not wanting to go. The police case was still open and Child Protection Services closed their case giving that as a reason also saying they rule out abuse of the oldest boy and was unable to determine abuse on the younger son. On March 26, 2019 the judge restored unsupervised visitation to the father – including overnight stay. In doing so the judge ignored the detective on the open criminal case, the forensic nurse and the counsellor he appointed, who were respectively of the opinion that the abuse was performed, that no child was coached to lie and recommended only continued supervised visitation for this father. Since March 26, 2019 Svetlana and her children have been in hiding so that they can have a normal childhood. With the eldest boy still suffering from nightmares and fears. And the younger boy having recovered from frequent rectal prolapse issues which could have been a result of the abuse. Extracts from official documents:
In April 2014, when my daughter Jasmijn was 10 years old, she was brutally and unlawfully deported from The Netherlands to her father Dave H in Marin County, California despite expert evidence of abuse, molestation and neglect, despite the fact that he admitted to the court that he had a severe drug addiction to heroin and cocaine and despite the fact that he had been diagnosed with narcissistic and histrionic personality disorders.
Her father, with whom she had not lived since she was 1 year old, held her hostage at an undisclosed location, demanding money. He terminated all contact on May 9th, 2015, thereby breaking all court orders.
Not only have I been bankrupted trying to fight this in Marin County Superior Court, Judge Wood threatened me that if I were to pursue a custody trial she would make sure I would lose it, I would never see Jasmijn again.
Geerte Frenken, Jasmijn’s mother: The following facts and proposals that my attorney Ariane Hendriks and I have presented in our meeting with him on December 18th, 2015 will be considered:
1. despite expert evidence of child abuse, child molestation and severe neglect at the hands of the father Dave H submitted to the Hague Court by State Youth Mental Health Clinic GGNet Jeugd (henceforward named GGNet Jeugd).
2. despite the fact that child therapist Kathryn Carter in Texas noted child abuse and molestation
3. despite the recommendation by the Hague Court’s own independent psychologist that not even supervised contact should take place between Dave H and Jasmijn.
4. despite the fact that Dave H admitted to the court that he has a severe drug addiction to heroin and cocaine.
5. despite the fact that Jasmijn testified about the molestation and abuse in The Hague Lower Court as well as in The Hague Appellate Court and showed strong resistance against contact with her father.
6. despite the fact that Jasmijn had been hospitalised due to refusal to eat after being notified of the fact that the Lower Court had ordered her return to the USA and mental health professionals had alerted the Court of her suicidal and homicidal feelings.
▪ Judges Bellaart, van Steen, Dragtsma, Mink, Stille en Lückers broke their own Hague Convention Treaty because they did not implement article 13 of that Hague Convention Treaty
▪ Dutch Child Protective Services, also known as the “Raad van de Kinderbescherming” (henceforward named RvdK) admitted that at the time of the deportation it had not informed itself about Jasmijn’s case at all. The Dutch CPS (RvdK) admitted that they did not even know about the expert evidence of child abuse and child molestation by the father Dave H as reported extensively by the multi-disciplinary team of GGNet Jeugd throughout a 10 month-long investigation. The Dutch CPS (RvdK) admitted that they did not meet with the expert team at GGNet Jeugd before deciding to participate in the deportation of Jasmijn. As such the Dutch CPS (RvdK) acted as the extension of the DA (Openbaar Ministerie), instead of acting on behalf of the best interest of Jasmijn.
▪ The fact that the deportation definitely did not proceed according to the Enforcement Protocol and the “Guide to Good Practice” of the Hague Convention as witnessed by multiple neighbours who submitted their statements to the Court about the fact that
1. On our way to school Jasmijn and I were jumped by a large SWAT team in black fighting gear
2. Jasmijn was dragged in to a car with tinted windows while kicking, hitting and screaming (please note that in most countries deportation proceedings are permanently aborted when children resist to this extent)
3. Jasmijn did not get a chance to say goodbye to me
4. Jasmijn did not get a chance to say goodbye to her grandmother, uncles, aunts, cousins and friends
5. Jasmijn did not get a chance to take personal belongings
6. Jasmijn vomited in the car to the airport (please note that in most countries deportation proceedings are permanently aborted when children become physically ill to this extent)
7. Jasmijn was handed over to her father at the airport, while she had not seen him and strongly resisted seeing him for a period of 20 months
▪ The fact that the Dutch District Attorney (Openbaar Ministerie) violated my Constitutional Rights when detaining me without grounds in order to prevent me from stopping the deportation process through Summary Proceedings.
▪ The fact that the Dutch CPS (RvdK) did not collaborate with CFS in Marin County, CA before the deportation in order to immediately remove Jasmijn from the custody of Dave H upon arrival in The United States until a thorough 3118 sexual abuse and drug abuse investigation had been completed. Such collaboration is deemed mandatory by theEnforcement Protocol of The Hague Convention Treaty.                                            Via: Geerte Frenken – November 13, 2014
Having fun with your daughter and giving her hope during one hour a week of supervised Skype is strictly prohibited in the USA. Skype is now brought back to 15 minutes a week (at the tune of $50,- a session) and I have been threatened to get cut off from all contact with Jasmijn untill she is 18 years of age.
October 26, 2011
To Whom It May Concern,
My name is Connie Bedwell and I live in Placer County, California. My five year old daughter, Aaliyah Bedwell, was taken from me July 3, 2008 by Judge Jeffrey Penney and was placed in full custody of her father, Dustin Thompson. Aaliyah had disclosed that her father physically and sexually abused her on multiple occasions all prior to the system placing her with him full time. Various agencies were involved at one time, such as CPS, the Family Court, Auburn Police Department, Guardian Ad Litem and Placer County STEP program which clearly became more of a gossip-circle based on third party hearsay between these agencies rather than the abuse being treated as a serious criminal investigation. The Thompson family is well-known in Placer County, Dustin and his father work for the county, Dustin’s attorney Sandra Amara is married to Commissioner Dirk Amara and the system has sent me in circles fighting for my daughter’s safety literally against the Thompson family’s friends. I was threatened by court personnel MFT Christine Taylor Brown that if I didn’t stop reporting the abuse, as I am required to do by law, that she would take my child from me. Multiple reports were made by many other witnesses to the proper authorities in addition to my numerous law enforcement and CPS reports. There have been several illegalities, discriminations, aiding and abetting, cover-ups, violations of my daughters and my constitutional and due process rights committed by the authorities within our case.
As early as fifteen months old, when Aaliyah was in supervised visitation with her father, she began showing signs of fear towards him. Immediately upon his presence, she began pulling out her eyelashes, screaming and crying, regressed in potty training, had bruises and abnormal rashes around her mouth when she would return home. As she became more talkative with age she described her father and grandfather were both hurting her, hitting her in her head and stomach and that her father was hurting her privates. She described detailed situations of him brainwashing her after he would abuse her. For example, she described her father as a “parrot hurting her pee,” but that he was the actual “parrot.” Aaliyah became afraid of worms and began disclosures about a “one-eyed worm” that she described as “having hair like the hair on her head” that “looked like an elephant trunk” that “hurt her tongue.” When she saw me undressed she asked “where the rest of my pee pee went” and “why don’t I have a worm.” In June 2008 at age two and a half, Aaliyah disclosed more about “Daddy’s Worm” in which she spoke for 27 minutes of how her father makes her perform fellatio (which I can provide an original copy of the videotape to whoever may need it to have it properly examined).
The Auburn Police Department finally opened an investigation early in 2008 when Aaliyah disclosed her father was “hurting her pee pee and butt” and had “kicked her in the back and bonked her head on the table.” Sergeant Victor Pecoraro did not contact the witnesses on a two page list I gave him for an entire 5 month period. June 10th 2008 Victor Pecoraro had three officers turn me away when I brought in the “daddy’s worm” video instead of viewing the videotape like they should have. He also later lied to the Auburn Journal about how he “immediately” handled the molestation case. He made me turn my daughter over to the perpetrator, that same day I went to the police station with the video, allowing my daughter to be brainwashed and abused again. The Guardian Ad Litem, Rebecca Bowman, has been so ridiculous as to require that the visitation facility, for me, have bodyguards and metal detectors, which do not even exist in such facilities. She also refused to watch the “Daddy’s Worm” video.

“Daddy’s Worm” © Copyright (9:34)
‘It’s 5.30am, I’ve just stolen my daughter’ – Anonymous November 14,2018
When her daughter disclosed that her father was abusing her, this mother tried to stop contact- the courts refused to help so she took matters into her own hands. Content note: This post discusses sexual abuse. We were happy, once, Dale* and I. But as my body grew with the pregnancy Dale changed too and once Poppy* was born he was a different creature altogether.
Adoring and undermining, threatening and loving. In public one way and at home another. It’s only months before I tell him that we’re leaving.
Dale’s eyes flash as he clicks his fingers. ‘Poppy and I could have a car crash and be out of your hair,’ he says. ‘Just. Like. That.’
Poppy is nine months old and we are moving out. Dale lugs my boxes to the truck. He is the best him, the kind, loving, old him, but he goes downhill fast.
Dale’s anger endures, through vicious visits and long, bitter calls, at work, at 5am, late into the night.
‘Answer your phone or I’m coming over,’ he says. ‘Don’t hang up, or I’ll get in my car and I’ll be there.’
‘You’re frightening us,’ I try to say.
Dale takes a breath, a reasonable man. ‘Poppy is frightened,’ he says, ’because you are acting like a victim.’
I stick to my routine, but my eyes are red, my clothes unironed. My colleagues are starting to stare.
My fears for Poppy propel me and, one humiliating Saturday, I dart inside the police station. An officer takes me into a private room and watches me beg for a protection order.
‘Are you involved with the Family Court?’ he barks from beneath his shaggy brows.
‘No,’ I say, and he softens.
Again and again, he takes me through the past few months.
‘Who saw this?’
‘No one.’
‘And this?’
‘We were home alone.’
‘I just want him to stop,’ I say, ‘we’re terrified’.
‘You have to frame this in terms of what he’s doing to you,’ the officer keeps saying, ‘I can’t make an order to protect your daughter alone.’
It’s not true, I find out later. He could have, should have arranged to protect Poppy, but his fingers tap across the keyboard and my words are transformed into someone else’s story. What can I do? I sign the thing.
‘I’ll call him first,’ the officer growls, ‘see if I can knock some sense into him. If he won’t listen, you can have your protection order.’
Dale does listen, and for three weeks we live in peace. I agree to drop the protection order.
Later, I approach the police, but the notes of our conversation and the statement I signed have been lost. The only police record shows that I appealed for help and then changed my mind.
He brings Poppy back and her skin is raw. A bright, red rash covers her genitals. I can’t sleep, I feel sick, I tell myself I must be crazy.
Week after week she returns parched, eyes red and streaming, lashing at me, punching her face and howling. She won’t sit down in the bath. She flinches when I touch her. Her red, raw bottom goes unwashed. At night we sleep fitfully in my bed, her cot forgotten.
A friend tells me I’m exaggerating. Another suggests Dale and I spend some quality time together, we were such a great couple.
I call a helpline. I call Community Services. Professionals sigh, keyboards tap, nothing changes.
Poppy is changing. On the floor is a wraith, a pale imitation of my daughter. Grizzling and whining, she clings to me, biting and scratching my face. Food once flung and guzzled with equal passion, has lost its appeal. At night she wakes screaming in terror.
Dale is taking me to family court.
My lawyer is brittle, suspicious, devoid of compassion. Privately, I call her the Chihuahua. She says, again and again, that I don’t have any evidence of abuse. No witnesses, no protection order, nothing.
The Chihuahua is concerned, she writes, very concerned. ‘Abuse is a serious allegation,’ the Chihuahua writes. ‘I’d advise you against making it at this time. Without proof, your allegation could make you look so hostile the court may award custody to the father’
We have our day in court, the first of many over the next five years.
We agree on supervised visits for Dale. He won’t be psychiatrically assessed, there’s no consideration of child abuse or domestic violence, not one mention of protection. Just another day in court dealing with naughty parents who can’t share nicely.
We have more trips to court, and soon Poppy’s time with her father is being supervised by his mother.
On the way home, Poppy falls asleep in the car. She wakes upset and aggressive, lashing out and crying. In the bath she says ‘my gina is sore’. ‘Why honey?’ I ask. ‘Daddy touched it, he touched it and touched it’.
It’s almost a week before Poppy is interviewed by the police. She’s three-years-old, alone with strangers. No one she knows is allowed to support her in the interview. She hides behind the couch and doesn’t speak.
The investigation stops instantly. Without speaking to Dale or his mother, without any attempt to make Poppy safe. I ask the court to put a hold on Poppy’s visits with Dale, but the judge and the Independent Children’s Lawyer, there to represent Poppy’s interests, refuse and Poppy is forced to spend every Saturday with her dad.
She comes home upset, screaming, aggressive. She forgets how to use the toilet. She barely eats and lives mostly on milk from a baby’s bottle. It’s as if she’s growing younger.
A psychologist writes a report describing the changes she’s seen in Poppy since her time with Dale has started. She suggests putting the visits on hold until Poppy’s older. But Dale says no and the Independent Children’s Lawyer decrees that Poppy can’t see that psychologist, or any psychologist, again.
The Chihuahua (lawyer) tells me to behave.
Before long, Poppy’s court orders make her spend unsupervised time with Dale, then overnights, and finally three days at a stretch. She comes home from most weekends with Dale with physical pain in her genitals, making graphic disclosures of sexual abuse and acts of psychological cruelty.
Each time she tells me I want to help, to tell her it’s going to be ok, that I’ll protect her. But how? ‘Can’t you make it stop Mummy?’ she asks. ‘I’m trying honey,’ I say.
My lawyer tells me to stop reporting Poppy’s disclosures, not to tell the courts, the police or Community Services. She says if I raise allegations of sexual abuse again and can’t prove them, the judge will most likely order Poppy to live with Dale.
My reply is quick, emotional. What if I take her to a doctor? What about the red, raw skin on her genitals, her animal smell, her distress after time alone with Dale?
‘You do not have the father’s permission to have the child assessed by a doctor,’ my lawyer writes. ‘You must not do this without his permission. Even if the child makes a clear disclosure of abuse, she’s too young to be taken seriously.
But I keep reporting what Poppy’s telling me. I keep telling Community Services about her distress and the physical pain she’s in. No one will do anything. I write to every politician I can think of, file complaints with the Ombudsman, the Police Integrity Commission, the Human Rights Commission. All of my complaints are rejected. The state politicians refer it to the commonwealth, the federal politicians pass it right back to the state.  Everyone’s very sympathetic, but no one does a thing.
Finally, the Department of Community Services visits Poppy’s preschool to conduct a secret interview. Afterwards, they call me to a meeting and tell me Poppy made no disclosures of sexual abuse. They say if I do anything to supervise or prevent Poppy’s weekends with her dad they’ll start proceedings to have her removed from my care.
There’s nothing left to do. No one left to turn to. We run.
We’ve crossed 3 states, a tangled trail of flights, buses and trains behind us, changing names at every step. But with a place of our own, we make some friends, and I watch my little girl bloom. She’s confident now, cheeky, defiant, and I see the fear and anger slowly drip away.
For two years we hold our breath
And then it happens, I open the door and there they are. Five federal police dotting the lawn, guns on their belts.
It’s months later that I find out the truth, through documents subpoenaed through the family court and others obtained under freedom of information. Poppy did disclose sexual abuse in her interview with Community Services. 22 times. The documents also show two staff members covering it up, writing in internal records and meeting minutes that the disclosures never happened.
But this knowledge comes too late for Poppy. She’s five now, and still living with her dad. As far as I know no one from the courts, the police or Community Services is keeping an eye on her. We have two hours together each month, under supervision.

Bring Lexi Home Now (8:44) Published on Nov 4, 2014
There is a pandemic of child abusers getting custody when children credibly report child sexual abuse. Lexi is a little girl from Orange County who has consistently stated her father is sexually abusing her. Lexi was judicially handed to her abuser.
The judge could clearly see the abuse in the evidence.  When first confronted with the videos this husband abuser said it wasn’t him in the videos.  The judge said something like you have a face, you are 6’7, very large, and have tattoos that is you. The abuser then said he was not hitting her but putting his arm up to protect his face from her.  In the video he is stepping forward aggressively and smacking at her.  Then when pressed about picking up this 5’5, 120 pound pregnant woman and throwing her the abuser admitted to that violence against her stating the police had not trained him to get out of unwanted situations without excessive force.   He then admitted she had never once hit him BACK or left a single bruise on him in their 9 year relationship.  She was granted a permanent protection order. His was denied.  The judge took his gun making him loose his job as a deputy.. but it was still not enough for the cops to press charges.. not enough for dcs to say “oops, sorry we believed him when he said he didn’t hit you.
Instead of punishing him he was patted on the back and was allowed to continue to have sole custody and control of their kids backed up by DCS who still to this day say “she’s delusional about the abuse” as they have since day one.. why didn’t they say oops and fix this after she proved it?  She has a video and text proof of him admitting to taking her kid with lies for leaving her.

She has never been in handcuffs or to jail even once in her life.  She is a very kind person. She has never used drugs.  She does not nor has been accused of hitting her kids.  Her name has been tarnished by his drama and manipulations twice in the past as is common with victims of DV.  They were both accused of child abuse on two of his kids from a prior relationship but she does not blame that Mom for doing it because he had had complete control of her kids for 4 years prior. He has six kids.  He has six felonies plead down for yelling at a judge and jury years prior.  He has a misdemeanour theft charge.   Her ex took a plea of child abuse non specific of their kids.  She took a plea of injurious environment due to domestic violence on his part that she was actively seeking to escape from.  Yet he still has the kids and has not had to take a single DV class.  Why? Because the victim was blamed and shamed and the abuser is getting away with it.

Dana Williams
January 18 at 9:51am ·
On 18th January 2018 The twins biological father does not have physical custody of them because of the abuse they (the twins) have personally endured at his hands. Georgia saw probable cause to step in and protect them. That changed. Mobile, AL at the direction of Judge George Brown continued to work against what is in the best interest for the girls.
He ordered the removal of children from the only parent they have ever truly known and placed them with their abuser? A man who has been so sporadic in their lives that the girls deem him as a stranger. A man who chose to use the handful of times he’s actually seen them to violate them in such a vile way?
Dana Williams, the twins’ mother, has been extradited. She is in transition back to Mobile, AL jail and will answer to charges of custodial interference. Dana did what any good mother would do. She protected her children and continues to fight for them.
On May 9th 2018 Dana Williams writes: “I am being very public due to the cover up going on in Mobile, Alabama and the fact that my daughters are asking for help while in custody of their paternal abuser. Let me explain how bad it is. Judge George Brown handed over custody without due process, any investigation, no nothing. My daughters have been through hell. Placed in foster care in Atlanta for 2 months, sent to their paternal abuser in New York , while ACS is investigating Alex. ACS told Alex, the father, that because of sexual abuse allegations against him, he is not allowed to be around the girls alone. But now this judge Brown and his friends have not only stole my daughters, they are doing everything to hinder my contact with my daughters and their return home. My family and I have now not been allowed contact with the girls. I saw them on April 20,2018 for a psychological evaluation by ACS in New York. Before then it was December 28,2017! Not only did my daughters begged to come home, and cry . They are being further alienated and access is being denied. ACS, the girls lawyer, and Alex lawyer all laughed at the last meeting we had on April 30,2018. They are playing a Time game. Pushing everything further and further out. I was told at least I got to see my children for 45 minutes at the psych evaluation! I recorded everything, I record everything, always wearing a body cam like the police. I trust nothing or no one. This is a kidnapping and there needs to be accountability.”

Family Court Australia – SA Parents Story (5:30)
An Adelaide mother tells how her ex was given custody of their 4yo despite the fact that he had AIDS and two child sex convictions.

A Little Town Shall Lead Them: Adelaide Exposes the Worldwide “Child Protection” Travesty

It now appears that courts have been tasked with the destruction of families. I think they do this in deference to the state’s pedophile rings, alleged include the local elite.
Let’s get into the material supplied to me by Adella. She believes that if a mother reports pedophilia, whether to the police or some department of children’s services (such as the CPS), that this mother will have her kids removed from her.  As a result, the court may assign the child to live with the pedophile father. Fascinating, huh?
My informant, Adella, told me (in almost exactly these words) yesterday, September 13, 2018:
“A mother this morning contacted me from Queensland after she was told by Child Services that the children’s disclosures were ‘unsubstantiated’.  I have photos of her children’s writings describing how their father puts his doodle in their bum.  I have audio recordings of them saying what he does to them.
“The emotion in these children is raw.   There is no way that they are being coached.    Child Services are wiping their hands of this case because it’s in the Family Court.
“I am dealing with another case here in Adelaide of a little 8-year-old girl who had evidence of sexual exploitation substantiated by Child Protective Services, then went to Family Court. The Judge ignored the evidence and said that there is ‘no risk of harm’ in relation to the father.
“A few days later, after a weekend visit with the father, she returned home with 2 large cuts on her leg.  In any situation this would be considered to be aggravated assault.  However, this child’s terror was ignored by police because ‘they don’t get involved in Family Court cases’.  [Adella takes those cuts to be ‘ritual’ cuts.]
“It’s like banging your head against a brick wall when you go to CPS and the police.  I’ve explained to them that the Chief Justice of the Family Court Diana Bryant stated that since the Family Court has no investigative powers, they rely on the state services such as police and CPS to investigate.
“Barristers have evidence of court records having been ‘edited.’ [Are you listening, Law colleagues?  Do you have similar experience? A barrister who comments at GumshoeNews says it is commonplace for judges in NSW to tamper with their own records.]
“And lawyers throughout Australia are advising their clients not to raise issues of sexual abuse in the Family Court or they will lose custody to the abuser.
“Most people are in disbelief when I tell them of my situation because Mainstream Media will not touch it!   It sounds illogical to people that this is a paedophile-protecting system!”
Let’s now hear a bit more from “Adella” on the case of the 8-year-old girl – whose rescue you all should be resolving to participate in, whatever it takes:
“This poor little girl has been hog-tied and raped by numerous men, photographed and filmed, drugged and now cut (branded).  She’s also had knives cut her rectum (same as Rachel Vaughan) and came home on many occasions with blood-soaked underwear.
“Finally, the Department of Child Protection stepped in after numerous mandatory notifications — including from myself and the child’s doctor and psychologist.  The child has been removed from her protective mother  by DCP for an “Intervention and Assessment Order” through the Youth Court.
“That was 15 weeks ago, and yet the DCP have done very little investigating except for witch-hunting the mother, claiming she must have mental health issues.  I assure you she does not.  The Youth Court has not yet referred the case to Child Protective Services, where she can potentially be forensically examined and interviewed.
“And now the DCP is seeking a 6-month Guardianship Order!!!   How can this be justified???  Nothing makes sense.
“The mother has already had 6 mental health reports over the past 2 years, none of which of course demonstrated that she has a mental illness.  She’s been ordered to have a 7th — by a psychiatrist whose only specialty is in Dementia and whose own wife fell to her death off a balcony!
“Police have come to the mother’s house to collect ‘evidence’ …..a pair of green shorts that were bloodstained. The officer ‘forgot’ her receipt book and returned with the shorts a few days later — washed. Other pairs of undies and also a dress with presumed semen on it has gone ‘missing’…..oh no it just went to another station…..oh no we found it….but lost it again. This is deliberate incompetence by the police.
“Well, we know exactly which police are supporting this circus…….but in the meantime there is a little girl that has been deliberately scared by the exact government services that are supposed to be protecting her.  This mother is beside herself with worry and only has one hour of ‘supervised contact’ per week with her.”

Amanda Piper My case in Monterey County is just like this. My kids said dad makes us all shower together, and it hurts. Then Monterey County Courts placed the kids with him, 3000 miles from me, and told them I was dead. My ex didn’t work because of history lobotomy, and lived in a potting shed with no running water. 2 years of fighting and minor’s council returned my daughter, left my son, and ordered me to sign the agreement saying if I ever talked about the abuse again I would lose my daughter permanently. Check out my website for moms…

The Women’s Coalition
February 11 at 8:14pm
Face of the Crisis: Jackie
My daughter was taken away from me by a corrupt court system and given to my violent ex-husband. My ex has domestically assaulted other women besides me and his guns were taken away from him. He has also spent nights in a mental hospital.
A social worker falsely claimed she was my daughter’s counsellor when she was actually acting as a witness for my ex. She made up bogus claims about me like I lived in feces, I did not feed my daughter, and I denied my daughter medical care. All untrue. I’m a registered nurse and have a paralegal degree.
The judge ordered my ex to take anger management and parenting classes. Even though he obviously knew my ex was a lousy parent with anger issues, he switched primary custody to him. He also forced the sale of my home and ordered all my pre-marital assets be used to pay my ex’s legal fees.
As soon my ex got primary custody and my entire life savings, he filed a move-away motion. I was denied an evidentiary hearing on that and had to move far away to where they lived all by myself, without any friends or family. Now I’m back in court there trying to protect my daughter.
The worst part is he’s still abusing her. It’s pretty obvious that a man who abuses his wife would abuse his daughter too. And it’s evil psychological abuse. He’s cruel to her animals and tries to brainwash her into believing that I’m responsible.
I miss my daughter very much.

The Women’s Coalition
18 hrs · 27 August 2018
Face of the Crisis: Jacqueline
The guardian ad litem appointed to represent my children falsely reported that I alienated my children from their father. The judge and GAL ignored the substantiated child abuse against him, his drug use, lack of employment, unpaid child support and other indications of his unfitness for custody.
My children were pulled from school the day of the hearing and sent off to live with their father in a far away state. I was only permitted to say goodbye to them in the lobby of the courthouse.
The order says I’m not allowed to have contact with them for at least two weeks, but I know I won’t see them until possibly after the next hearing in a few months. I doubt anything will change then, so I feel like I have lost my children.

The Women’s Coalition, Faces of the Crisis December 23 at 7:14pm ·
Mom Sentenced to 18 Months in Prison for “Abducting” Her children
“This is not in the best interest of the children.”
- Angelina, after being sentenced
A mom who fled into hiding across an ocean to protect her young children was sentenced to 18 months in prison on Thursday.
Angelina had reported domestic violence and physical and sexual abuse of her children, but, as usual, the judge deemed her a liar and switched custody to the father. So she was forced to flee to protect her children.
Angelina escaped from Denmark to Brazil with her 3 and 6 year-old son and daughter, but was discovered a year and a half later by her ex’s PI. She avoided capture and applied for asylum in Brazil on the basis her human rights had been violated since she was not afforded due process in the custody hearing. Not surprisingly, Brazilian judges denied her application and ordered her to take her children back to Denmark.
Angelina returned to Denmark in October with her children where she was arrested and charged with abduction, and the children were, of course, placed under the full custody of the father.
Angelina is appealing the conviction.
For more info on Angelina’s case see previous posts:
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2 Danish Moms in Hiding Found in Brazil
Granted Habeus Corpus; Filing for Asylum

2 Danish Moms in Hiding Found in BrazilGranted Habeus Corpus; Filing for Asylum "She tried for two years to get the…

Posted by The Women's Coalition on Tuesday, 28 March 2017

The Women’s Coalition
Finally! Mom Cleared of Abduction after 5 Years
DA & Judge Colluded to Punish and Torment Her five years ago, Louisiana family court judge Jim Doherty disregarded and covered up a ton of evidence of sexual abuse and gave custody of little Macey to her father, her named abuser. Her mother, Laney did the only thing a mother what left with to protect her daughter from the worst kind of abuse-she fled into hiding. “I had medical professionals, including State appointed sexual assault councillors
to testify of my daughters behalf in court….Including a positive RAPE Kit that wasn’t even allowed in court. All of them were turned away from even entering the courtroom.
This is the biggest problem in most of our cases!”
Unfortunately, Laney what caught at the Canadian border and Judge Doherty gave sole custody to Macey’s named rapist and abuser. That was over five years ago and Judge Doherty has not allowed Laney to see Macey since, using pending criminal charges as the pretext.
DA Taylor violated Laney’s right to a speedy trial and Judge Jim Doherty violates her right to see her daughter. She should have been. Macey at least in supervised visits.
So why would DA Taylor and Judge Doherty work together to deprive?
Macey will turn 13 next month. She has been deprived of her mother.
Laney’s “Voices of the Crisis” video:
See more videos: http: //
Posts : PROTEST Prosecution of Protective Mom Laney! / photos /a.1464723457135309.1073741828.1459888504285471 /1737891493151836 /
Cover Up of Sexual Abuse at St. Landry Parish story_fbid = 456978120989108 & substory_index = 0& Id = 402177413135846 & __ mref= message_bubble
Old MSM coverage:
Parent Trap Trap.html

The Women’s Coalition August 19 ·
Maryland Judge Disregards “Extraordinary Amount of Evidence” 
Makes Faustian Bargain: Grants Sole Custody of Twins to Father 
Restricts Harvard Educated Physician Mom to Supervised Visits
“What? We have to go live with our father? We can’t do that! Mama, we’re freaking out. Can’t you fight for us?”
- One of Nashwa’s 6 year-old twins
“…[A]n extraordinary amount of evidence from photographs, video, medical records and witnesses supports the allegations [of abuse]…From ages 3-5…the boys came home from visits with their father with a long list of suspicious injuries…[One son] also had a bruised genital and described digital and penile penetration of his anus to several individuals, including investigators.”
- Tara Haelle, Forbes investigative reporter
“How does a family court judge make a decision like this? Pulling the boys away from their mother and giving them to a man with a hair trigger temper who wouldn’t even pay child support.”
- Robert Arrant, Master Sgt., Air Force
Tomorrow morning, two six-year old brothers will leave the sole custody of the mother they have lived with for the past five years to live in the sole custody of their father, an Air Force colonel alleged to have physically and sexually abused the boys for years.
The Air Force had deemed the abuse allegations against [the father] as lacking evidence, but as this reporter previously covered [linked below], an extraordinary amount of evidence from photographs, video, medical records and witnesses supports the allegations. This evidence includes five disclosures by the boys themselves to non-parental caregivers, medical authorities and child welfare authorities.
Yet in an August 15 Maryland Montgomery County family court decision, Judge Joan Ryon awarded sole custody of the boys to Col. Holt and ordered the boys’ mother, a Harvard-trained anaesthesiologist, only to supervised visitation once every two weeks. Ryon did not require Col. Holt to pay any of the more than $100,000 he owed in back child support—despite a previous court order that he do so—but she ordered the boys’ mother, Dr. Holt*, to pay $5700 a month in child support to their father going forward.

Michelle – USA
At 2 1/2 years old when my daughter’s bio dad entered her life she began telling us of being molested. We took the appropriate steps of taking her to a doctor, calling DHS and the police. They all said to get her in counselling, so we did. The judge refused to let the counsellor testify and ordered we no longer take her there. A court appointed counsellor then was selected by the judge and she testified that bio dad should only have supervised visits. The judge then said the counsellor, who she appointed, must be from another planet and gave sole custody to my daughter’s abuser. Our appeal is in the final stages.

Mandy – USA
Mandy is a Domestic Violence victim, protective mother and victim of family court discrimination. Her very young son was taken away from her and given full time to the father who is a convicted spousal and child assailant.
The D.A. has charged Mandy with minor, trumped up offences, many of which are easily verifiably false. Bail was set at an outrageous $750,000 so she cannot get out of jail.
Meanwhile, the D.A. has not prosecuted her violent ex for serious spousal assault, violation of a protective order or child abduction, although the police said they had enough evidence to give the case to the D.A.’s office.

Cindy – USA
I tried to protect my youngest son for 2 years in family court before I gave up and went into hiding with my three boys. We were safe in hiding for over three years and my son had mostly recovered from the trauma of having been sexually abused, so I made a deal with the D.A. and a new family court judge that I would return to San Diego if my son was listened to and protected. He wasn’t.
Again evidence was disregarded and covered up and sole custody was given to his molester father. For about a year, while the boys were being brainwashed by a psychologist experienced in breaking children and getting them to accept the lies of the father/court, I had no contact. I was told that unless I said that I did not believe the abuse happened, I wouldn’t see my children again.
Eventually I was given unsupervised visitation by promising I would stop protesting in front of Family Court every week. My son ran away from his father and was in hiding for almost two years, during which time he filed on his own for a restraining order against his father, custody to be with me, and a motion to be emancipated. All were denied. So he got married on paper at 16, which got him emancipated without the need for a judge’s signature. He moved back in with me for the last two years of his childhood and is now in college. He has continued to heal both from his father’s and the court’s abuse and is doing well now–against all odds.
I founded The Women’s Coalition to support and unite women in an effort to end the scourge of children being taken away from their mothers and not protected due to systemic male entitlement.

Lena – Germany
Another Mom Flees into Hiding to Protect Kids
As usual, Family Court disregarded reports of sexual abuse and switched custody to the identified abuser father, forcing Lena to flee into hiding.
Lena is from Germany, but she could be anywhere. If you see her, please help her keep her girls safe.
German translation:
Eine weitere Mutter musste fliehen, um ihre Kinder zu beschuetzen.
Wie ueblich missachtete das Familiengericht Berichte ueber sexuellen Missbrauch und uebertrug dem misshandelndem Vater das Sorgerecht. Lena war dadurch gezwungen mit ihren Kindern unterzutauchen.
Lena kommt aus Deutschland, kann sich inzwischen aber ueberall befinden. Wenn Ihr sie seht, helft ihr bitte dabei ihre Kinder zu schuetzen.

April – USA
I was a Federal fugitive because I took my daughter across state lines to protect her from sexual abuse by her father. At the age of 4 years old my daughter had a sexually transmitted disease. I hid her for 4 years before the FBI found me.
I spent time in jail and years in criminal court. I had a trial that lasted 2 months in front of a 12 person jury. I was acquitted because they decided that the legal system had failed my daughter and me.
But the court system still forced my daughter to visit with her father after we were found. At the age of 13 my daughter ran away and I did not see her for 2 1/2 years. The rapist was never charged or punished.

Ani – USA
My son is a 7 year old spirited energetic little boy. I was a stay at home Mom his whole life until last August. It has been over a year since I have seen him or even spoken to him. My ex threatened many times that he would take our son and leave me with nothing. He is a man of his word.
My ex initiated an unnecessarily aggressive and vicious court battle. I was already depleted and traumatised from 14 years of abuse. Because of my ex’s income I was disqualified from any legal aid, and being a stay at home Mom, without family, I was left representing myself, which was very traumatic.
My ex admitted to some of the abuse in court, including attempting to suffocate our son, but very little of the abuse was allowed into evidence. My back is still injured from him. The judge recognised that my ex was not only abusive but could not take responsibility yet she still gave him sole custody. One of my ex’s motives for getting custody was that he didn’t want to pay child support, which he verbalised to me.
There has been significant trauma to my son and myself. I need help getting him back into a safe, healthy, nurturing environment where he can heal.

Candan – USA
6 years ago I lost my second custody battle. My ex was physically abusive to me and I was recovering from a stroke. I haven’t seen my son since.

Jan – USA
I lost custody after 9 years fighting to keep myself and my children safe. My kids were forced to reside with the abuser despite a long history of abuse and neglect. He kidnapped my daughter for 11 months and walked on the charges. The father has multiple convictions of domestic abuse against family members and other mothers of his children.
My kids have spoken out demanding to be returned to their mother and judge ignores them, their own attorney ignores them. The judge and children’s attorney violate civil rights, due process, rules of evidence, ignore the counsellor, educator and medical advice. The judge continues to interfere with my ability to protect my children from his abuse.

Vanessa – Australia
I am a victim of the Family Court horror show. A judge ordered the kidnapping of my 3 children, switching custody to the father and another judge made an order restraining me from all forms of contact and communication with my children. I have now been alienated from my children for 12 years.

Kay It has been nearly 4 years now . . my son was taken when he was still breastfeeding morning, day and night . . my little daughter was 5 years old . . . they want very much to be with Mommy everyday . . but have been verbally abused whenever they have made mention of such to their dad . . . they now believe that our lives on one hour a week visitation is all there is . . .. and that it can never be different, as they have been punished for even asking My little girl has dramatically expressed that her desire to see Mommy everyday, that her Biggest Wish is “Impossible” . . . they are still very confused and sad . . . but at other times submissive to this brutality . . . what else can little children do? I pray that they will become knowledgable about the lies they have been told, and that perhaps someone close to them ( a babysitter) will tell them the truth, so that they may come forward and demand to have their Mommy back! I have never been alleged, charged or found to be unfit, a danger or to have harmed them in any way . . .

The Women’s Coalition September 4, 2017 · Face of the Crisis: Liz from Brazil
In December of 2015, I lost custody of my six year old son who was sent to live in another city with his father. I lost custody because I reported suspected abuse perpetrated by my son’s father. My son had lived exclusively with me since he was 18 months old, when his father and I had separated. I suspected that my son was being sexually abused, and requested a medical examination. The results demonstrated no physical evidence. My son’s father then requested an alteration in our custody agreement alleging that I was denigrating his image.
All of the aversion and aggression directed at his father that my son had demonstrated in his weekly therapy sessions over the past three years, together with the psychologist’s testimony, was only used to further reinforce the father’s claims.
I never spoke ill of my son’s father to him. It was exactly the paternal aversion and aggression that led me to look for help. I never imagined, however, that instead of being helped, we would be victimised again by the courts. Since December of 2015, my son has been living with his father who has proven to be extremely vengeful. I am only permitted to see my son once every fifteen days on a supervised visit. My son and I can speak by phone only when the father allows, which after negotiation between our lawyers, has been limited to once per week.
My son has been sent to live exactly with the one person he did not want to live with. He has also been separated from his mother, grandparents, family, friends, school, therapy and paediatrician. In other words, he has been disconnected from all of his emotional, educational, and medical ties. The courts have violated us, time keeps passing, my son is growing, and we continue to be victimised in this overwhelming situation.

Lucy Beth – UK
My domestically violent and abusive ex husband was given residence in Oct. 2014 of my then 4 year old little girl and 16 month old baby girl. He wasn’t even the biological father to my four year old so she has now been completely removed and alienated from her biological family. All evidence of domestic violence and abuse ignored…including police photographs.
They haven’t seen biological maternal family for nearly 3 years. I see travel a 5-6 hour all round trip to see them once per month for one hour in a supervised contact centre if he decides to let me and I have to pay nearly £100 – for travel and the centre fees..I’m not allowed to exist in their lives other than that one hour. Despite having Parental Responsibility. I also take their 22 month old baby sister with me to see them, she lives with me with no social services involvement at all as I passed every assessment. He wouldn’t allow them to meet her until she was 18 months old. So I’m apparently only allowed to be a mother to one out of three of my children.

Melanie – UK
I haven’t seen my 13 year-old son since Christmas Eve. He was given to his paternal grandparents after his father was sentenced to nine years in prison for sexually abusing a girl. The paternal grandparents have a criminal history and past involvement with social services whereas I have none. They don’t let me see my son at all and family court won’t enforce my visitation rights.
Jessica – USA
My children were taken from me on May 2, 2016. My ex was granted 100% physical custody of my two baby girls. I was their primary caregiver, the best mother any child could ask for. Now I get monitored phone calls, and now my ex is saying I need to start setting up visits at the visitation centre.
I have a three day jury trial coming up in September. My ex is charged with third degree felony assault. During a domestic violence incident in Sept 2015, he ended up grabbing my finger and crushing every bone in it. He has 5 DUI’s, prior domestic violence assaults, and has been in and out of jail and treatment centres our entire 20 year relationship. I myself have no criminal history, etc.
MY HEART AND SOUL HAVE BEEN RIPPED OUT OF MY LIFE. Now I have to ask my abuser to talk to my children. I messaged my girls yesterday and now he is saying he’s gonna get a restraining order against me.. God help us…

Paola – Mexico
My son, who had a diagnosis of epilepsy, was taken from me and given to his abusive father on June 9th, 2016. He died alone in his father’s house on May 27th from a huge seizure because the father left him unattended for a whole week while in New York with his wife.

Danielle – USA
Since a restraining order against my ex was lifted he rarely allows me to see my children. The police and the judge presiding over the custody case enable him to alienate the children from me. The children are now subject to domestic violence and emotional and psychological abuse, but the judge refuses to acknowledge any of it. The last time I told her about all of it she said, “That’s not why we are here.” She also limited my time during the week with my children to lesser than allowed by state law for no reason.

Louise – Australia
It’s been 11 years since my son was given to his violent and controlling father. I had a few hours visit in the first couple of years and one phone call. Nothing else since.

Kourtney – USA
The judge allowed my child to be emotionally and mentally harmed. Her father decided he wanted to take her from me after 10 1/2 years, but she refused to go with him. The judge denied her an attorney and sentenced me to jail for not punishing her and physically force her to go with her father.

Emma – UK
My husband raped me and got custody. He is a police officer. I’m currently on bail for harassment after sharing my ordeal online. No apologies. The world needs to hear about the abuse of women and children and lies in the court and institutions which support it.

Radhika – USA
I was warned about reporting domestic abuse. At the same time, I had to keep defending myself from my former husband’s made up allegations against me. I kept primary custody for 8 years because my ex didn’t want it, but I lost custody when he decided he wanted it and false findings of me alienating were used to justify giving him custody.
I am an immigrant, brought my former husband to the U.S. as my dependent, helped him through his medical training and citizenship. Things changed rapidly when my teenage kids started to vocalise the abuse, and they witnessed battery against me. When my teenage son called police on his father during the father’s custody time, his father and attorney concocted a PAS based story and judge played along – gave father sole custody with no contact for me, haven’t seen or talked to them since April 19th 2016.
Yes, no expert witnesses, no trial – custody change happened over a non-evidentiary hearing. I did not do any of the classical things PAS supporters claim, I did not keep my kids from their father – in fact I went over and above to keep him in their life. The judge wanted NOTHING to do with the evidence I had. 
My former husband is a physician and has a battery case against him pending, and has been adjudicated for DV.
My children are suffering and the system stole my kids childhood – this needs to stop.

Pamela – USA
My children were taken from me and given to their abuser in Minnesota Family court. No evidence, nothing stating I was unfit ever. He has been a violent abuser all their lives. He has a record of abuse yet my kids were handed over to him.

Stephanie – USA
My son and i fled our D.V. home on 10-25-2009 just after he turned 2 years old, fled the state on 4-29-2010, we were captured and my son was taken from me on 09-24-2010, and i am still fighting for him in Los Angeles courts.
My story is here:…/8/18/1322659/-Reaching-Safety

Kimberly – USA
I was divorced/erased/replaced from my 4 kiddos by my ex. My contact & parental rights were terminated in my final divorce judgement & my now teenage kiddos have since been relocated by their only legal guardian/bio-dad/abuser/pathogenic parent to an unknown address in their replacement mother’s state. I am homeless & live in between states in my car fighting for my rights & continuing my lifelong responsibility & commitment as a mother to/for the 4 children I created & gave birth to, fed from my body, nurtured & grew & was the primary attachment figure for until their father severed contact & removed all ability to do so on Dec 26th 2013.

Amanda – USA
I lost my children after they told the daycare teacher their father puts his weenie where they pee.

Claire – United States
#1 – A fraudulent restraining order was taken out against me by my husband at the time and he took my kids from me. Everything against me was fabricated.

Nari – Australian.
Lost my youngest son through family law. Legal aid didn’t represent me in courts. Now a victim of the judiciary system. Father has son, left him alone at home while went to work, at the age of 4. I called the police, and department of children services, nothing done.
No support. Not believed. And now suffer parental alienation
My son is 11, have not seen him since 7.

Marcia – USA
My twin girls were kidnapped from my arms when they were barely six years old after their malicious, sociopathic father decided he didn’t want to pay child support. He told us we were lucky to have a roof over our heads. He threatened my life many times, would block my vehicle, spank my daughter to harass her, throw me across kitchen floor in front of his older daughters, and threaten my life. I found out after I left him that he destroyed my name and reputation.
We lived in terror. I tried to get help to get out but I was forced to stay with him or they said I would never see my daughters again. I was set up by him and his lawyer as mentally unstable. My daughter reported sexual abuse by him while she was in foster care but I wasn’t told. One year later she was forced to say she lied about it.
All contact with my daughter was cut off after he was given custody. I went into shock.

Suzanne – USA
My children were 14 and 8 years of age when my former husband was awarded sole possession of them at an ex-parte hearing (no notice provided me) in 2008. He alleged that I suffered an “unknown mental impairment and posed an imminent danger to them (our children).” I won them back after a two-month trial; however, he was awarded sole custody following our daughter’s first of five sexual abuse allegations against him (a few months later), spanning over a nine-month period.
My daughter is now in special education and “learning disabled” since January 2015. She was also diagnosed as “emotionally disabled” in February 2015 and now suffers Major Depressive Disorder, Generalised Anxiety Disorder, PTSD, suicidal ideation, self-harming behaviours, and substance abuse/addiction.

Francesca – USA
My child was given to a drug dealing, drug abuser who is on probation in 2 counties and repeatedly arrested and jailed. The father has repeat criminal contempt charges for domestic violence and probation violations. Judge Anthony McGinty gave sole custody to him and they stole my child kicking and screaming (we have a video) crying & hyperventilating from me on January 3 2017- we have been fighting ever since.
Since then the father has been arrested, did a drug deal with my child in his care and has been seen by an investigator smoking marijuana and drinking on elementary school property – police were called and no one protected the child. He was with his brother – a heroin dealer – and the child’s son. Both children were left with these men.
So far over 60,000 has been spent while my child lives among domestic violence in a living room of a 2 bedroom apartment with 4 adults while he has a beautiful home and bedroom that is safe and free of immoral acts here at his home. My son is a 9 year old boy who loves me and his entire family and is not allowed to see me.
I was arrested and the Judge ordered me to 2 hours a week supervised visits? How and why – no one can say. I have an impeccable and clean background and have been sole support of my son all these years and plan to be again.

Molly – Canada – [2:06:34] Unlawful Seizure: Where Do You Turn When Everyone is in on it?

My daughter was four years old when she told me her daddy turns into a monster at night-night time and touches her pee-pee. The local CPS, where his sister works and where the intake supervisor, is his old high school classmate, who refused to investigate, even after the following day when I followed up to tell them even more things my daughter had disclosed. Saying she was scared to talk about it because there would be blood everywhere and mommy would be up in heaven.
His mother had confided in me she was abused by her father, along with every single female in their family, I’d never thought to ask where my husband was at when that happened. But I asked the day after my daughter said he was doing horrible things and my mother-in-law said she had no choice but to leave her children with her parents, the mother who didn’t protect her or her family from her father, a well respected and charming foot doctor.
I fled for support of my family in Iowa after it was apparent his family wanted to continue to keep their skeletons hidden and were denying the abuse. I tried to hide in a hotel in Ohio, but he had stalked my cell phone location and found us. But I was able to sneak off with the girls to drive to Ohio without being stopped. My nightmare was only just beginning. Three months later after being forced back to Ohio by the judge, one of my spouse’s golfing partners, he was given unsupervised weekend visitations.
Every other weekend my girls came home sore, red and swollen and crying after using the bathroom. My daughter disclosed abuse to her counsellor in Ohio and a counsellor in Iowa. But no evidence was found during forensic exam followed by an interview in which my daughter behaved very abnormally, but did not disclose. On April 15th the juvenile court judge, who works with my ex-husbands niece, removed my daughter giving his niece temporary custody.
They pushed back the trials one after another. The GAL has been biased against me since day one. He now has custody after a horrible hearing in December where I was told I’d lose custody chances and they’d be with their father or strangers unless I agreed. I was told I’d see my girls more often, and work towards reunification. But I’m seeing them less and less without any help for reunification. The court orders based on the forensic psychologist are impossible to follow. They make no sense and have zero basis. My daughter disclosed to the forensic psychologist and he reported she should be taught that it likely did not occur. She has since had rectal bleeding and both girls have complained of sore privates.
But the system somehow blames me, even though I only see them fully supervised for two hours.

Stacey – USA
The child I raised for 11 years and had sole custody of was given to her abuser because I petitioned to move with her to escape the domestic violence. Family court felt their strained relationship would improve if she was forced, against her wishes, to live with him. His documented abuse of my child and the current restraining order against him was ignored, as was his felony conviction and the psych evaluation that deemed him mentally unfit. I was not found to be unstable or unfit, nor do I have a criminal record or any history of abuse, violence, or alienation.

Amanda – USA ohio
My children was ripped away from in in 2015 and placed in the hands of an abusive father. I left him in 2011, he showed no interest for 3 years, payed no child support. Once he got involved with another women things changed. He told the courts he was concerned of abuse in the home, claimed I kept them away from him, he also claimed he was helping our oldest daughter with her homework and reading (mind you the kids an i resided in Ohio and he resided in Colorado, I still would like to know how he was helping with school work) After father was granted custody they moved with him to Colorado once I seen them again over a month later they looked awful! My girls have told me many awful stories! My oldest told me her dad stopped her from watching cartoons to show her something, she explains how her dad had her stand against the wall, breath in an out fast an he then choked her an made her pass out. She asked me why he would be laughing at her when she woke up and asked why he would do this to her… He could have killed my daughter !!! I almost lost my rights for trying to help my girls! This is only one of the things he has done! I have tried and spoken to many to help my children. Counselling services have been denied by the courts, which could be helpful in more than one way for them.

Shelley – California USA
This battle began in 2010 and is still going on…..My children were 2 & 4 when this miscarriage of justice commenced and are now 8 & 10! My ex husband was convicted of cruelty to a child with his daughter from another relationship. I tried to obtain supervised visitation for the father while he was on probation for this offence and the mediator would not grant it. My kids were then abused by him sexually, physically and emotionally which was corroborated by several doctors and nurses, family members, a social worker and a therapist. He was then awarded with full custody after a bogus trial where a rogue minors counsel, detective, and judge all lied, suppressed evidence and deprived my innocent children of justice. They ripped my children away from me like I was a criminal. I was their loving, nurturing primary caregiver. I had never had been convicted of a crime, was an exemplary mother and then placed on supervised visitation for attempting to protect my children. I was then ordered to pay for supervised visits for 6 + years , up to present. I was ordered to pay a convicted child abuser $1136/ month.
I and my children have been punished for speaking out against abuse. They have tried to silence us placing me on supervised visitation however I and my attorney Patricia Barry filed a Federal Civil Rights complaint in Federal Court in 2014.
Recently, We went back to mediation again and the mediator could not provide evidence as to why supervised visits should remain ( nor could opposing counsel) other than what could potentially happen. ( my girls might report more abuse)
This is like living in the Stone Age, it is barbaric! It is inhumane and preposterous.

Katherine – UK.
Sole custody of daughter given to abusive father. Nine years later with rare contact and after multiple suicide attempts she’s returned to me and I’m fighting still but this time to put her back together.

Marina – USA
My 3 year old daughter stated her father touched her private. I reported it to Kaiser. They said her body had marks consistent with physical abuse not sexual. DCFS got involved. I provided proof that he had abused my 9 year old and that i had a legitimate fear for my 3 year old. DCFS agreed he sexually abused my 9 year old. But it happened 2 years ago and it was irrelevant. That he has not offended since so therefore he is no longer a threat. They said i was obsessed with what he had done in the past and that i had mental health issues they took my 3 year old away and gave him custody. 
He has been working with LAPD for almost 20 years that is his immunity. Never ever did jail time. My daughter still complains when she comes over for visits but if i say anything they will take away my weekends.

Rutie – USA
Taken apart by false allegations.. fraud documentation.. bias judge in private unfair disgraceful fixed 3 years of fighting.. abused child by justice handed straight to perpetrator care by police.. since then breach after breach from applicant.. i haven’t seen my baby for one year. My baby deserve support in education encouragement in development.. I’ve been told my english (spoken and grammar) are no good enough to meet his education and it effects him and removal of child been violently assessed by police 22.00 hours in late evening against child’s will by force, hungry and in pyjamas. Please help me to get justice for my son.

Davida – USA
My son was given to a non biological person who is a known abuser and I am ignored as his only BIO parent with NO history of abuse.

Jennifer – USA
My 2 boys are with my ex husband. He has a record. I don’t. I’m alienated. The battle began in 2005.

Hennie – USA
I lost custody of my two kids. They gave my abusive ex-husband custody. My daughter had an STD and still they gave custody to him.
Tori shares custody of her two boys with her ex-husband. One day, the 3-year-old came home and told his mom something inappropriate had happened to him when he was with his father. Tori reported it to the Tennessee Department of Child Services (DCS) as required under state law.
What happened next was a nightmare for this single mom and her two boys.
Interrogated for hours by DCS officials, with no video record and no attorney present, Tori soon realised it was she, and not her ex-husband, who was the focus of the investigation!
There was no allegation against Tori. The only report filed was the one she filed regarding an event at her ex-husband’s house. Yet, DCS demanded she surrender her children on the spot (to her parents), for the duration of the investigation.
DCS in its effort to deprive Harper of her parental rights claimed she was mentally unstable and unfit to have custody of her boys.
A father sexually abused his children and still received custody. Children make claims of sexual abuse against their father. Police report states father is a correctional officer
The claims lead to police involvement with no repercussions. Regardless, the father has gained custody of the children.
PLEASE HELP US Save my 4 yr. old son that has been SEXUALLY ABUSED by his own father/an employee of the CORRUPTED COURT SYSTEM, COURT has failed to protect my child and now an innocent child was sexually abused, I have MEDICAL REPORTS, my son’s own testimony and DCFS HAS FAILED TO PROTECT HIM, I’m pleading for your help to bring justice for Alexander HELP US SAVE A CHILD from a Child ABUSER –

The Women’s Coalition,  August 11 ·
Mom on Day 19 of Hunger Strike/Protest at Family Court
Supporters Storm Children’s Ministry Demanding Action
A well-known Argentinian mom has been on a hunger strike in front of Family Court for 19 days, protesting the granting of custody of her son to his father.
A group of determined supporters joined her in storming the Children’s Ministry, demanding action to protect her son from sexual abuse by his father. This led to a physical altercation and got the attention of the top official, assistant secretary Mr. Antonio Franco.
In 2015, Gilda’s son disclosed sexual abuse to her and many professionals, after which recommendations were made for Gilda to keep custody and her son protected.
But Judge Silvia Morcillo found Gilda was alienating her son from the father. She completely disregarded the boy’s brave reports of abuse and the professionals’ recommendations, and gave full custody to the father.
As if that was not enough pain, Judge Morcillo threw Gilda in jail, where she was tortured, in an apparent attempt to intimidate and silence her.
But Gilda Morales would not be intimidated or silenced. She proceeded to make waves nationally by bicycling from Cordoba to Buenos Aires, about 400 miles, protesting her son’s endangerment along the way. This gained her national media attention.
Women claim that Judge Morcillo has endangered hundreds of children in much the same manner as Gilda’s case. She is obviously the go-to judge for enforcing male entitlement in cases involving abuse by fathers.
Amazingly, Gilda’s case was accepted by the Supreme Court and is presently being reviewed. Stay tuned for the decision.
MEDIA on Gilda’s case in Spanish:
Radio interview about the hunger strike/protest:
TV interview: Gilda’s story
Article on the bicycle ride protest:…/2016-9-12-viaja-en-bici-desde-cor…
*KUDOS to Gilda for her determination in protecting her son. 
Please support Gilda by commenting and reacting.
UPDATES on Gilda’s FB page:

Ramona – Canada
I lost custody of my sweet daughters 7 years ago. I have evidence of child abuse and neglect including doctors, teachers, the children’s lawyer and 3rd parties who had spoken to my children. My ex husband even admitted to using death threats on us, assault and being inappropriate with a child. But the judge still sided with my ex husband and ordered my children to live with my ex husband. My daughters have fractures, bruises, a 2nd degree burn as well as disclosures of abuse of all kinds – including sexual. His death threats on our lives still continues. I am court ordered not to go to the media. Not to go to the police, Child and Family Services, teachers, schools, etc. I wrote a letter to the judge asking for his recusal and I even copied the letter to the Queen, Prime Minister Trudeau, other government officials, the media and other judges. The judge recused himself on December 18, 2017. But then he wrote a new court order against me on January 10, 2018! My ex even instructed his lawyer to write a letter to the Child and Family Services demanding that they shut down the abuse investigation. They complied. I was even told by Child and Family Services that I am emotionally destroying my children by reporting their abuse? My youngest daughter, who is 12-years-old, disclosed her father’s sexual abuse. She has had 42 urinary and bladder infections. My other daughter, who has special needs, is told she is ugly, fat and will never amount to anything because of it. My case is now at the Supreme Court of Canada and United Nations. I will never give up getting my daughters back. I am working at becoming a children’s advocate.

The Women’s Coalition  16 hrs  Face of the Crisis: Brenna
After leaving my abusive, narcissistic, cheating ex, I struggled to keep custody. I told the court about his abusive behaviour (physically, emotionally, mentally, financially) and fought to protect my daughter from him, but they continued to hand her over to him.
Even after going in front of the judge with 2 black eyes and a broken nose from him, he persisted in giving him custody of our daughter. But eventually my ex gave up all rights to our daughter since he only took her to get back at me for leaving him.
He waltzed back into our lives when she was 16 ½ years old and was given full custody, even though I was able to prove she was suffering at his hands. My daughter became pregnant at age 17, unbeknownst to me since he fed her lies about me and alienated her from me and my family in order to gain full control of her.
Little did I know until four children later that the man I fought so hard to protect her from has fathered all of her children. Now at 24 years old, she is still with him and estranged from me as she suffers from Stockholm Syndrome.

The Women’s Coalition  December 16, 2017 ·
Teen Says She’ll Commit Suicide if Forced to Live with Father
Now She’s Institutionalised & Mom’s Facing Jail Monday
Shelby told many officials about her father sexually abusing her in 2012. Her mother, Colleen, believed her and tried to protect her. There was substantial physical and psychological corroborating evidence, as well as many professionals concluding she was being abused.
Covington County, Alabama Judge Charles Short disregarded the facts, evidence and professionals’ conclusions, which easily met the preponderance burden necessary to protect children, and switched custody to the father. He allowed the father to keep Shelby away from her mother completely for a year and a half. However, after an event in 2014, when activists contacted Presiding Judge MacKathay and expressed their outrage [linked below], Shelby was finally allowed some visitation with her mother, who had moved to Florida.
In September, Shelby, now 14 years old, refused to return to her father’s house in Alabama saying she wants to stay with her mother in Florida. She reported abuse by her father to the Sheriffs office and DHS (social services). Shelby told Colleen that Sheriff called her a liar. He also called Colleen a liar. The DHS report indicated abuse, but closed the case, saying Alabama had jurisdiction.
Law enforcement came to Colleen’s house, forcibly removed Shelby from her mother and brought her to her father’s house. She said she would commit suicide rather than live with him. She was placed in a mental institution in Alabama, where she remains. Meanwhile the father has filed a contempt motion on Colleen, accusing her of violating the court order which gives custody to him.
EVIDENCE disregarded by Judge Short in the past:
[It is unknown what Shelby reported recently]
Reliable sources have reported that Shelby has bravely disclosed sexual abuse to more than 10 professionals who believe she has been abused: a psychologist, therapist, two social workers, paediatrician, sheriff, police captain, FBI agent, CPS, teacher, CAC (Child Advocacy Centre) forensic interviewer, SART (Sexual Abuse Response Team) case worker, forensic interviewer and M.D.
Some of Shelby’s disclosures reportedly include:
CAC: Shelby disclosed sodomy and pictures being taken of her naked by her father (child porn)
Teacher Cathy Harrell: Shelby said Daddy would spray things in her mouth with his private part and it went into her tummy.
Therapist Carol Dean: Shelby said her daddy hurts her; she’s scared of him; he touches and licks her in her private parts.
Dr. Earl Stradtman: Shelby said he puts his private part in her mouth and in her private parts; it hurts; grandma was watching while he did it.
FBI agent Rob Hyre: Shelby disclosed sodomy and pictures of her naked being taken by her father
SART M.D.: determined Shelby had torn hymen
Paediatrician: chronic yeast and urinary tract infections and constipation.

The Women’s Coalition  August 25, 2017 ·
Mom Reunites with Daughter after 11 Years!
9 Years in Prison + 2 on Parole
“What a joy, what an emotion … I have no words.”
- Maria, reuniting with her daughter
“I would rather die than send her to her abusive father.”
- Maria, ’06
“All she did was to try and protect me, to keep me safe from that sociopath. But instead she was put in prison.”
- Maria’s daughter
“The judges of Bergen County, New Jersey, violated my daughter’s and my fundamental rights to liberty, property, life and due process of law.”
- Maria
Maria Carrascosa, a human rights attorney, has finally been reunited with her daughter in her home town in Spain after spending 9 years in prison and over 2 years on probation in the U.S., her ex’s home.
Mary Jo traveled to Spain with her 5 year-old daughter legally and was tricked into coming back to the U.S. on a motion to dismiss a custodial interference charge. Instead of recognising that she had a legal right to travel with her daughter, upheld by the Hague, she was found guilty of custodial interference and sentenced to 14 years in prison. Although Maria was told she would be released if she agreed to hand over her daughter to the father, she chose to stay in prison rather than hand her over to her abusive ex.
Maria was released after 8 years but spent another year in prison on a family court contempt finding. She was released a year later but could not go back to Spain due to parole restrictions. During that time, she could only communicate with her daughter by Skype.
On Tuesday, her probation was completed which freed Maria to fly to Spain to reunite with her now 16 year-old daughter, her mother and father and the rest her family. There were tears of joy on all sides.
Maria was given a 14 year sentence and the only reason she was released after 9 years was because the father agreed to it, demonstrating that the criminal justice system also upholds male entitlement in the family and punishes women who defy it by trying to keep or protect their children.

I learned this when my then 6 year old son disclosed ongoing sexual abuse by his father. He also disclosed to some authorities. Nobody protected my son and he still has unsupervised weekends and 6 weeks in the summer with my 10 year old. Its like the offender has murdered me, but I’m still walking around. The horror of sending my son to a child rapist makes me feel complicit. Shockingly I’m one of the lucky ones who didn’t have my child who disclosed sexual abuse taken away. I keep my mouth shut because I see so many women completely lose custody to the child rapist. I pray for my son’s 18th birthday. It’s our job to protect our children, but we are vilified and branded criminals, lunatics, and coachers when we try to help our defenceless sexually, verbally, physically, emotionally tortured children. I know that none of us thought of the horrors to come when we became moms to our beautiful children. It’s life changing, and when nothing has been resolved how does one move forward?

Judge Elliott gave child custody to pedophile (6:02)

Published on Sep 22, 2018  This reportage was broadcasted by a main Polish television channel.
An 11 year old boy sexually, physically and mentally abused by his pedophile father.
But Government officials, police, courts, social services-TUSLA, all protect the pedophile father whose son from previous relationship committed suicide!!!
The mother fights for her child’s life!!!

May 2009: Tragic Santa Clara County custody case — dad suspected in girl’s death

With a lengthy criminal past, the 41-year-old father, Mark Edward Mesiti, was still granted custody of Alycia and her older brother In Santa Clara County Superior Court less than a year before the girl went “missing”. The remains of Alycia Augusta Mesiti-Allen, 14 when she vanished in August 2006, are now in the hands of toxicologists and coroners. Since March, when cadaver-sniffing dogs found her body buried in the unkempt yard of her father’s former Central Valley home.
The family’s legal history is a tangle of allegations traded through restraining orders and court filings. A court’s investigator described Roberta Allen, now 39, as an unfit mother who had battled with depression. (Roberta Allen fled with her children to Canada to try and protect them from their father. They were found and the children were handed over to Mesiti, their father.) Ceres police say they no longer believe Mesiti’s story that the girl ran away during a camping trip with friends and her pet Chihuahua. “Dad’s story was he was getting phone calls periodically” from the missing girl, said Sgt. James Robbins. Alycia and her brother, now 19 and in the military, were placed in Mesiti’s care by the family court in November 2005. During the previous seven years, court records show, Mesiti had been convicted of state and federal charges, including bank fraud and drunken driving. He also was charged with domestic violence and ordered to attend anger-management classes after pleading guilty to a lesser charge. After failing to comply with court orders to attend drug- and alcohol-treatment programs, he landed in prison for violating probation. Nonetheless, Roberta Allen described her years-long legal battle to protect her children as “very angled toward [family court in favour of] the criminal father, Mark. I couldn’t afford an attorney. He had one.” “I am deeply concerned about both minors, especially Alycia,” children’s lawyer Jonnie Herring wrote in a report to Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Vincent Chiarello.
Roberta Allen said she also reported that the children, in the care of their father, were often hungry, subject to abuse, and unable to call their mother despite her court-ordered visitation and contact rights. Local police confirm they made visits to the home. Allen’s (their mother) pleading letters to judges were handwritten. When Alycia disappeared in 2006, Allen said she never believed the girl had simply run off. “I knew in my heart of hearts that she was gone, but no one would listen to me. I was fighting with police, saying ‘She’s not a runaway, she’s a missing person!’ ” Allen recalled. “But the police stopped taking my calls.” In 2009 the longtime detective on the case retired and Sgt. Robbins, the Ceres investigations supervisor, ordered up a fresh round of interviews.
Police obtained a search warrant for Mesiti’s former home on Alexis Court, which he is said to have abandoned a few months after Alycia vanished.
The case broke open with the discovery of Alycia’s remains. Within days, police burst into Mesiti’s Los Angeles apartment and say they found evidence of a meth lab. Now, he and the girlfriend he had lived with in Ceres face a series of court hearings on drug and child-endangerment charges; the girlfriend’s 12-year-old daughter had been living with the couple when they were arrested March 28.
Mesiti, 49, was convicted of murder and more than 40 counts of sexually abusing his daughter, as well as sexual abuse charges involving two other girls identified as Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2 in court documents. Jane Doe 1 was 8 years old when she was sexually abused, authorities said, and Jane Doe 2 was 16 and 17 when she was sexually abused. Both unnamed girls were abused in Los Angeles County. Alycia died of a “mixed drug intoxication.”
The prosecution said investigators found images of Mesiti sexually assaulting his daughter while she was unconscious. Authorities believed Mesiti drugged his daughter with prescription anti-depressants, benzodiazepine, morphine and methadone to prevent her from resisting his sexual abuse.

Kate’s Story

When Lorraine’s grand daughter, Kate disclosed sexual abuse, the perpetrator (Biological Father) took the matter to the Family court to gain access to Kate, then four years old. An independent Children’s lawyer was appointed.
“This sounded like a good thing at the time because I assumed they were going to independently act for Kate’s best interests.
How wrong was I? So wrong, Kate was not independently represented at all, the ICL did not even meet or talk with Kate. She did not submit any evidence from school teachers, doctors or psychologists, to the court experts or the Judge.
The ICL aligned herself with the father. She insisted that contact continue with the father despite the evidence, disclosures, regressive behaviours and comments made before, during and after contact. She payed no regard to the well-being of Kate.
I kept a diary of Kate’s regressive behaviours and comments she exhibited around contact with the father. However when the ICL became aware of my diary she wrote to me and asked me to destroy it. This was prior to the trial. I was horrified that a child’s lawyer would not only omit evidence from third party professionals, but ask me to destroy evidence before the trial. In any other jurisdiction this would be seen as evidence tampering and influencing a witness.
Instead all of the ICL’s omissions were disregarded and viewed as an oversight by the court. The ICL submitted the father was no risk to Kate and contact should continue similar to shared parenting. 5 years on … Kate still cries before and during contact, she begs not to go. She suffers low self esteem after visits.

The Women’s Coalition , Face of the Crisis: Laura
I am the mother of two 3 and 6 year-old boys. Up until August 2017, I was the primary residential parent and shared legal decision making with me having final say (although I never actually did, he constantly violated the parenting plan and I would find out later when my 6 year old would volunteer the information). My ex is a cluster B narcissist and pathological liar.
My 6 year-old told me that his father “flicks him on the penis” when he does something wrong. My 3 year-old told me that his father “plays with his penis”. I contacted 5 child psychologists and I was told that I needed to contact DPS, which I then did. A forensic interviewer spoke with each boy for about 15 minutes, then met with me to tell me that neither of the boys mentioned what they had previously told me. Case closed. My ex and I had a 2 day trial in August 2017. The judge also denied and instead ordered me to take a psychological test at my expense, of course using a psychologist which my ex’s attorney recommended. I pay my ex over $1,000 a month in child support and I was ordered to pay over $11,000 of his attorney fees, on top of my own legal fees and the psychological evaluation. Far worse, my ex is now the primary residential parent and has sole decision making. The judge ordered supervised visits between my sons and me, 3 hours on Wednesday and every other weekend. My ex gets to pick the supervisors and there are only 2 who he allows me to use. If one of them can’t do it, I lose the visit.
My children are both now urinating and defecating on themselves, while at my house, at school and at my ex’s house. My ex has only let my sons call me four times in three months. When I picked up my children from the exchange, my 6 year-old asked if I would change his clothes because he had a bowel movement in them earlier but it was “a secret” because he didn’t want to get into trouble. Then he started crying. There is no telling how long he’d been sitting in his own feces.
Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do. My ex refuses to put the children in counselling. He says that they are “adjusting well” to the complete overhaul of their new “living situation”. He’ll never allow counselling because then the truth would be revealed. I am a law enforcement official. I know of unfit parents who have custody of their children whereas mine were taken from me not based on facts but solely based on the perjured testimony of my ex and his girlfriend…the same person who tells my children that she is their mother, not me.

The Women’s Coalition
#UsToo Faces of the Crisis: Shiree from Australia
My ex burned our 3 year-old with cigarettes and got away with it because social services did a lousy investigation. A year later my daughter told me he burned her after she refused to sit on his wee wee. She has also told four therapists about abuse by her father.
The police accused me of coaching her even though she had burns all over her body. I have tried repeatedly to have the government investigate properly, but I’m continually told the matter is closed. Then they accused me of having a mental illness. I have had multiple psych exams, which state I’m not suffering from a mental illness, other than situational anxiety. My ex has never undergone a psychiatric exam. Never.
Family Court gave my ex 4 nights a fortnight unsupervised, despite my daughter’s disclosures of abuse. I was told if I did not give him access, he would get full custody. My child is now 9 years-old, and a very confused little girl. She loves her dad and she has told me, “Don’t worry, the grown-ups don’t care what daddy does to me.”
I have also lost my house, friends, money, and almost my sanity. I’m still dealing with my abusive ex on a weekly basis. The authorities have given him way more power than he deserves. I am left to pick up the pieces, trying to help our child. I’ve been on TV and in the papers on multiple occasions.
My trust in government officials has been destroyed, as none of them have done the right thing. Those who are not involved with these agencies cannot understand how this could have happened to my family, but it has.
- From “Faces of the Crisis” Exhibit:

The Women’s Coalition
December 28, 2017 · Face of the Crisis: Dana
I am the mother of a 4 year old. I haven’t seen or had any contact with him in 5 months because his father is abusive and evil, but intelligent. He is a NASA engineer, so he has plenty of money to bankrupt me in family court.
My son is a polite, intelligent, compassionate and funny little boy. But now he has no mother, because his father chooses to violate court-ordered visitation and a judge refuses to hear my motion for contempt for 6 months.
I supported my ex for the remainder of his military service overseas, where I was isolated from friends and family, and through 4 years of college. While we were building the life we both wanted, I gave birth to our beautiful son and was the sole caregiver, so as not to burden my husband while he finished college. Two weeks after graduating and getting hired as a NASA engineer, he decided he wanted to screw the nanny I hired part time while I worked from home. They forced me out of the house.
Before the divorce, I had a great resume and career, college degree, excellent credit, and no criminal record. After the divorce, I was terrified but confident I would survive. I now have a criminal record and have spent time in jail for violating a bogus protection order which a judge granted my ex so he could keep my son away from me. I was charged with a felony, and although not convicted, now have a background check that lists stalking.
Unfortunately, the trauma I am enduring, from being alienated from my son and harassed by my own personal terrorist through the family court system, cannot be fathomed by those who have not experienced it themselves. I have lost family and friends and am unemployed and on the verge of bankruptcy. I can barely breathe without feeling like my chest is being crushed by someone standing on it. I am unrecognisable.
I am broken. I have never experienced despair and depression so deeply as this. All I can do is wait.
- From “Faces of the Crisis” Exhibit:

Patty – Facebook
It has been a 6 year ordeal. Child Protective Services initially found my son was abused, but did nothing. My son disclosed to several people (and still does) and was, and is, called a liar. Oklahoma City police sexual abuse detectives refused to investigate. They said they would only refer it to the DHS, who treated my son like a liar even when they know he was telling he truth. They used my son’s confused time line as a reason for ignoring his abuse even though their training forbids it. He was assigned a Guardian Ad Litem, who ignored his disclosure and refused to contact me by phone. Nor did the family court system ever make his father – the abuser – pay for any of the same services I had to pay for. My attorney died and I had to get a succession of new attorneys who sold me and my son out. End of story – Judge Barry Hafar gave my son to his abuser. I was never paid back child support – Child support zeroed out what he owes and I now owe more than I can pay as I am unemployed. His father has HIV and was never even arrested for trying to spread it or maliciously trying to infect my son and myself. As soon as he was able to make me look ‘crazy’ in court, the narcissist stopped raping my son. I have video of my son disclosing, I have voice recordings of my son disclosing. No one would listen. None of my evidence was presented or looked at by my attorneys or the judge. My son has been living with his abuser since June 29, 2014. My son is now neglected daily and has even worse anxiety. His autism is only being drugged, not educated. I home-schooled my son, which was apparently further abuse according to the court system. I was accused of mentally abusing my son for encouraging him to disclose. We were treated like vermin. His abuser, who now has control, stopped taking him to counselling. Very rarely goes grocery shopping, goes to HIV food pantry more often even though he receives SSI money monthly that they call “no income” because its not SSD. He bullies me and my son and tells my son lies. None of the neighbours believe my son. None of his teachers believe my son. His autism counsellor, – when he was actually taken -, said she couldn’t do anything to help him. It makes no sense. Its parent teacher conferences today and tomorrow. I have not been allowed to attend one conference since he was forced into public school in August 2014. My son’s doctor has warned his father that if he does not improve my sons diet that he will report him. Which means my son will go to foster care and I will never se him again. Which is what the abuser truly wants in the first place. He hates my son but he hates me even more. Eight years later and I’m broke. No job and the car barely gets down the road. Child support is taking everything, my license, my bank account and whatever else they can get their filthy hands on. While not once did they enforce my son’t abuser on his back child support?

UK case
We had the same judge throughout our domestic abuse hearings and for the first part of this application for a change of residence. That was 5 years ago. The children were 2 and 4 years old. The court ordered that they do not see their father for about 2 years due to domestic violence. Then they saw him at a contact centre for 6 months. Then overnight weekend contact started. My daughter kept returning with a red and sore private area. 6 months into weekend contact she disclosed sexual abuse. I reported it to the NSPCC who alerted the police and the social service. She was examined by a forensic paediatrician who couldn’t definitively rule out anything. The paediatrician told me he would expect to see her again, because it takes 4-5 examinations before they have enough evidence. The police took my statement, but my daughter did not disclose to them. My daughter’s whole personality changed when the abuse started. She became withdrawn, clinging to me and refused to go to her dad for contact. Then for the final hearing we had a different judge. This new judge had been in court himself on charges of sexual abuse against a minor. He was cleared, but I believe he felt sorry for my ex. He shouted over me every time I answered a question. He went against the advice of the social worker, against the psychiatrist, against the wishes of the children. They had no parental concerns about me at all. The judge ignored the fact my ex was proven to have lied throughout his statement and on the stand under oath. This judge said he preferred the father to me so the children’s residence must change. For the children this involved a several hour move away, new schools, new everything. From a settled environment where the children were thriving, to a house with about 5 other children, a history of domestic abuse, a history of mental health issues, alleged sexual abuse and numerous other issues. Social services did not monitor my children after that and the children’s dad keeps breaching the court order and preventing contact between me and my children. I have my youngest in tears every time she is with me, begging me to never send her back to her dad. My eldest yelling at me that “I obviously don’t love her, because if I loved her I would never make her go to her father.” It goes against everything I know as a mother to let them go there.
By the time the police caught up with them, Erin had been on the run with her children for nine months. Since their children were born, and ever since he’d first held a knife to her throat, Erin had tried to manage her husband’s abuse. In 2012, however, a warning from her GP had broken through her denial. In front of their screaming kids, John had throttled Erin until her eyes rolled back in her head. “If you don’t leave,” her GP warned, “you’re as bad as he is.”
Erin did leave, and took the children to live with her parents interstate. Soon after, the Family Court granted John regular access to his kids. For the next year, Erin weighed her responsibility to her children, who were terrified of their father, against the risks of disobeying Family Court orders. There was a further complication: Erin had consented to the orders granting John fortnightly access – under pressure from her lawyer, she says, who advised that if she didn’t compromise, John could end up with sole custody.
When the children refused to see or even speak to their father, however, Erin felt she had no choice but to breach the orders. When John applied for full custody, both children refused to be assessed in the same room with him, and their counsellor wrote to the Family Court, advising that such a meeting would be traumatising for them. But when they presented their fears to a court-appointed social worker, whose job it was to assess the family, it was Erin’s motivations that were questioned, and her parenting criticised.
In 2014, two months before the full custody hearing was due to be heard, the Family Court suddenly made interim orders for John to have sole custody. Police were directed to enforce the orders, and both children were prohibited from having contact with their mother.
“So we fled,” says Erin. John went to the media, appealing for information about his missing children. He said he loved them very much, and couldn’t understand why, after their amicable separation, his ex-wife had disappeared with them.
Now under arrest, Erin sat with her children in the police station, and tried to explain to the officers why they had run. By chance, her daughter had just finished writing a protest letter. Erin handed the letter to police, and asked them to read it.
“My name is […], and I am scared of my dad,” it began. “I have seen him in a rage throw my brother across the room. He has held a knife to my mother’s throat telling her how easy it would be to cut it … and the court has given me to him. I have tried to tell all the legal people involved how scared he makes me but I am too young for anyone to listen …”
In a recording of the letter, her unsteady voice becomes indignant. “At what point do I become old enough? I want to … think that somewhere in the cosmos is a place where I am valued and safe. I don’t want to be the next Luke Batty … Please, please help.”
That afternoon, the police drove Erin and her kids to a nearby town, so Erin could front a magistrate on criminal charges of abduction. There was one last chance to say goodbye, and then the children, distraught, were taken away.
That was earlier this year. Neither Erin nor anyone she knows has been allowed to contact her children. The next Family Court hearing isn’t far away. Erin’s legal advice is that, because she ran, she doesn’t stand a chance.

This has long been the case – for 15 years, studies have revealed the courts’ failure to reliably detect and comprehend abuse. In these studies, countless victims (mostly mothers and children) recall being disbelieved by judges, court staff, family assessors – even by their own lawyers.
Mothers who seek no-contact orders (known as “no-contact mums”) are warned that they risk being viewed as a hostile parent, which could lead to them losing care of their child altogether. A parent’s record of violent offending may persuade the court to prohibit contact, but perpetrators aren’t always so obvious: they often look like decent, high-functioning people.
In an alarming number of cases, no-contact mums who’ve raised allegations of child abuse have had their child removed and placed with the alleged abuser. Court orders have restricted these mothers to a few hours per week with their child at a family centre, where they must pay a stranger to supervise them.
Twenty years ago, it was “extremely rare” for a mother to lose care of her children for alleging child abuse, says Professor Patrick Parkinson, former chair of the Family Law Council (an advisory body to the federal attorney-general). Today, he says, it is all too common. “I’m seriously worried about this trend. They are based on a certainty about what has occurred which is not [always] justified by a serious examination of the facts.” This dynamic is so entrenched, that “some lawyers now tell their clients, ‘If you make these allegations, you risk losing the care of your child.’”
This doesn’t marry with public perception of “protection”. Forensic psychiatrist Carolyn Quadrio, a medico-legal expert on domestic violence and child abuse, says this popular public belief is a myth.

Shay Stefany
3 hrs 8 October 2018·
A little back story on what started this disaster….back in January my ex fiancé Ben Hamilton came inside after being up for days, I questioned him about using drugs and he snapped- in the middle of all this he proceeded to grab a gun and then point at me and then put it to his head….repeatedly….then he bolted for our sons bedroom where he put the gun to his head and told our child who was only 4.5 yrs. old that daddy was going to go blow his brains out in mommy’s Tahoe and explained in explicit detail what that means and how he’d be gone forever like his Papa Randy in heaven, and then he wouldn’t have a daddy anymore too and it would be all mommy’s fault…Ryder was hysterical and I was doing everything in my power to defuse the situation, calm Ben down, comfort my son and safely get Ben away from Ryder…..he refused and continued to yell at Ryder about how he’s an ungrateful brat that doesn’t deserve a daddy anyways, and he should’ve cleaned his room. That was the day my son’s innocence was ripped away from him, and that was the day I knew we were no longer safe. I sent Ryder to my mom’s temporarily so I could find a safe place and so Ryder would not be around anymore toxic and dangerous behaviour, during that time Ben went insane over me refusing to return to him.

My request was that he seek immediate help & after proper therapy & medical treatment we could begin going forward as co-parents….he then went and filed the restraining order and custody plan which was nothing but lies. My son was taken from my mom & kept from me for months, during that time Ben broke into my home, stalked and harassed me nearly 24/7 even while I had a protection order, slandered my name everywhere destroying my friendships and relationships with everyone I’d ever loved….he lied saying I abandoned my son even tho I was fighting and in court constantly trying to get my child back and said was using drugs and so much more because he did NOT want anyone knowing his inexcusable actions cost him his family- he admitted this to me. There is so much more to all of this, I am NOT the monster he’s desperately tried convincing everyone I am & I’ll be damned if that abusive punk silences me ever again.

The Women’s Coalition
December 10, 2017 ·
Face of the Crisis: Tracy
Abandoned by my attorney, baited by opposing counsel, harassed and lied about by the GAL [children’s attorney], set up by my judge, neglected and abused by my other attorneys (11 total), ignored, policed and denied access to my children by the local judiciary and advocates, now I’m homeless. I have been criminalised for a fictional mental illness that the abuser created and pushed.
And now my children think I have issues to get straight.
– From “Faces of the Crisis” exhibit:

Family Court Australia – VIC, Parent story [4:06] Published on Apr 26, 2009
A Victorian mother tells how the Family Court refused to believe four agencies who believed her son was being sexually abused by his father. Custody was given to the father.

The Women’s Coalition
November 2, 2017 · 8 Children Including Nursing Baby Taken Away, Given to Father
22 Years Later: Mom Wants Bogus Child Support Orders Dismissed
“My eight children were taken away from me after I fled to a domestic violence shelter to escape horrible abuse by my ex in 1996. The last time I was allowed a visit with them was in 1998. The judge allowed them to be brainwashed against me, so to this day I still have no contact with my now 22 – 36 year-old children.”
- Coral
I sought safety to save my life and to protect my children from further abuse. Leaving a family system that condones domestic violence, rape, the molestation and rape of children, psychological murder, coercive control, spiritual and ritual abuse [cults] was my only safe and sane choice. I passed six psychological exams. Several of the exams were three and four hour interviews from top physicians in Oregon. My ex-husband failed his court ordered psychological exam and was given custody of our children.
I have had no attorney since 1997 due to poverty. I have been involved in 45 court related hearings due to this case. Ongoing court trauma pushed me to homelessness, poverty and further health problems.
… My case has been ongoing for 22 years [45 court related hearings] since seeking safety from my batterer and rapist…In 1999 I legally changed my name and entered a state address protection program.
… Many people are appalled, outraged and disgusted about this case, (rape victim loses custody of her child(ren) to rapist and then is ordered to pay her rapist child support), but are afraid to confront my abusers because of fear of reprisals.
… When I sought safety for my children and myself in January 1996, the Court allowed me to live in hiding with my young children prior to the court hearings, due to the testimony and affidavits of numerous witnesses. I retained an attorney and reported the crimes that had been committed against my children and me.
Belts, fists, logs, fraternity boards, threats, coercive control, gaslighting, cults and bullying were my ex-husband’s favourite weapons of choice. My ex-husband also abused numerous women in the workplace…My abusive husband used coercive control, isolation and intimidation tactics to strip me of my personhood, safety and freedoms as a United States citizen.
… Losing permanent custody and visitation of your children feels like being doused in oil and set on fire. Healing is slow and difficult. The pain never goes away.
… Removing a mother’s children from her, when she has committed no crime, is cruel and unusual punishment. The physical, mental, and emotional toll of surviving the negligence, abuse and trauma from the individuals who are part of my story will last forever.
Forcibly taking a mother’s children, and then controlling her emotionally by withholding contact must be publicly recognised as one of the greatest forms of ‘mis-use’ of the American justice system and one of the greatest hidden vehicles for wide-spread socially approved physical and emotional abuse and control.
EXCERPTS from Judicial Notice
Coral’s website:
Coral’s book:
BONSHEA Making Light of the Dark
Open letter from Coral to Oregon Governor, Lawmakers, Advocates & Clergy on behalf of protective mothers and their alienated children.:
Lenzo has allegedly sexually abused his daughter which is what started this nightmare. Lenzo, a drug criminal who admitted to drug use and addictions, won custody of the young girl on May 19, 2016 after DHS caseworker Cori McGovern claimed that Christi had coached her daughter while questioning Christi’s mental stability. Despite reports from medical experts who claimed the daughter should not be around Lenzo – even with supervision. DHS Caseworker Cori McGovern’s unsupported conclusion created a nightmare for Christi MacLaren and her family. Apparently certified experts, doctors, etc., are no match for a seemingly rogue DHS employee.
DHS Caseworker has no professional capacity to diagnose or make claims of certainty involving abuse without relying upon professionals. Cori McGovern has previously been successfully sued for placing a young girl in the hands of child molesters. According to one Attorney who represented one of the victims, “DHS settled his client’s case for a large sum of money.” Instead of being fired for previous actions, DHS simply transferred Cori to another office in a nearby town. Today, Cori is doing the exact same thing to another young girl, Christi’s daughter.
According to records, In the Spring of 2015, Christi MacLaren was initially told by her daughter (then four-years-old) that Sean Lenzo had rubbed, “magic cream” on her vagina. The young girl claimed Lenzo took a picture of her vagina while it was bleeding, eventually showing her the photo as he laughed. In shock, Christi immediately contacted several professionals that very day. Her main concern was her daughter’s safety and seeking help. Although Christi has now passed two mental health evaluations, DHS’ Cori McGovern was still not satisfied, claiming on the witness stand that she hadn’t seen it yet, insinuating that she would not accept it because she wasn’t able to talk with the Doctor

The Women’s Coalition
February 3 at 9:12pm ·Face of the Crisis: Mari
I am the mother of a 10 year old daughter and we escaped horrific abuse by her father. I went on the run to hide from him but we were chased down and thrown into family court to face a trial.
Countless doctors and experts testified confirming the abuse by my ex, but the judge decided instead that there was overwhelming negative evidence against me. The judge has shown us no mercy. He broke the law and violated our restraining order and forced my daughter to return to our abuser.
I am a domestic violence survivor of long term spousal rape, food deprivation, sleep deprivation, physical abuse, etc., as well as horrendous financial abuse, which has been perpetrated by my ex and the court. They took my entire life savings as I fought with all I had to protect my child.

The Women’s Coalition
December 17, 2017 · Face of the Crisis: Kristina
After I reported sexual abuse of my 4 year old son by his father last year, DCFS abducted my son from school and placed him with his father. My child told his principal, 2 licensed therapists and his paediatrician and they all called on to report their concern for him.
Since April 2016 our Iives have never been the same and we miss each other beyond words. I’ve been accused of coaching my child to say he was sexually abused and it simply is not true. I acted to protect my son and now my child and I are being punished repeatedly by the child welfare system.
- From “Faces of the Crisis” exhibit

Anna Kornas
December 10, 2017
I have just been released from prison after a month and after my 3rd time. My charge is for breach of a restraining order which my ex has against me to keep me away from him and his home however, it is really to keep me away from my children, to prevent us from establishing our once close and trusting relationship. I attended their home and dropped off gifts and a letter. My ex was NOT present yet he called the police and is now making my son attend court as a witness against me….
I am currently tagged and am bailed until April 2018 when I go to trial. I would otherwise still be detained.
In 2009 my daughter disclosed abuse and named the abuser as her father. After a poor investigation police did finally charge him. My daughter disclosed to a GP, SW and to police eventually recording her statement with an ABE. There is recorded medical evidence. Before the case went to court her father recorded a not guilty plea and said that we were lying. The CPS decided not to proceed and dropped the case. Following more court hearings SS removed my children stating risk or “future emotional harm”. I was denied an appeal by Judge Munby in London. 
My children were removed and after spending time in foster care they were both placed with the abuser.
I have been criminalised for simply trying to stay in contact with my children. I have been campaigning and protesting ever since in the hope that there can be some reform of the child protection system and the family courts.
I have committed no crime. I am simply a mother trying to protect my children and for that, I am continually punished.

Rhonda – USA
My grand daughter disclosed sexual abuse by her father to me. My daughter and I approached Child Protection Services.
The investigator seemed concerned and sympathetic at first. She validated my concerns. The CPS investigator then interviewed my grand daughter. She did this at the identified abuser’s house and in his presence. Then the CPS worker became dismissive and hostile toward me and my daughter (my granddaughter’s mother). My granddaughter did disclose that her daddy touches her bottom. The identified abuser made the excuse that she “fell” and he had to check her bottom. The investigator accepted that flimsy and very common excuse and determined that nothing was wrong.
There were multiple child abuse reports, one in 2013 and my report in May 2014. There was a positive (diagnosed sexual assault) SANE exam on record at the time of the May 2014 investigation, but the CPS investigator did not give it any credence.
The detective in charge of the sexual assault case told the CPS investigator that he was not going to press charges. That detective did not investigate and did not interview the SANE nurse or a hospital emergency room nurse who heard my granddaughter say her daddy hurt her. He never interviewed the accused abuser/rapist either. There are more issues with law enforcement, but to explain here would be very lengthy. I received a letter from CPS Social Services thanking me for my concern and telling me that the family did not need their services at that time. Family Court gave unsupervised access of my grand daughter to her reported abuser. A Family Court judge told my daughter to never bring up abuse again in her court. CPS treated my daughter like she was the problem, claiming she didn’t try hard enough to communicate and cooperate with the reported abuser of her daughter. My daughter was left with no other choice than to disobey the family court’s order and withhold visitation from the abuser to protect her child. She also fled to another state to protect her. She was arrested 10 months later and charged with interference with child custody and kidnapping. She spent 10 days in jail. The abuser now has sole legal and physical custody of my granddaughter and he has cut off all contact between my granddaughter and my daughter and with us. He has had her for 16 months now. My daughter filed an appeal and she has filed for a change of jurisdiction to another state and restoration of custody. The criminal charges were dismissed against her because the DA knew the evidence of abuse by the reported abuser was very strong and that they would not win their case. My daughter was justified in what she did to protect her child. So now she is trying to get her baby out of that awful abuse situation and out of that corrupt and negligent jurisdiction and court. My daughter and I have reached out to MANY people and organisations for help. It has been futile.
Shannon Baskin and her lawyer, Shannon Briley, both said there are several instances of an abuse of power when Judge Roper handled the custody case. The biggest flaw of all to Baskin, is that Judge Roper awarded custody of her daughter to an ex-boyfriend who had no biological or legal ties to the child, and she wants to know why.
“Gary Hale has never been a stepfather to her, he’s never been an adoptive father, and he’s not her biological father,” said Briley. “They have no legal relationship whatsoever.”
A child taken from her mother and placed with a man she barely knows, a ruling that Shannon Baskin and her attorney are still trying to wrap their heads around.
Judge Roper was the presiding judge in Shannon Baskin’s custody battle,and Baskin’s attorney said in the final months of the case,there were flagrant violations of the law when Judge Roper was on the stand.
In a complaint filed with the Judicial Qualification Committee, Briley states that Judge Roper would not release audio from a temporary hearing from July 2014 where the transcripts did not match what actually happened in the courtroom.
Another example Briley cites in her complaint is “the Court goes on to advocate for the Defendant, making excuses for his domestic violence conviction.”
“Judge Roper comes in the interim order playing defence attorney regarding the proceedings that happened in 2007 during Mr.Hale’s plea hearing,” Briley said.”The fact that Judge Roper is coming in and playing defence attorney and justifying that? No excuse for it. None.”
In the interim order, Judge Roper states: “Baskins claims to be the victim of long-term domestic violence at the hands of Hale. There is no evidence of this contention, except one incident in 2007 when Baskin was pregnant with William. Hale was arrested for family violence battery. Hale entered a nolo plea to a reduced charge of battery and was sentenced as a first offender.” Judge Roper goes on to say, “This court finds that Hale was most likely acting in self-defence, but, in anger, handled Baskin roughly.”
There were photos of the bruises Baskin suffered to her back in the incident Roper found to be a “self-defence” situation submitted into evidence during the custody hearing.
The final order granted Hale custody of the three children,including Baskin’s biological daughter,citing Hale as the father.
“Roper names Gary Hale all through it as her father,” Baskin said. “I thought father meant biological, I thought father meant stepfather, I thought father meant an adoptive parent. Not an ex-boyfriend.”
Also in the final order, a gag order issued by Judge Roper for all parties, preventing all parties from talking about the case for 11 years, specifically on the formed suspicions that judge Roper altered transcripts.
The gag order says, “Plaintiff, Defendant and their attorneys are hereby restrained and enjoined from putting, placing, or causing to be placed any allegation that any transcript in this case has been altered upon or in any social media, website, or other public medium, or speaking or corresponding with any print, radio, television media about any such allegation.”
Briley has challenged the gag order in Federal Court, and filed the petition on April 20.
Before the custody was granted, Hale owed Baskin a total of $12,997.37, an amount that, according to Judge Roper, Hale no longer had to pay to Baskin after he was granted custody.
In May 2015 Baskin and her attorney filed an appeal of the permanent injunction with the Supreme Court of Georgia, and they also appealed the custodial issues to the Court of Appeals. As Baskin waits for an answer, all she wants now is justice.
“When you’re a mother and your very best that you can do as a human being is not good enough, it’ll break you to your core,” Baskin said. “This is bigger than just Shannon Renee Baskin, it is bigger than my children and my family. This is for all families who have gone through it before me, and who are to go through it while I’m going through it, and who is to come.”
When we reached out to Judge Roper to see if he would respond to these allegations, he simply said, “I cannot talk about an open custody case,” and hung up the phone.
We also reached out to Hale, and he said he was not able to talk to me about the case at this time due to the gag order issued by Judge Roper.
[Shannon was eventually given custody of her daughter, but not her son. A few months later she died in a strangers house under mysterious circumstances resembling that of poisoning.]

The Women’s Coalition
October 6, 2017 · Judge Ignores Mom’s Pleas for Son’s Safety
Grants Joint Custody: Now Her Little Boy Is Dead
“The system is so messed up. I’ve told everyone I could what a terrible person he was and how he didn’t deserve to have my son because he was using drugs…but…they gave him 3 days out of the week…The judges never listened to me and now look what happened, my sweet handsome baby boy is gone!”
– Kenzy
Police say a father accused of shoplifting has been charged with third-degree murder in connection with a crash that killed his 2-year-old son in Tullytown, Bucks County.
Christopher Kuhn, 27, has been charged with third-degree murder in the death of his own son after police say he was fleeing the scene of a theft.
Police say Kuhn took his 2-year-old son into a Walmart where he tried to steal a $229 VIZIO sound bar when security saw him and called police.
Kuhn attempted to flee the parking lot in his gold Jeep SUV when he ran a red light heading south on Route 13. That’s when police say the SUV struck another vehicle and rolled over, ejecting the toddler into the road.
Police say Kuhn then ran from the scene of the crash, stepping over his injured son and stopping to look at him. Officers pursued Kuhn on foot and were able to arrest him while other officers attended to the injured toddler.
The toddler was taken to Lowe Bucks Hospital where he was later pronounced dead.
Kuhn has been charged with homicide by vehicle, accidents involving death or injury while not properly licensed, retail theft, endangering the welfare of children, recklessly endangering another person, reckless driving, driving on a suspended license, and running a red light.

The Women’s Coalition
October 3, 2017 · Face of the Crisis: Lori from Canada
I reported sexual abuse by the children’s father giving the information which my children gave me. After doing so, Child Protective Services (CAS in Canada) took my children from me and gave them to him with the help of the Family Courts. He has full control over when I see my children and I was ordered to be supervised at all times with my children for 5 years now, for believing my children and concluding that they were being sexually abused.

MaryJo Guza CPS does not believe children nor do they investigate sexual abuse. During my case the pedo father went to trial for raping 2 young girls – has another pending case. CPS closed the case and left it up to family court.Please do NOT tell me that my daughter was lying as well as all the other victims. CPS fails abused kids daily and often places with abusers.

The Women’s Coalition‎ Faces of the Crisis  September 28 ·

Michell – USA My ex sexually abused my two girls. I’ve been fighting to protect them for over four years. The judge told me to stop making up stories and making the girls lie. He said he was taking my kids away from me to punish me for that. The judge made my ex’s parents the children’s guardians, but they stay with the pedophile. They are overdosing my kids, giving them meds they shouldn’t take, and refusing to give one of my children life-saving medical treatment. My ex and his parents won’t let my children call me or see me, and they blame the children for everything. They told them they are taking them away from me forever because they told about the sexual abuse. And the judge is helping them do that. A mother of three ends her marriage after the father is suspected of sexual abuse of his young boys. She now faces jail for speaking out.

The Family Court of Australia allowed father to see the children. Mum’s two preschool age eldest children return from a visit to dad attempting fellatio on each other and inviting anal penetration saying ‘daddy does this’. The behaviour is captured on a safety camera. Mum is a qualified social worker mandated to report. She does so. Child protection say they investigated and found no evidence of abuse. In the Family Court the judge supports that finding. Mum’s appeals are dismissed. She is assessed psychiatrically on four different occasions by court order, without any findings of psychiatric illness. Despite this, the children are required to live with their father and mum has supervised limited contact. An independent inquiry into child protection later finds the department had actually closed the file without active investigation due to lack of resources. Mum has complained publicly and repeatedly about the actions of police, child protection and family courts, naming her husband. She is charged with breaching s121 of the Family Law Act which prohibits public identification of family law litigants and case content.

Njr Rich The family courts want your child to be abused & they will give your son to the abuser. Just like they did with my children. A mother running is to protect the child from the fathers abuse, I wish I had of run & then my children wouldn’t be emotionally damaged by a drunk & drugo. Sexual, physical & emotional abuse is silenced in Family Law

The Women’s Coalition July 21 at 8:03 PM · Face of the Crisis: Paula

I lost my four precious babies 28 years ago to a physically and emotionally abusive workaholic. There were numerous restraining orders, which included court-ordered anger management treatment, yet he still got sole custody. I was accused of neglecting and abusing my children and being emotionally unfit. Nothing could be further from the truth. I had affidavits from friends, family, and associates from church who applauded not only who I was as a person, but as mother. This year, I found out my eldest daughter was sexually abused by him from the age of 13 on. Both of my daughters have eating disorders and emotional issues. My two sons hate me for “leaving them with him” and blame me for not protecting them from his abuse. They now have spousal abuse issues: one is the victim, the other the perpetrator like his father. All four blame me and have emotionally abused and abandoned me. I am now 55, dealing with grandmotherhood without my grandchildren, along with so many years of the nightmare of a motherhood being unable to mother or love my children. Today, I do everything I can to live with grief so intense that sometimes I am amazed I’m still breathing.

The Women’s Coalition August 19, 2015 ·
Another Woman Jailed & Terrorised for Fighting to Keep & Protect Her Child: 90 Days on Bogus Contempt Charges
“Judge Wiggins continues to ignore my renewed requests for continued relief for an emergency order to bring Marcy home immediately. There is not yet any adherence to federal or Virginia law. I need a civil rights attorney for a federal case soonest… praying for Gloria Allred to consider. Prayers please for immediate action and relief.”
- Protective Mom Erin posted just before being arrested
Erin’s case involves physical and sexual abuse of both Erin and her daughter, Marcy. Medical evidence of the abuse is being disregarded and covered up by Judge Esther Wiggins and the police.
Wiggins gave full custody to the father and allowed him to take Little Marcy to Germany even though both parents are American. Erin hasn’t seen Marcy in almost a year.
SHAME on Arlington, Virginia Family Court Judge Esther Wiggins!
Erin made this video on Friday on a walk to the court from her residence talking about her case:
Ironically, Erin was honoured by the U.S. Department of State’s Civil Rights Office for Women’s History Month 2015:…/…/pix/womenshistory/2015/238152.htm
[article contains her bio]
Below is Erin’s letter to Marcy the day before she was arrested and jailed. She had thought it would be a chance to present more evidence and get Marcy back but it appears it was a trick to get her arrested on bogus charges of contempt.
Hi Sweetheart,
Before Mommy’s off to the Arlington, VA Courthouse to renew my request for an emergency order to bring you home from EUCOM safely, I’m sharing 36 seconds of musical joy in honour of your 4th Birthday on August 30th!
Because Judge Esther Wiggins stripped you of a legal protections as a U.S. citizen and removed your GAL Robin L. Robb after 38 months and failed to replace her, I will represent you and your best interests in court today according to Christian values and my ethical upbringing in America’s Heartland.
As a proud patriot, if our U.S. Constitution doesn’t apply to us as females in the Arlington, VA Courthouse, our country deserves to know.
“So what happened when your dad would sleep in the bed with you?” the judge asked.
The boy answered in graphic detail.
“Well, sometimes he would lay on top of me,” the boy said. “He would, like, pull my pyjamas down. … Well, the first thing is that I was — I acted asleep, but I was really awake when it all happened. He would stick his penis in my butt crack. … He would do that many times. When under my body he would be squeezing my penis. Sometimes, I get really angry with myself, because I always say that I could have stopped him.”
The 9-year-old’s testimony in court that day mirrored information he disclosed earlier that year at the Pittsburgh Child Advocacy Centre. In an interview with a child-advocacy specialist, the 9-year-old said his father had touched his genitals and shown him pornography on the internet.
But despite both sets of testimony, on Dec. 12, 2016, Allegheny County Common Pleas Judge Kim Clark gave the child’s father sole custody, saying she didn’t believe he had sexually assaulted the boy.
The child’s mother has appealed the custody order all the way up to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Last week, the court denied her appeal.
A MOTHER fears for her daughter’s safety after being caught in a legal Catch-22 described by domestic violence experts as “an enormous issue’’.
A magistrate granted the Brisbane south-side woman, who cannot be named, a temporary protection order against her ex-husband after complaining to police that he was violent towards the 11-year-old girl.
The order bans the man going within 100m of the pair – but the woman says it is futile because there is an exclusion due to an existing parenting order made by the Family Court that the girl stays with her father every other week.
In this case, the temporary protection order was granted after an incident when the man allegedly grabbed his daughter by the arm and dragged her through a shopping centre until he was tackled by security guards when the girl said she did not want to go with him at a regular “handover’’ meeting between her parents.

Family Court Australia – NSW Parent Story [3:29]

What doesn’t kill me – Kathy [0:43]

Melissa Harris is feeling heartbroken.November 16, 2017

This is hardest thing I’ve ever had to do was have to say goodbye to my baby girl this is my last visit today with her they terminated my rights the other day and gave her to her abuser facts and evidence don’t matter when other side has money and ties in the system , the judges ignored everything and put gag orders on me which are unconstitutional and violation of my first amendment rights. I’m gonna try to appeal this the pd admitted they never did proper investigation and dcf admitted that she lied but they don’t care it’s all ignored everything and covered up physical abuse and sexual abuse it’s all child abuse covered up and my lil one is intentionally put in harms way so they can fill their pockets $$$$$ Makes me fkn sick I promise this is not over I will never stop fighting to protect her and KARMA will get all of them ! Aliviah Grace Raymond I love you baby girl with all my heart and soul you will one day be back home with me and your sister Brienna we love you I’m sorry they did this to you , they ate what the real monsters look like 🙁

A MOTHER fears for her daughter’s safety after being caught in a legal Catch-22 described by domestic violence experts as “an enormous issue’’. A magistrate granted the Brisbane south-side woman, who cannot be named, a temporary protection order against her ex-husband after complaining to police that he was violent towards the 11-year-old girl. The order bans the man going within 100m of the pair – but the woman says it is futile because there is an exclusion due to an existing parenting order made by the Family Court that the girl stays with her father every other week. In this case, the temporary protection order was granted after an incident when the man allegedly grabbed his daughter by the arm and dragged her through a shopping centre until he was tackled by security guards when the girl said she did not want to go with him at a regular “handover’’ meeting between her parents.

Family Court Australia – NSW Parent Story [3:29]

Statistics prove 80% of domestic violence is committed by males, which leaves 20% of woman abusers. Here are examples of these also being judicially catered for:
EDMONTON – The couple had been involved in an acrimonious divorce and custody fight, and the father argued at trial that Allyson McConnell planned to kill the children as revenge against him, her husband, Curtis McConnell.
But theFamily Court Judge in the case sided with Allyson McConnell [giving her custody of the children], Court also ignored information that Allyson McConnell had a history of depression and suicide attempts that began when her father raped her and impregnated her when she was 15. The court gave her custody of her children.
Later, Allyson McConnell admitted at trial that she drowned her two-year-old son, Connor, and his 10-month old brother, Jayden, in a bathtub in the family’s home in Millet, south of Edmonton, in February 2010. McConnell, originally charged with second-degree murder, was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to six years.

Secrets, Lies, & Covert Abuse-The Narcissist Unmasked:
August 4 ·

Boy’s testimony: For 16 months I was sexually abused. I got the courage to tell my mom after I made a recording of my abuser breaking into the bathroom while I showered. My mom and stepdad reported it to the police. They interviewed me and gave me a test that showed I have dissociation. I also passed a polygraph. I thought the police were going to help me. They didn’t, he said my abuser passed her polygraph and there was no proof of sexual gratification. The detective closed the case as unfounded and then wrote a letter for my abuser to use in court. Where my mom was accused of coaching me to lie. The judge sent me to live with my abuser. My mom fought for 5 months to get my investigation records. Last week mom got a copy of the suspects polygraph recording. The detective had lied. My abuser did not pass her polygraph. My abuser was my dad’s girlfriend. Stereotypes and stigmas leave abused children to suffer in silence.
This is the link for the polygraph video https://youtube/wiMre0L2KCM During the polygraph the abuser says, “no” to the investigator’s question of child abuse. She then asks the investigator if the polygraph can tell that she is lying.

The Texas father’s embroiled in a ferocious custody battle as his former wife attempts to raise their son — James (6-years-old) — as their daughter, Luna. James’s mom is accusing Jeffrey of child abuse “for not affirming [their son] as transgender.” Subsequently, she’s attempting to have his parental rights terminated. She’s also demanding he pay for James’s pro-transgender therapy and upcoming medical treatments, which may include “chemical castration” in only two years. The court’s order against Jeffrey makes for a difficult time in public, particularly at school: “I am enjoined on pain of criminal contempt from presenting my son as a boy to any third party that already knows him as a girl. I am enjoined from attempting to persuade my son that he’s actually a boy — that is the actual language of the injunction. And I’m not to give my son any undue embarrassment. All of these things severely constrain my public speech. … I went to a simple school meeting. … When I’m talking about James, I can’t say, ‘How’s he doing?’”

And there’s to be no talk of religion or science. As per The Daily Wire:

“The father has been legally barred from speaking to his child about sexuality and gender from a scientific or religious perspective and from dressing his son in boys’ clothes; instead, he has to offer both girls’ and boys’ outfits.”

Jorel USA
A father, who has joint custody reports that his boys (ages 5 &4 years old) are talking about “tasting private parts”, physical abuse and neglect in the care of their mother, who turned back to prostitution (evident in copies of her messages) and drug use (confirmed by drug tests). Jorel reported his suspicions of child sex abuse and the other abuse. This was never investigated. From then on he was ordered to only visit his children under supervision. These visitations were also discontinued and he has not seen his children since. The mother was arrested for DUI on meth and heroin with the children in the car. She crashed at a school where other children were. She was arrested and let go, with custody of the children, by Olathe Police. This all occurred in Kansas meanwhile the father was, in Michigan looking for the children. Under the influence of drugs the mother went to a friends house with the children and there only Kansas child welfare then took the children, and placed them in State Custody.
Child welfare workers demanded another psychiatric report on Jorel. He had been evaluated already and no psychiatric deviations were found. But they will not even let him talk to his children.    – Judge Christina Gyllenborg – Covered up Child Exploitation [47:42]

Some media outlets are trying to expose this scourge on children:

The family law courts are not fit for purpose for the victims of child sexual violence, Rape Crisis Network Ireland (RCNI) will tell the Oireachtas justice committee today. The RCNI will tell the hearing on family law reform that the conviction rate in cases involving children is so low, the ill-equipped civil family law court becomes the avenue through which they are protected. It will argue that having these cases before such civil courts means information that is in the public interest is never published — such as data on the number of cases that hear allegations of child sexual violence and domestic violence. Clíona Saidléar, RCNI executive director is saying: “Our RCNI rape crisis data showed that in 62% of child sexual violence against children under 13, it was a family member who committed the crime,” said Ms Saidléar . “Of the 11,600 cases of guardianship, custody, and access going through our civil courts every year, we can expect a significant proportion to involve the rape and the sexual abuse of children by family members in the absence of a parallel criminal conviction. “We urgently need [the] Courts Services to make public how many of their cases involve child sexual violence as a matter of justice and public interest. “The fact is our family courts are currently handling criminal matters of the most sensitive child protection nature in unknown numbers, without criminal authority, without the appropriate tools, and with insufficient specialisation.”

Examples of main stream media, underreporting and slandering the protective parent:
Writer: Richard Hartley-Parkinson,Tuesday, 2 Jan 2018, 6:11 am
A woman who made a series of unfounded sex abuse allegations about her ex-partner has been barred from seeing her four-year-old daughter after a High Court judge concluded that she had caused significant harm to the little girl. Ms Justice Russell said the woman had made ‘persistent and unsubstantiated’ allegations about the youngster being sexually abused by her father. UK The judge said the little girl had been ‘repeatedly subjected to intimate examinations, solely at the behest of her mother’ and been prevented from having an ‘uninhibited relationship’ with her father. She said the youngster’s early years had been blighted by her mother’s ‘irrational’ behaviour.
Arguments about what contact the woman should have with the child had subsequently begun. Earlier this year a family court judge had decided that the woman should be able to see her daughter. But the father had mounted a High Court appeal and Ms Justice Russell upheld his challenge. ‘When viewed as a whole the harm caused to this child by her mother was significant,’ said Ms Justice Russell.
The other side of this justice system:
Author’s note: Not even criminally convicted rapists and murderers who are sociopathic are judicially barred from seeing their children.

Vicky’s Case:
Media Impressions:
By Tom Whitehead, and Holly Watt 7:30AM BST 23 Aug 2011
Victoria Haigh “manufactured” sex abuse allegations about her former lover David Tune and their daughter before spreading the “scandalous” claims on the internet, the High Court heard.
In a rare move, the head of the family courts said the pair could be named so that Mr Tune could “tell the world” he was not a paedophile.
Miss Haigh came to public attention after John Hemming, the Liberal Democrat MP, identified her in Parliament.
He used parliamentary privilege in April to say Doncaster council was looking to imprison her after she spoke at a meeting in the Commons about the family courts. He named her as part of a campaign over the use of injunctions and secrecy in the courts, In a public hearing yesterday, Judge/Sir Nicholas said she [the mother] had been behind sex allegations against Mr Tune and had “caused” her daughter, now seven, to “repeat them”.
Miss Haigh and an “investigator” she used had gone on to put the “scandalous allegations” into the public domain “via email and the internet” in breach of court orders, he added. Sir Nicholas said the allegations made were untrue and her actions had been “wholly contrary” to her daughter’s interests.
The private investigator who helped Miss Haigh during the custody battle was yesterday jailed for nine months for contempt of court. Elizabeth Watson, of Bournemouth, Dorset, had sent “aggressive, intimidating” emails to council staff involved in the case which had found their way on to websites and “compromised the well-being” of a child. Sir Nicholas also made an order that Miss Haigh could not make any application in relation to her daughter WITHOUT HIS PERMISSION for two years.
The child now lived with her father and was subject to a local authority care plan, the hearing in London was told.
Sir Nicholas said he had decided to sit in open court so that the public could be told that Mr Tune was “not a pedophile”.
“Allegations of sexual abuse were first made by the mother and not by X,” he said. “These were false and the mother knew them to be false.” He added: “X was coached by the mother to make allegations of sexual abuse against the father.”
Sir Nicholas said two judges examined the case at previous High Court hearings and both found that Mr Tune was not a pedophile and had not sexually abused his daughter. He added: “The father is entitled to tell the world, and the world is entitled to know, that he is not a pedophile, that he has not sexually abused his daughter and that the allegations made against him are false.”
By Christopher Booker 7:00PM BST 18 Aug 2012
Last month, I twice reported on the strange case of Vicky Haigh, a former racehorse trainer, who was appealing against her three-year prison sentence for breaching a “non-molestation order”, after she encountered her daughter by chance at a petrol station. This was by far the longest sentence ever given for breaching such an order, and she was given right to appeal by a High Court judge on the grounds that it was “manifestly excessive”.
The appeal court reduced her sentence by nine months, the maximum possible, short of releasing her immediately. Having served nine months as a “model prisoner”, she and her younger daughter, aged 15 months, were due to be released from prison last Monday.
Following my reporting on this, however, Miss Haigh was permitted by her prison to give a long interview to another newspaper. This so angered higher authorities that, as a punishment, she was told that she would not be released on licence as arranged. She was returned instead to the high-security jail where she served the first weeks of her sentence.
Wall had based his view of the case entirely on the findings of two lower courts, which he also ordered to be published. At the time I welcomed this because, I suggested, it would give the public a chance to see whether the other judges had made a plausible assessment of the “coaching” claim against Victoria Haigh – for which, as the judgments now show, there was no direct evidence.
The Unreported Side of Vicky’s Situation:
The Women’s Coalition
April 26, 2017
My daughter, was taken from me after she disclosed sexual abuse by her father from 3 to 6 years-old, to the police in Doncaster. Judge Robert Shaw disregarded and concealed evidence of abuse, falsely accused me of coaching my daughter Romany Haigh-Tune and granted custody to her named abuser. I have not been allowed to see her since. She is now 13 years-old and I have been shut out of her life for the last 7 years. Victoria fled to France with her 2nd child–aged 2 at the time, as she had seen enough corruption in the UK for a lifetime.
Police interview with child:
Transcription Extracts:
…Child: Then and daddy told me to come upstairs. Then I come upstairs cos then he asked me to take my clothes off upstairs and then he said lay on the bed again and I laid on the bed… He was wearing his shorts and his top. Greeny colour. Like dark green…He put the rattle under my bottom when it hurt but I didn’t scream because I had to be brave…He put is under my bottom… My front bit…At this point in the interview the child drew a picture of the rattle…
…Interviewer: What made. Why did it hurt?
…Child: Cos it was really sore and it just hurt cos it was like hard.
The child drew a picture showing how she was laid and where her daddy was.
…Interviewer: Right so where are your legs sorry, your legs are?
…Child: Well one was there. One was there.
…Interviewer: So they’re open…Right, so why did you split them?
…Child: Cos daddy told me to.
…Interviewer: …where did he did the rattle from?
…Child: The drum…under my bed
…Interviewer: You’ve mentioned to me something about when you went to school you had to tell school something.
Child: I had to tell that my bottom was hurting.
… Interviewer: Why did you have to tell the teacher?
…Child: Cos it was really really really hurting.
…Interviewer: And what did you tell Mrs Robbins?
…Child: That I put the rattle under my bottom but I didn’t cos I lied then.
…Interviewer: Why did you lie?
…Child: I don’t know.
…Interviewer: I’m just trying to think how it went underneath. I don’t really understand.
…Child: Well he holded the flat bit where it shakes…and then he just put it under my bottom without saying sorry.
…Interviewer: Who have you told about what daddy did?
…Child: Well I’ve told Sally and I’ve told mum and then that’s it.

Sandra’s Case:
The Women’s Coalition
June 26, 2016 ·
Police Chase: Protective Mom Hits Cop Car
Flees on Foot Until Captured: Yells “I’m Trying to Protect My Kids!”
– Friend of Sandra’s: “The children are desperate to be with their mom, so desperate the little girl threatened suicide if she could not live with her.”
Media Impressions:
Canada-wide arrest warrant issued for Sandra Giesbrecht, mom alleged to have abducted 2 kids
Canada-wide arrest warrant issued for Sandra Giesbrecht, mom alleged to have abducted 2 kids
A 44-year-old mother, Sandra Giesbrecht, has been charged with abduction and fleeing police after two children disappeared from a residence in Winnipeg. The nine-year-old boy and 11-year-old girl were located in Winnipeg with their mother, Sandra Giesbrecht on Friday. A Canada-wide warrant had been issued for the mother’s arrest. Officers saw Giesbrecht driving a Ford Expedition with the children and attempted to stop her, police said. Michalyshen said when officers attempted to contain the SUV, Giesbrecht refused to pull over and drove off, hitting a police vehicle on the way.
Giebrecht drove behind the 100 block of Deer Lodge Place. Just before 5:30 p.m., she got out of the vehicle with the children and fled on foot to an area with trees and shrubs, police said. Giebrecht was arrested and her children were taken into care.
Giesbrecht was taken into custody and charged with two counts of abduction where there is no custody order.
Court documents show the children have been at the centre of a custody dispute between their parents;… concerns had been raised “about the mother’s behaviour”….
The father was supposed to have full custody of the children, but they refused to go with him, court documents state.
The Unreported Side Of Sandra’s Situation:
The Women’s Coalition
Typical Pattern Followed in Sandra’s case:
• Daughter Reports Sexual Abuse to Teacher
• Pathetic Investigations Done by Police, CPS, Family Court
• Judge Disregards Abuse by Father, dismiss Primary Nurturing by Mom
• Mom Falsely Deemed Alienator and Danger to Children
• Father Granted Sole Custody, Mom Supervised Contact 
• Mom Bankrupted in Legal Attempts to Protect Kids
• Mom Runs with Kids in Desperation
• Mom Caught, Arrested, Charged with Abduction, Jailed
• Kids Returned to parent who Abuses
Sandra’s now 11 year-old daughter had reported sexual abuse by the father to her school. He was arrested and charged, but not prosecuted. Spousal assault was also reported which he was not prosecuted for.
Judge Catherine Everett disregarded all the mother’s and daughter’s reports of abuse, falsely found Sandra to be alienating and a danger to her daughter and 9 year-old son, and gave sole custody of both to the named abuser/molester.
The children were ripped away from their life-long primary nurturer and placed in foster care while being forced to accept that they would be living full time with the identified abuser/molester and only see their primary nurturing mother occasionally under supervised visitation. The daughter was so distraught she threatened to commit suicide.
Meanwhile Sandra sits in jail in Winnipeg.
Sandra’s son was placed with his father and her daughter was eventually forcibly placed into foster care. Currently the system is aiming at terminating Sandra’s parental rights completely.
WOMEN’S COALITION NOTE: Mainstream media coverage is predictably biased towards the system and father. They fail to report the fact that children are not being protected in the family court system in epidemic numbers.

Samantha Baldwin Case
Media Impressions:

Abduction Alert: Boys aged six and nine at serious risk of harm

POLICE: April 1, 2017 – ABDUCTION ALERT: Boys aged six and nine at serious risk of harm. Police are urgently searching for two missing boys who have been abducted by their mother, She poses a ‘serious risk of harm’ to the boys.
Samantha Baldwin is suspected of abducting her two young sons she was last seen with her two boys Dylan Madge aged six and Louis Madge aged nine on Monday. (Note: Children’s faces and names made public by the police.)
The police insist: “Miss Baldwin is considered to pose a risk of harm to the children.”
A SECRET COURT prevents us knowing the truth about the missing mother, Samantha Baldwin, who has been arrested after running off with her two boys – but her loved ones say she is a great mum as they reveal they were thrown in cells and had their homes raided her mother Dianne, 62, and sister Leonie, 36, were put in police custody for 30 hours, each in a cell with a concrete bed and a bucket for a lavatory, and closely questioned on their whereabouts.
During the police hunt, which involved 100 officers and stretched across Europe, people who knew Samantha had their mobile phones and computers checked and their personal papers, even bedrooms, rifled through by police.
The Unreported Side Of Samantha’s Situation:
FACEBOOK INFORMATION READS – Rebecca, friend of Samantha’s, says,
“In 2014 the boys disclosed details of horrific [sexual] abuse to their mother. Her youngest child had a sexually transmitted disease and drugs were found in both children. (The children testified to their father’s involvement in this, but the judge accused the mother.) Samantha and her children have been let down terribly by the legal system and Samantha found herself in the situation of being forced to allow the person/persons she knows to have abused her children, access to them. She has refused to do this and is protecting her sons [by fleeing] despite the consequences.”

Samantha Baldwin May 10 at 8:29 AM · 2019

Accused of rape of two boys aged 3 & 7, they say it’s been going on all their lives.
Accused of injecting two young boys. [With date rape drugs]
Has ‘p’ parties….a ring of men and a couple of women to abuse the boys. This happens mainly in houses, ‘the office’, meadows.
His housemate is accused of abusing the 3 year old.
The gay couple, very intelligent, charming, etc, are ‘always there’.
The office…mainly ‘men with brown bodies who talk funny’ who pay ‘him’ to do bad things to us.

Samantha Baldwin

Dylan gave me the longest hug. Louis kept looking back until I was out of sight. That was in Dec 2017 & we thought we’d see one another in 2 weeks. Not seen them or spoke to them since.

The Hampstead Case:
Media impressions:
28 March 2015 Judge found mother forced children to lie about sexual abuse and torture.
Ella Draper and Abraham Christie were named in care proceedings ruling. Draper is wanted for police questioning but is thought to have fled abroad. More than four million people have viewed the ‘fantasy’ online material.
A specialist police child abuse team is investigating Ella Draper, 42, and her partner Abraham Christie after they forced her two children to lie about sexual abuse and ritual torture in Hampstead, North London.
Dozens of innocent people were falsely named as pedophiles as part of their online campaign.
Mrs Justice Pauffley [note: The same judge involved in the Hollie Greig case.] named and shamed Draper and Christie in a written ruling on care proceedings brought by a local council and said their internet campaign about the cult was ‘evil’ and ‘baseless’.
The judge completely [Note: “Completely” is misleading word use, police did not interview/investigate others named.] cleared their father, Mr Ricky Dearman, and all others named in the campaign of any abuse and called the material published on the internet ‘nothing more than utter nonsense’.
‘I am entirely certain that everything Ms Draper, her partner Abraham Christie and the children said about those matters was fabricated,’ judge Pauffley said. ‘The claims are baseless. Those who have sought to perpetrate them are evil and or foolish.’
The Unreported Side Of This Hampstead Situation:
Hampstead Christ Church Satanic Ritual Child Abuse Cover-up – Police testimony of Child 2 (reupload) (2:31:41)

Witness Statement by (Russian mother) Ella Draper, 21 03 15 (17:39)
[Author’s note: The police interviewed these children several times, even at midnight. But they did not interview the accused or investigated the body tattoos these children identified on their abusers. Even in the children’s claimed “retraction” statements the boy still indicated children being murdered, saying, “but not every day”. This disclosure was ignored. Police officers who questioned the investigation, wanting further probing, have apparently been told to back off.]

The Watter Twin Case:
Media Impressions:
The twins’ mother, Catherine Lee Watter — also known as Cassie — is accused of abducting the girls, who were then aged seven, from Hermit Park State School on April 4, 2014.
Dad Michael Watter, who has legal custody of the twins, relocated to the southeast from Townsville after sightings of the girls were reported in suburban Brisbane two years ago.
Mr Watter says he worries about his daughters’ emotional and psychological wellbeing as the girls most likely do not have access to schooling, friends their own age and possibly even healthcare. He says Isabella shows a natural talent for sport while Bronte loves acting, plants and cooking.
Mr Watter said it was hard watching other parents spending time with their children.
The Unreported Side To The Watter Twins’ Situation:
From Safe Kids International posted by Alan Ryan December 2016.  Report from the Late Professor Freda Briggs Emeritus Professor in Child Development University of South Australia Magill Campus SA5072 on the child rape of the Watter Twins:
Contact Supervisor’s Reports.
I have read 93 reports written by thirteen contact supervisors :
a. Rae Greaves b. Lynette Bartlett c. R.M Bartlett d. Rhonda Lanee. e. Hollie Malardi f.Virginia Hall g. Maureen Land h. Mathew Morrison i. Wendy Williams j. Wendy Willcox
k. Alex Dronysius l. Karin Carmichael m. Norm Land
It is stated that the Watter children made frequent disclosures of sexual abuse by their father to thirteen different people namely :
a. Their mother b. Their maternal grandmother c. Family friend Patricia Plasted d. Family friend Desiree Taylor e. Psychologist Caroline Seri f. GP Dr.Rebecca McGowen
g. Occupational therapist Lucy Dall-Alba h. Family friend Christine Young and the following independent supervisors ;
i. Lynette Bartlett j. Rhonda Lane k. Rae Greaves l. Virginia Hall m. Hollie Mallardi
In my professional experience , the fact that the children made consistent disclosures of sexual abuse by their father to a number of people additional to their mother suggests that (a) these disclosures are credible and (b) they persisted in making reports because none of the trusted adults responded and stopped the abusive behaviour . The behaviour described consisted of :
1. The father rubbing his penis against the vaginas of the 5 year old twins and making them sore
2. The father ”playing “with his penis
3. His penis went stiff when the child had to play with it
4. The father telling the children that the game was a secret
5. The father telling the children that police cannot be trusted
6. The father being angry because the children had reported being abused
All of the above are consistent with child sex victimisation as shown in the professional literature, my own professional experience and research with victims and offenders . It is therefore, a serious concern that neither police nor child safety officers charged with investigating this case appear to have read or taken account of the reports of the thirteen named people . It is especially a concern that they ignored the reports made by professionals such as psychologist Caroline Seri who , a former employee of the Child Safety Department , thought the evidence sufficiently serious to report child sexual abuse to the authorities . She sent a copy of a child’s sexually explicit drawing with the child’s statement that daddy placed his penis between her legs .
Police and safety officers also appear to have ignored the report of psychiatrist Dr. Satish Karunakaran (27.10.2012) who says quite clearly that
a. “ the father had custody of the children for more than 95% of the time and it seems strange to me that the Department is pointing the finger at Catherine ( the mother ) for her children’s abnormal behaviour given that she has had relatively little time with the children “ . The mother’s contact with the children had been supervised by independent supervisors and her behaviour was critiqued and reported .
b. “the notion that Catherine’s obsession with the matter ( i.e. sexual abuse by the father ) and repeated inspections and questioning of the children may have caused her children’s sexualised behaviours is unlikely . Moreover such questioning and inspections are unlikely to result in the observed behaviours “.
The psychiatrist also criticised the Department of Child Safety for failing to provide an assessment of the children by a specialist child psychiatrist .
I am in total agreement with Dr. Karunakaran’s comments . The mother’s natural anxiety would not have resulted in behaviours or drawings replicating adult sexual behaviour .The mother could not have trained the children of this age , as alleged by the father and child safety worker , to act out inappropriate sexual behaviours , least of all given that her contact with the children has been supervised for some time .
The Department’s explanations given for the number of disclosures of abuse are confused , contradictory and unprofessional , suggesting an inadequate understanding of the norms of child development , children’s thinking and responses to incest .
Police with the child safety officer attempted to put themselves in the role of psychologists to justify their support of the father’s innocence and the mother’s guilt and their statements and Department’s explanations are garbled and bizarre.
Missing Watter twins found in NSW. Saturday, 5 May 2018, Publish time: 6:45am
The Australian Federal Police (AFP) yesterday located and recovered parentally abducted siblings Isabella and Bronte Watter in New South Wales after an extensive four-year joint investigation with the Queensland Police Service (QPS). The AFP also arrested their 46-year-old Queensland mother on an outstanding Queensland arrest warrant for the offence of child stealing. The AFP reminds the public that anyone who is found to be providing support to an abducting parent may themselves be committing a serious offence.
What Authorities are actually saying is: “Do not dare to protect children from torture! Just supporting a protective parent, in any manner, will be deemed a crime deserving of our punishment”
The Women’s Coalition started this petition to Attorney General Christian Porter and 1 other
We, the undersigned, demand Attorney General Christian Porter dismiss the charges against Dr. William Pridgeon, Patrick O’Dea, Arthur Doubleday, and all others indicted in “Operation Noetic”. We also demand an end to this witch hunt which serves to terrorize, punish and silence protective mothers and those who help them escape the system that is failing to protect their children.
Operation Noetic has snared many good citizens who only had the best of intentions—protecting children from sexual abuse by their fathers. Helping mothers flee into hiding is a last resort as there are no options left after Family Court judges order children into the custody of their named molesters and rapists, despite strong, credible corroborating evidence.
Dr. Pridgeon is prominent 64 year-old physician, who is now facing 25 years in prison for his acts of heroism. He is a true hero for risking everything to help protect children from sexual abuse.
Arthur Doubleday is 83 years-old and is the father of Cassie Watter, who was caught in Operation Noetic in May. Cassie is now out on bail awaiting trial for having run to protect her twins. Arthur’s 83 year-old wife (Cassie’s mom) was also indicted for helping Cassie and is awaiting trial. These indictments were made despite the fact that Cassie’s case has some of the strongest evidence any sexual abuse case can have: physical and medical evidence, along with professionals who have substantiated it.
This epidemic of women losing custody to abusive fathers is a well-documented, international phenomenon. The Women’s Coalition petitioned the UN with hundreds of cases from 20 countries, including many from Australia, and the UN Commission on the Status of Women subsequently confirmed that this is a serious form of discrimination against women. The Coalition has received thousands of emails and has been collecting photos and stories in the “Faces of the Crisis” exhibit:…
Australian Federal Police are threatening to arrest more mothers and citizens who have acted to protect children from Family Court orders endangering them.
We, the people, hereby demand all charges be dismissed against any citizens caught in Operation Noetic and an end to the witch hunt.

7 News Brisbane: 20 October 2018 – Accused child abduction ring operators released on bail [0:30]

A taste of the statistics: Just one in ten offences of child rape led to someone actually being charged or brought before the courts last year, while other cases were dropped or not deemed in the public interest to investigate or prosecute.The data shows, however, that just 68 cases (nine per cent) in the West Midlands saw at least one person actually charged or summonsed for the crime.
A national survey of 399 protective parents from 39 states who were involved in custody disputes by Geraldine Stahly Ph.D. professor emeritus, California State University, San Bernardino, shows a dramatic drop in child safety when protective parents asked family courts to protect children.
81% of protective parents began with primary custody. Most were domestic violence victims.
Allegations of physical and sexual child abuse arose in nearly all cases. In 75% of cases, children positively identified the other parent as the perpetrator.
The children had serious symptoms and injuries, yet judges ignored or minimised evidence of abuse and changed custody to the accused perpetrator in three quarters of cases.
Two thirds of protective parents lost parenting rights based on an evaluator’s recommendation and 44% lost custody due to a mediator’s report.
A mere 9% of child attorneys zealously advocated for their young clients.
Only 17% of protective parents had primary custody after court proceedings. This represents a 75% loss of custody by the parent attempting to protect the child (comparable to other studies).
More than half of protective parents were restricted from all contact with their children, and nearly half were put on supervised visitation.
27% of protective parents filed for bankruptcy after spending a modal average of $100,000 on litigation, and 78% of the cases were still in progress.
98% of the accused were represented by an attorney while the protective parent had none.
Over half of hearings were held without a court reporter present, thus precluding an appeal.
Two thirds of the children continued to report abuse. Over half of protective parents stopped reporting abuse for fear their contact with their children would be terminated.
DOJ studies show men perpetrate more than 95% of violent assaults against women. A 2011 CDC study also shows that men are raped by other men more than 93% of the time, and women and children are raped by men more than 98% of the time.
Colorado’s “Parenting From Prison” received grants to implement programs which recruit violent offenders who are still incarcerated directly from prison, then help them gain custody of children.
CT Child Rapist and mass murderer Joshua Komisarjevsky‘s nine-year old daughter was brought to visit him 55 times while in prison awaiting trial for murdering and raping 11-year old Michaela Petit, and also killing her sister Haley (age 17,) and their mom. Prior to murdering and raping the Petit family, Komisarjevsky gained sole custody of his daughter, who he promptly handed over to his parents to raise. The same parents who he blamed for his crimes after being found guilty of 17 counts, including the three homicides, and sentenced to death.
Another report showed that more than 1,000 CA foster homes matched the addresses of registered sex offenders, 600 of whom were high risk.

Examples of judicial parental support of child abusers:

Latunski allegedly allowed officers to search his home and admitted to killing Bacon by stabbing him in the back and then slitting his throat. MLive reported that Latunski recounted tying a rope around Bacon’s ankles and fastening it to his ceiling’s rafters. He reportedly also admitted that he cut off Bacon’s testicles with a knife and ate them. The news outlet obtained various court records which suggested that Latunski has an extensive history of mental health issues. On August 22 2019, Latunski’s ex-wife requested his parenting time be suspended, claiming he was diagnosed with major depression, paranoid schizophrenia and features of a personality disorder in 2010 and 2012. In 2013, Latunski was charged with taking two of his four children from their mother. Those charges were ultimately dismissed. Records from the 66th District and 35th Circuit courts stated that Latunski was known for discontinuing his medications.
A former London resident who pleaded no contest and was convicted of multiple charges involving pandering of child pornography back in 2012, was awarded custody of two of his children Friday morning in the Madison County Court of Common Pleas.
Visiting judge C. Douglas Chamberlain, of Logan County, ruled that Donald Lemasters, 50, would be granted custody of his 16-year-old son and 18-year-old daughter until her graduation from school. Both children are currently being home schooled.

A Montreal man who pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting his four-year-old son in 2015 is now facing several new charges, and police allege the man was making and distributing child pornography during the period in which he was having court-ordered supervised visits with the son he abused. The 38-year-old man appeared in a Montreal courtroom Thursday. The child pornography offences are alleged to have occurred between September 2017 and last month. It was during this period the man was also having supervised court-ordered visits with his two children, including the son he sexually assaulted. The boy’s mother tried to put a stop to the visits, but two different Family Court judges refused her request. A Superior Court justice refused the mother’s request for an immediate halt to the visits, noting that a report from youth protection officials did not indicate “any bad behaviour from the father nor any anxiety or discomfort for the children.” One judge concluded the assault had been an isolated incident, and a pre-sentencing psychiatric report concluded the man had a “low to moderate” risk of re-offending.  Justice Geneviève Marcotte said in the court’s ruling: “They refer to the boy looking ‘happy’ and expressing it by the end of the meeting, and ‘looking great’.” The visits continued. Police now believe during that period in which the man was having these supervised visits with his children, he was separately producing and distributing child pornography.
As a guardian ad litem ( the child’s court appointed advocate), Holmes is responsible for advocating for the best interest of a 10-year-old girl whose identity CBS Atlanta News is withholding. Last month, Fulton County Superior Court Judge John Goger ordered a girl to live with her father despite allegations he had sexually abused her. Holmes and a court-appointed custody evaluator, Howard Drutman, recommended that the girl’s father receive primary custody of his daughter.
CBS Atlanta News obtained an e-mail Holmes sent to the parties, indicating his fees for working on the case from Spring 2012 through April 22, 2013 totalled $133,000.89.
Eighty-percent of Holmes’ fees (the advocate who represents the child) are being paid by the father, who is reportedly a millionaire.
Two weeks after CBS Atlanta aired the investigation that called into question the amount of fees charged, reporter Jeff Chirico obtained an e-mail indicating Holmes is suddenly changing his bill.
When contacted, the child’s advocate, Holmes would not explain why he’s changing his bills.  According to a document filed in the custody case, Drutman and Holmes recommended the custody switch to the father because they said the mother was subconsciously “re-victimising” her daughter by not letting her progress past her father’s sex abuse. [Note: So a judicial judge gave full custody of the victim to her sexual abuser in order for her to be wholly trapped in a situation and mindset into accepting the abuse and the abuser.]
Child abusers spared prison so they get to keep children?
The charges date back to 2012 when the boy’s parents first took him home after birth. Just one month later, paramedics were called to the couple’s Yandina address by the boy’s mother as he was “listless”, gasping for air and suffering periods of apnoea of between five and 10 seconds.
Tests showed the child was suffering a fractured skull, ribs, collarbone, arm and femur as well as stretching and tearing of nerve cells in the brain and facial bruising.
It was determined the injuries were “non-accidental” and that weeks prior to the boy’s hospitalisation the father had squeezed him – causing some of the fractures – and 24 hours prior shaken him.
Throughout three police interviews (only years later) the parents, who have since had two other children (without any intervention from authorities), denied any wrongdoing.
The child was released from hospital in June 2012 into the care of his maternal grandmother, but just 18 months later he was back with his parents as the Department of Child Safety had no further concerns.
Police charged the pair in relation to the injuries in April 2014, but all the children still remained in their care.
A forensic psychologist reported the father’s “dysfunctional upbringing” caused him to struggle with parenthood, but he was now at a “low or very low” risk of re-offending.
Character references also described the mother as “loving”, “devoted” and an “everyday young woman”.
Judge John Robertson excused sentencing the parents to prison, saying it would have an impact on their victim and other children.
The mother was given a 12-month good behaviour bond.
The father – who was seen laughing and smiling while walking from the courthouse – was sentenced to three years probation for the assault and a four-year suspended prison sentence for the grievous bodily harm.
16 January 2018, Yesterday a senior coroner concluded that Poppi, aged 13 months, was sexually assaulted by her father, Paul Worthington. Worthington, before dying of asphyxia. [Asphyxia: A condition arising when the body is deprived of oxygen, causing unconsciousness or death; suffocation.]
During an inquest into the toddler’s death, Worthington refused to answer 252 questions, including why Poppi’s DNA was discovered on his penis.
She suffered bleeding, bruising and tears to her bottom caused by sexual assault before she died in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, senior coroner David Roberts said.
The inquest heard that Worthington – who arrived at the inquest surrounded by police – has received death threats since his daughter’s death in December 2012.
His barrister Paul Clark said he was living under “witness protection” due to threats on his life, and persuaded the court to put up a screen, meaning he could not be seen by the public. He is now living at a secret location, (freedom offered and arranged by the authorities), in a different part of the country. But it is estimated that giving him a new identity cost taxpayers around £50,000 per year.
Ben Butler has this week been sentenced to life in prison with a minimum non-parole period of 23 years for the murder of Ellie. Butler regained custody of Ellie in 2012 after being acquitted of almost killing her as a baby in 2007. In February 2007, he took his six-week-old daughter to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with a triad of injuries that suggested she may have been violently shaken. Butler had been convicted of causing grievous bodily harm to then baby Ellie while she was in his care.
In 2010 the judiciary officially absolved him of any blame. Butler approached the media and spoke about his agony of being separated from his daughter, who he adored.
He won the custody battle. But nearly a year later, in October 2013, Butler murdered his six-year-old daughter, Ellie, at their house in Sutton.
He then tried to make it look like an accident. His partner and Ellie’s mother, Jennie Gray, was also jailed for 42 months after being convicted of child cruelty, having already admitted covering up the murder.
Ellie’s grandfather, Neal Gray, and his wife, took Ellie in when she was 10-months old. They fought to protect Ellie.
He said he’d warned the Family Court that Butler would harm Ellie again and spent his life savings of £70,000 fighting Butler in court. “My words have come true,” he told the Guardian. A judge who returned a young girl to the care of the father who would eventually kill the six-year-old has “blood on her hands”, the dead child’s grandfather says.

Some children do speak up as adults:

“Jane” is 24, but often wonders what it would be like to have had a childhood. Between the ages of four and 13 she lived with her father, a man she believed had more than 29 criminal convictions, including two for child sex offences. Her father had AIDS and from the age of seven she was his sole carer, dressing his lesions. She said she was telling her story because she wanted children like her to be formally given the opportunity to speak in the Family Court. When Jane was four the Family Court awarded her father sole custody of her. According to Jane, it was because her mother had fled with her from South Australia to Western Australia after learning of her father’s AIDS and criminal past. Jane said she did not recall her father sexually abusing her but remembered being made to pose for nude photographs. “He would leave the washing basket, like the clean clothes out in the hallway so I would have to come out naked to pick them up and he would take a photo … just weird things like that,” she said. “Then he would show his friends.”Jane said her father, who has since died, neglected her. “In primary school, I almost always had head lice, was very unclean, wouldn’t have food,” she said. “My clothes would either be dirty or old. As well as neglect, Jane said she suffered physical abuse. “My dad got very cunning and he would start hitting me in places where I wouldn’t bruise. I remember particularly one night I was hiding under the kitchen table trying not to get hit because he had a pool cue and he was going to kill me.”The sound of people yelling is one of her post-traumatic stress disorder triggers. Jane said she did suffer sexual abuse at the hands of her half-brother. When Jane ran away from home at 13, she disclosed the alleged abuse by her half-brother to police but said he was never prosecuted. “Because he and my father denied the offences and it was my word against theirs,” she said.

A $3.3 million lawsuit filed on behalf of a now-11-year-old girl claims the Oregon Department of Human Services ignored reports that her father had urges to molest her starting when she was a baby. After the girl’s parents split up, the lawsuit claims the department took “no or insufficient action” to prevent the girl’s father from gaining partial custody of the girl — and the girl’s father repeatedly sexually abused her during his time alone with her, according to the suit. The state’s failure to heed warnings is “as bad as it can get,” said David Paul, the girl’s Portland attorney.

A man has spoken out about his ‘hell on Earth’ after he was physically and sexually abused by his father from the age of six. The boy, now 19, was sent to live with his dad by a Family Court judge in Australia and suffered years of neglect and violence as a result. Despite telling his mother about the abuse, it continued for seven years as he remained living in his father’s house. “There were many times when he was abusing me physically and sexually of course. That was my very, very earliest memories,” the boy told the  ABC . “I walked out of the bathroom and he slammed my head into the corner of a wall for absolutely no reason. There was no reason behind it, he just wanted to let his anger out on me.” By the age of 12, the boy was suicidal and began regularly running away from home and began showing up at police stations with cuts and bruises. He begged them to let him live with his mother – but his pleas fell on deaf ears. The man, who has been named under the pseudonym James, says he never wanted to live with his father, and was constantly counting down the hours at his mother’s house until he would be back wit his father. A Family Court once again enforced that the boy should remain in his father’s custody – despite evidence of maltreatment. Eventually police took out an order against the father on the boy’s behalf and he was placed into the care of authorities. This, the man said, was the hardest time because he did not have any contact with his mother. James made the shocking revelations as part of a family court system review by the Australian Law Reform Commission. It found the system posed an ‘unacceptable risk to children’ and allowed children to fall into harm. [ Another weblink: ]

The Courageous Kids Network is a growing group of young people, whose childhoods were shattered by inhumane court rulings, which forced us to live with our abusive parent, while restricting or sometimes completely eliminating contact with our loving and protective parent. We who survived got older and stronger. Now we are telling the world how much we were hurt, first by our abusers then by the court which refused to protect us. We are joining together to find strength, support and healing. We welcome contact from any kids who may need to talk, and who need to know they are not the only ones experiencing these issues.

The stories linked from below are true descriptions, in our own words, of what the courts did to ruin our lives by taking us away from our protective parents. We hope by telling our stories, that other kids in situations like ours will know that they are not alone — there are other kids here who know how they feel and who they can talk to. We also hope that other kids might join our group. In order to share your story please email us

Jennifer’s Story – Summer, 2008; Desiree’s story – May, 2007; S’s story; Alex’s story – February, 2005; Amy’s Story – December 4, 2008; Stephanie’s story – December 4 , 2008; Eric’s Story – December, 2008; Christy’s Story – December 1, 2008; Evie’s Story – December 1, 2008; Melody’s Story – December 4, 2008; Jeff’s Story – April 4, 2004; Sarah’s Story – April 4, 2004; Fatima’s Story – April 4, 2004; Randy’s Story – April 4, 2004; Alanna’s Story – July 17, 2000

You’ve seen news articles about it- the child being ripped out of mom’s arms after a court has decided to give custody to someone else. It hurts to watch that sobbing little boy or girl, but in a moment the news moves on to another image, another story. But what happens to those kids? And why are they in that position in the first place? Jennifer Collins was one of those children, when in 1992, she was torn from her mother’s arms and handed over kicking and screaming to the father who had abused her. She and her brother had to live with their father based upon faulty science and a family court that didn’t believe their mother and that didn’t want to listen to the kids.

Today, kids are still in the position of being taken away from loving arms, and courts still often don’t want to listen. But today there is an organisation of adults who were once those kids. And they want to make it better for everyone. Courageous Kids Network and Jennifer Collins are determined to change this situation, and to offer a voice to those who have none.

A Survivor’s Story – Fletcher Fox. This video is about Fletcher Fox telling of his survival through years of abuse by his father, residential boarding schools and the family court. [15:37]

‘My father stole me when I was 11 and I was never the same again.’

‘I Was My Dad’s Sex Slave; Anything He Wanted, I Had To Do’  (4:40)

I Have Three Children With My Father’ (3:55)
Incest Survivors United Voices of America (ISUVOA) is a non-profit organisation that advocates for a society free from child abuse and child sexual abuse.
General Information
Sexual victimisation of children is an enormous problem that is largely unrecognised and under-reported.
Did you know?
In 90% of sexual abuse situations children and teens are sexually abused by someone they know and trust.1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused by the time they reach age 18.Approximately 1/3 of all juvenile victims of sexual abuse are children younger than 6 yrs. of age.Children who grow up in a family where there is domestic violence are 8 times more likely to be sexually molested within that family.70% of child sex offenders had between one and nine victims, 23% had ten to forty victims.

Marilyn Van Derbur: A Survivor Story  [23:37]  XXXXX

Marylin Van Derbur Tells More of Her Story [25:20] Published on Feb 27, 2015

Child sexual abuse survivor Marylin Van Derbur gives an extended interview in 2014

Marilyn Van Derbur addresses healing from trauma [53:30]
(KUTV) After 18 months on the run, law authorities now know where 16-year-old Sydney and 15-year-old Danielle Wolferts are.
Their father, Brian Wolferts, was granted sole custody of the girls, including the eldest, Brittany, who is now 20 years old. [Their mother was court ordered to be parentally alienated.]
For years, the teens kept journals with allegations of physical and psychological abuse from their father, but the children never brought formal charges against him.
“It was physical when we were younger, and then once the courts started getting involved, he switched to mental and emotional abuse,” said Brittany.

The Women’s Coalition
August 29, 2017 ·
• Jonathon reports sexual abuse by stepfather in ’92 at 6 years-old 
• Family court does not protect him or his little brother
• Judge switches custody from mom Linda to this stepfather
• The mother, Linda, takes boys into hiding 
• Linda is captured in Las Vegas in ’96; custody of boys given to Jon’s stepfather.
• Linda fights for them in family court for 4 more years
• Linda goes into hiding to avoid prison for custodial interference 
• Linda and Jonathon reconnect in ‘04 after Jonathon reaches 18
• Jonathon stops contacting his mom in ‘07 due to pressure from the stepfather
• Linda is diagnosed with brain tumour 
• Criminal charge of abduction against Linda is dismissed in ‘13
• Jonathon goes to mainstream media to help find her 
• Jonathon continues to search for his mom until his death
• Jonathon dies unexpectedly at 31; cause of death not released
• Linda’s whereabouts still unknown
”‘I’m praying to God that she’ll come back now. It’s really affected my life. I’ve cried so many nights because of this.” – Jonathon, 2013
“Every night Jonathan Wiegand sleeps with a picture his mother under his pillow, near a photo of her on his nightstand.” – Hartford Courant article
“Tell my kids that I love them.” – Linda said to the media as she was being arrested
FOLLOWING are excerpts from a 2013 article when Jonathon went public in an effort to find his mom:
A man is desperately searching for his fugitive mother 17 years after she was accused of kidnapping him and his brother amid a custody dispute with her former husband.
Linda Wiegand vanished after she was arrested in Las Vegas July 1996 with her two sons, whom she had allegedly kidnapped from their home in Connecticut.
…Jon Schoenhorn, Linda Wiegand’s attorney, said he has not heard from her in 15 years and ‘it’s possible that she may be deceased’.
Jonathan Wiegand, who learned that the charges had been dropped through the state’s judicial website, said that while his mother has eluded authorities, she did not always hide from him.
He did not hear from his mother until he was 18, when an ex-girlfriend handed him a letter from his mother on his last day of high school, and the two began writing to each other, the Courant reported.
He secretly visited her for the first time in 2005 when she was living in California. He said they met in Texas, Florida and at a church in Arizona.
He told the Courant that he planned the trips carefully because of the charges against his mother and he regularly changed his phone number to avoid his mother being caught.
But when he was 21, family tensions put a stop to the visits and during his last conversation with his mother, she said that she had a brain tumour.
He resumed his search for any trace of her through social media and by talking with people who could have known her.

Breaking The Silence; Children’s Stories (57:14)
Lawsuit launched by siblings accuses Child and Family Services of failing to prevent abuse
The Manitoba government admits to allowing a convicted child abuser, their father, to live with two minors — one of whom was documented as his previous victim — but he denied, knowing he could resumed the abuse for years, court documents say. The girl, represented by the Public Guardian and Trustee because of her young age, and her half-brother are suing their abuser (their father and stepfather respectively), Winnipeg CFS, the province and support workers.
They say authorities were reckless and negligent when they allowed the children to live under same roof as a man who was previously convicted of sexually abusing the boy, who was his stepson.
In 2006, Winnipeg Child and Family Services closed the family’s file. The father got custody of his daughter in 2011.
“It was determined that there were no longer any child protection concerns,” the government’s defence documents say.
Details about the abuse the siblings say they experienced are disturbing.
The first instances of sexual abuse involving the boy happened between 1999 and 2000 and then continued from 2002 to 2005. It included fondling, forcing him to perform oral sex and attempting to rape him, court documents say.
After the father gained sole custody of his daughter, he began to sexually assault her in her home from January 2012 to April 2013, the statement of claim states. The assaults included rape and taking photos of the abuse. She was around 10 years old at the time.
Her father was later arrested and pleaded guilty to sexual interference on both children and making child pornography. The man is currently serving a sentence at Stony Mountain.
The children say authorities failed to carry out sufficient risk assessments and did not prioritise their interests over their father’s.

Brave Shannon Clifton today tells for the first time of her eight years of vile sexual abuse and beatings at the hands of her pedophile father. Now 18, she waives her anonymity to reveal the monster first raped her on their living room floor at the age of six. It was the start of an ordeal that tore her young life to shreds as Shane Ray Clifton attacked her over and over, up to four times a day. When he discovered Shannon was expecting at 11, the pervert battered her unconscious and she lost the baby. And after she became pregnant again at 13, twisted Clifton Googled ways to make her miscarry, forcing her into dangerous exercise routines. When she was nine months’ pregnant, a suspicious school nurse asked her to take a pregnancy test. Terrified Shannon refused, but her father feared his sickening crimes were about to be exposed and forced her to join him on the run, sparking a six-day police manhunt. Two days after they were found Shannon gave birth to a baby that was both her son – and her brother. Clifton, 36, got a minimum 15 years life sentence for rape at Derby Crown Court in 2015.

“He stole my life,” she says. “He turned it into a nightmare I couldn’t wake up from – raping and beating me for years. I was frightened and in pain every day. “I hate my dad now, but I will always miss him because he was the only person I had throughout my whole childhood.” The court heard how cunning Clifton (her father) had “poisoned her” against her mother. “I was always my dad’s favourite, his little princess,” says Shannon.

“If my mum ever shouted at me, he’d tell her, ‘Don’t speak to my Shannon like that’. He was so protective. We were inseparable.” So she went to live with him alone, aged five. “He changed quickly,” she says. “He’d scream if I did something he didn’t like, then it was a slap around the head. Then he started punching me. Over the years, he burnt me with an iron, attacked me with a hammer, stabbed me and split my head open.” Clifton turned her against the rest of the family until she stopped seeing them. And, then, when she was six years old and isolated from anyone who might help her, the worst torture began. “He got me up in the night and made me lie on the floor in my nightie,” she says. “Then he lay on top of me and just did it. I felt the worst pain imaginable. I was screaming for him to stop, but he wouldn’t. “Afterwards I lay there bleeding. I was sobbing so much I could barely breathe.” The rapes became regular. “He said it was something all dads did to daughters, but I had to keep it secret. He’d hug me and promise it would never happen again. But it always did. Yet I still loved him. He was all I had.” When she fell pregnant again at 13, Clifton again tried to make Shannon miscarry – even looking up ways online. When it didn’t work, Shannon claims he came up with a plan to kill her baby after birth. [Note: Only after a DNA test proved Clifton(her father) was the baby’s father did he then admit that he he had sexually abused her – but he said his crimes began when Shannon was 10.

(Child of Parental Alienation & Abduction)

I am 11, my father has taken me from my mum. I am isolated 15,000km away from her, distracted by possessions, new stories, new places, new people and a new life. My world with my mum is suddenly gone. My old friends are all gone. The people I trusted are gone. The places and activities I did with mum are gone. Where is my family, where is my community? Does anyone care? I miss her but I am being forced to forget everything that meant something. There are no more loving cuddles, fun loving conversations, someone to adore me, accept me, encourage me, guide me and love me. I can no longer hear her laugh or see her smile. She is gone but I have to move on and I don’t know how. Nothing my mum did was ever right in my fathers eyes and everything he did he believed was right. He thought he was the best parent and thought my mum was not worthy of anything, not even her children. He treated her like she should be punished. He did everything he could to emotionally, financially and socially destroy her, and he was successful. He wanted me to believe he saved me from my mum, that he was my saviour and everything was fantastic living with him. But in fact he stole a big part of me. I didn’t know who I was or where I belonged. No one could ever replace my mum. My father could not show the same type of love towards me like my mum did, as we were so close. We were best friends. She was the most fun loving mum that anyone could imagine. She made everything fun. But dad wanted her destroyed and it didn’t matter to him that he was destroying a part of me too. He showed no signs of empathy towards my mum or me.

Destiny is the oldest of six and “doing her best to be the best.” She’s currently finishing up high school and spends much of her free time writing. One day, she plans to become a math professor. This essay was submitted as part of Fostering Media Connection’s 2018 Youth Voice Writing Contest. This year’s contest theme was “Love Is.” After an unnecessary custody battle, going into the foster care system only a few months later was a breaking point in my life. Back then, love was waking up to the sound of laughter and my mother’s voice. It was listening to the “screaming” sausages in the pan and watching pancakes being flipped on hot plates. It was nursing my grandmother’s coee when my mom wasn’t paying attention. Love was that antsy feeling of waiting for the last school bell so I could go to the gate and get root beer floats with my mom. For someone you don’t know to come in and snatch you out of a place — a home where you are extremely happy — is twisted. They never asked me my opinion and never asked me how I felt. When they placed my sister and I in a house with two other kids, they never asked me if I was OK around them. They never asked me if I was happy or coping. They never even asked me if I wanted to go back. At that point, love was no longer happy. Love was the countless hours I spent crying, asking for my mother. It was going to school and wanting to stay there because of the rude older girl I was placed with. Love was losing myself in a book instead of having to face the fact I didn’t know when I was going to see my mother or my grandparents again. Although I can’t speak for anyone else, I believe that the foster care system ruins more lives than it actually helps. From alienating you from your parents to losing your friends and teachers who actually cared for you, it’s a lot more than just a system for finding a “safer” environment. In my case, we were beseeched to speak with our father, where he implored us not to fight for our mother and pretend the whole situation was her ruse. We were taught by the other children in the house that there is no fair game in this world.

Their idea of love was tripping us in the dark when we were playing hide and seek and pretending we were cussing so that they would get the dessert we lost. Even though going to school was its own Hell, it was preferable to the situation that awaited my arrival every day after school for three months. It was tolerable, compared to having to return to a family that didn’t belong to me. As much as love is supposed to be sweet, patient and kind, I understood later on that the time I spent in the system and the decade I spent with my father thereafter has stained my perception and feelings toward the concept. Love is strenuous. It’s giving up your needs to satisfy everyone else present and not. Moreover, love is the smile you put on so you don’t worry your friends or siblings, when really you wish you hadn’t woken up. Sometimes it’s the moments where you forget all your issues and you enjoy the moment. As rare as that may be, it still counts. In my heart, and in my mind, love is still taking the blame to protect everyone else incapable. It’s having to be an adult and take on parental responsibilities because no one else can at the time. What people don’t talk about though, is the damage that love does to you internally. Being placed with the foster family I got first taught me that doing excessive chores meant you loved your parents. That was later reinforced at my father’s house. Sometimes love comes in the form of gratefulness. It’s the relief after hearing your name being called instead of your siblings because you understand that you can take the verbal and physical beatings while they can’t. It’s being given the opportunity to be alone and being able to exhale finally after months of pretending to be ok.

The Women’s Coalition

14 January 2019 Activist Mom Disappears with Son

UPDATE: Terrible news! It turns out that Yvonne and Max were found last night in different locations. There will be a hearing tomorrow. We will need everyone to protest her prosecution and her son’s confinement away from her, so please watch this page for updates… Yvonne  reports, “After years of abuse by my ex, I Iost my two children, my career, house, rest of my life, dignity, and respect. I asked for help and am treated as criminal. It is pure horror…Family court judges love to not only steal children from safe and loving mothers, but also to rob and exploit mothers and children financially.”
– Yvonne, lawyer, journalist, author, activist

Yvonne disappeared with her son just before Christmas and has not been seen or heard from since. Yvonne reported serious domestic violence and that her son was beaten up so badly by his father, he had to be hospitalised. Still, it was she who had her parental rights terminated in the unjust, discriminatory Family Court system. Her children had been alienated from her for years, but her son had recently been understanding the truth and ran away. Yvonne has not been seen since the day he ran away, so it is presumed they are together and safe. Yvonne is a Dutch lawyer, journalist, author and activist for women’s power to keep and protect their children after divorce. She submitted her story for The Women’s Coalition petition to the UN and her photo for the Faces of the Crisis exhibit. Yvonne has written a book on the injustices being perpetrated on women and children in family courts, but the Dutch government banned it. It is currently being translated into English and will be available in other countries. *Please comment in support of Yvonne so she–and the Dutch government–can see how much support there is for her and her son being together and safe. Yvonne’s Facebook page:

Geerte Frenken is with Yvonne Floor.  10 hrs ·  Unfortunately I have to inform you that Protective Mother Yvonne and her son Max have been apprehended by the police tonight: each at a different location. Last month, Max (13), who had been choked by his father and after seeking safety with his mom, had been violently removed from her by CPS and the police, ran away from the institution they had locked him up in. The nationwide manhunt that then ensued has come to an end tonight. The hearing about this is tomorrow. Protective Mother Yvonne Floor is extremely worried about her son. It is time the Court listens to Max and takes his fears about his abusive father seriously. Going back to his father is NOT an option. Attached, screenshots of Max’s cries for help and photos of his body after his father’s attempt to choke him. How is it possible that the perpetrator of this child abuse has not been jailed yet, and that he still has their daughter in his custody as well?  News article stating 13 year old Max has been located after running away from his father’s household and the “child welfare” system.

To Family or Youth Court personnel all over the world rape is the trend. They are not only forcing children to live with their abusers and rapists, but are also forcing rape victims to shared or co-parent with their rapists.
A rape survivor’s custody battle for her child,
‘I have to text my rapist’: says victim forced to parent with attacker.
By Thom Patterson, CNN Updated 1236 GMT (2036 HKT) November 18, 2016
Trapped in a bad dream. That’s how an 18-year-old Noemi felt when she learned that she had no choice but to hand over her baby daughter to the man convicted of assaulting her.
Noemi’s child was conceived in the assault, and Nebraska’s laws on parental rights forced her to agree to court-sanctioned visits between her daughter and her attacker.
Her biggest fear is that her child will “get hurt or something bad will happen to her,” Noemi told CNN’s Lisa Ling. “I can’t tell what he will do to my daughter.”
Noemi’s story isn’t unusual. Across America, there are no state laws that protect women who became pregnant through rape. They are being forced by Family Court judges to share their children with their rapists. A common problem
Exact stats aren’t tracked, but there are an estimated 17,000 to 32,000 rape-related pregnancies in the United States each year, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.
About 32% to 50% of impregnated rape victims keep their babies, according to various studies.
Those estimates would put between 5,000 and 16,000 women at risk of falling into this legal limbo every year, depending on where they live and where the attack took place.
For Sarah – not her real name – the stress was even greater. Because, in an impersonal courtroom, she was forced to sit barely six feet away from a man she thought was out of her life forever, a member of a ruthless Asian grooming gang that she says snatched her from a Tesco car park as a teenager and kept her as a sex slave for 12 years.
More agonising still, she says the five-year-old son they were fighting for was conceived through rape, part of a pattern of assault, aggression, controlling behaviour and degrading verbal abuse – including constantly being demeaned as ‘white trash’ – that she suffered at the hands of her abductors.
The Mail on Sunday can now reveal that this alleged rapist was, incredibly, given a say in the future care of the young boy, and could have a role in his upbringing, heaping fresh agony on Sarah – who, already suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and depression, had seen her child taken away from her by social services.
As if that was not horrifying enough, Sarah went through the torment not once, but twice.
After escaping her captors, she was tracked down by another man who she is convinced was linked to the gang. She claims he also beat and raped her, resulting in the birth of a daughter earlier this year.
Again, social services declared Sarah an unfit mother and took the baby away within 24 hours of her birth. Again, they sought out the father to give him a say in the child’s upbringing. He wanted no part, and the baby was put up for adoption.
‘This pain caused by social services is in some ways worse than the pain caused by the gang,’ she says. ‘When they are taking away my children, it feels exactly the same as what that group did: the same threat, the same anxiety, everything. I am desperate to see my daughter.’
Throughout her captivity, Sarah claims she was raped, beaten and given sedatives by the gang, who forced her into three sharia marriages and made her have eight abortions.
A rape victim who was impregnated in the attack which took place when she was 14 is fighting to keep her attacker away from her daughter as he keeps the right to apply for visitation seven years later.
Jamie Melendez, 27, was found guilty of statutory rape and sentenced to 16 years probation for the 2009 assaults.
The victim, who was in eighth grade at the time, became pregnant as a result of attacks and gave birth to a baby girl in 2010.
He was arrested in 2009 and initially denied paternity to escape the charges but was proven to be her father by DNA tests ordered by the prosecutors.
In 2011, Melendez admitted four counts of statutory rape but was spared jail by a judge who said a probation sentence would allow him to work and pay her child support.
The child is now six and Melendez has been paying her mother, now 22, $110 a week.
The rape victim is outraged that the pair be treated in the same court as divorced parents and consenting couples, the girl argued that they were never a family despite the pair conceiving a child together. She asked that instead of child support, he pay her in criminal restitution to help cover the cost of raising the baby. The victim, pleading for a change in law, was however turned down.
She said she felt her attacker was using the legal system to victimise her all over again, a legal phenomenon often referred to as ‘second rape’.
Her most recent effort to have his case quashed was to file a motion in appeals court to dismiss his argument. It was however rejected, with three judges upholding the rapist’s right to apply in family court for a relationship with the victim and the child.

Rotherham Council has been named as the authority which tried to help a grooming gang convict get access to his son – fathered through rape. Sammy Woodhouse, the child’s mother, was left stunned by the decision.

The rape victim was left at risk of being ‘re-traumatised’ by seeing him in court. Council workers approached her attacker in prison and said he could get visits. Ms Woodhouse was 15 when she was raped and impregnated by Arshid Hussain.
RAPIST GRANTED JOINT CUSTODY OF CHILD AFTER 12-YEAR-OLD GIRL HE ATTACKED FELL PREGNANT. Christopher Mirasolo, 27, was convicted of the sex attack nine years ago. He only served a few months, because it was “judged” as ‘attempted’ rape, though the victim was pregnant and had been held captive for 2 days with Mirasolo threatening to kill her.
He served six-and-a-half months before being released, committing another offence, and serving four years.
Judge Gregory S. Ross, 24th Circuit Court Family Division of Sanilac County awarded parenting time and joint legal custody to Mirasolo and gave the violent man his victim’s home address. He also ordered Mirasolo’s name to be added to the child’s birth certificate — all without the victim’s consent or a hearing, according to Kiessling, the victim’s attorney.
The Women’s Coalition October 18, 2017 ·
The pedophile rapist Mirasolo never requested custody over the child. Instead, the case began in July when the mother requested financial assistance from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.
While this department said that, because of the rape, there was good cause allowing the mother and child to receive benefits without paternity. It was the prosecutor’s officers who pursued a paternity case on the child kidnapper and rapist, Mirasolo’s, behalf in Family Court, prosecutor Young said. He claims it was miscommunication. While sexually assaulting a child under 13 is potentially a life offence, At the time of the rape the prosecutor also offered Mirasol a plea deal to attempted third-degree criminal sexual conduct and was sentenced to only a year in jail, according to court clerks.
County prosecutor Young declined to comment on why Mirasolo was also given a very lenient plea deal by the prosecutor’s office.
After nearly a decade of campaigning and nine failed legislative proposals, the Maryland Senate and House approved a bill allowing courts to terminate the parental rights of rapists to a child conceived as a result of their crime this week, the Baltimore Sun reported.
The bill nearly passed last year, but ultimately died when the all-male panel of lawmakers appointed to reconcile the Senate’s and House’s different versions of the bill failed to do so, the Washington Post reported. (Other states do not bother to have no such laws in place.)

But the same court system, wherein a prosecutor will fight for a rapist to have shared child custody of the child conceived in rape, allows women with no such criminal history to be tormented and gaslighted completely out of their rightful lives by abusers and Family Court personnel. Here are more examples:

Face of the Crisis: Linda
After many years of abuse, I filed for divorce and my ex immediately applied for full 100% custody. I had always been fully responsible for all childcare and home matters while I worked full time. He had taken no responsibility with children or home matters.
There were several unexpected disclosures of abuse and then a pointblank refusal by my children to see their father ever again. That was the turning point in our case. I was called to an “urgent” court hearing for property matters the following week but there was definitely no urgency in our property matters. I realise now that the hearing was contrived solely to get the children into the courthouse so they could be taken away.
A ridiculous ‘court expert’ had done a one hour custody evaluation with mostly irrelevant discussion about things like Christmas shopping. She then repeatedly slandered me in her report as “delusional with psychosis”, ” too close to the children”, “enmeshed” and that I had been “brainwashing the teenagers”. Their father was promoted as a wonderful parent and recommended for full custody.
The kids had been locked in a room at the court with no food or toilet all day. They were ordered to go immediately with their “forever” and would have “no contact” with me “ever again”. Their only option (if they refused to go with him) was that they would be made immediate Wards of the State and placed into foster care. The kids were hysterical in the court foyer and refused to go with him. It was a shocking episode of screaming and hysteria. Several police and ambulance were called.
The case had been delayed until 6pm on a Friday evening, which I later realised was to avoid public viewing of this injustice and trauma to the children who were refusing to go with their father.
The magistrate had arranged for two social workers to take the kids to foster homes for unwanted teenagers. They were horrified by the kids’ reactions and realised this was an obvious case of abuse by the father, so they rang the magistrate and ordered him to return to change the orders. But my children were made wards of the State anyway.
In hindsight I realise that much planning and collusion went into this event. The magistrate was eventually “stood down to be re-educated” and could no longer make orders on his own. But the goal to empower my ex to take my kids away from me had already been accomplished.

Julie Aron6 years ago


The Women’s Coalition January 14 at 8:26pm ·
Face of the Crisis: Corinne
I am the mother of two sweet little boys, 5 and 19 months old. I have not seen them since August 9th. My soon to be ex-husband has been keeping them in contempt of court and he’s determined to alienate them from me.
I am a victim of domestic abuse, financial abuse, defamation and more. My constitutional and civil rights have been violated. Every single second of the day is spent on trying to figure out how to get them back home.
I am mourning my two little boys who are very much alive.

Jenni T The family court gave my son to my ex who went to jail for 9 months for his abuses
He never ever adopted my son at all!
Right now I don’t have any communication with my son.
Complete cut off custody from me.
Please help me!

The Women’s Coalition January 12 at 6:26am ·
Face of the Crisis: Tasha
I was emotionally and mentally abused by my children’s father and he falsely accused me in Family Court. They gave me no legal help.
They took my children, my life, away from me without ever talking to them or having any kind of evidence of his false claims against me.
- From “Faces of the Crisis” a Women’s Coalition exhibit

The Women’s Coalition January 27 at 7:09pm ·
Face of the Crisis: Gena
A year and a half after starting my divorce it was finally granted. For years I suffered, emotional, physical and mental abuse at the hands of my then husband. He cheated on me, gave me STD’s, stole money from us and anything else you can think of. My ex is very good at lying and triangulating and making you feel like things are your fault. It took me 25 years (22 years of marriage) to finally decide I had enough.
When the divorce started I wanted to be as amicable as possible, starting out with a mediator. That quickly changed when he would threaten me in front of my oldest daughter telling me I’d better get a litigator because he was going to take my stuff and all kinds of other things.
On August 10th I was the custodial parent. On August 19 he called social services to do a “wellness check” on my youngest and that was the last time I saw her. He falsely claimed I was verbally and physically abusive to her in the Restraining Order he filed against me.
The judge would not let me defend myself, refused to look at my daughter’s medical history or consult her doctors. She took my daughter away completely, ordering I have no contact with her at all and have no input in her life. She made the restraining order expire in two years, four months after my daughter turns 18.
I filed motions to vacate, rehear, appoint a guardian ad litem, etc. but none was considered.

Krystal I have gone 6 weeks without seeing my 2 year old son. His father had 5 felony drug charges 3 years ago, and an assault on me shortly before I became pregnant. Now he’s had 4 girlfriends posting pictures with my son meanwhile I’m given supervised visits which I have to pay $47 an hour for. My mom hasn’t seen my son since January, it’s now December. And all of this because his dad convinced a judge that I’m mentally unstable after being diagnosed with Post Partum Depression while fighting since my son was 2 months old breastfeeding and being forced to leave him with his dad.

Sent a message to her son on 14 July, it read, ” Try to say a prayer with W…. at night and hold his little hand like I used to. At our last visit he told me, mommy I cant remember our prayer. My heart is broken, I miss you guys so bad.”
For this message she was sent to jail for 30 days and charged with contempt of the Youth Court. They were pressurising her to terminate her rights as a parent and she was frantic after not having any contact with her children for 2 months. The judge’s bailiff was her ex brother-in-law.

Jessica – USA
I recently lost custody of my 5 year old daughter. She now lives with her father in another state and he barely answers the phone or allows us any communication.
A Jefferson County Family Court judge on Monday jailed a mother whose daughter refuses to go on weekend visits with her father, saying she fears her dad and doesn’t feel safe with him.
Finding the mother in contempt of court, Judge Denise Brown ordered the mother to spend two days in jail and had threatened to return her to jail Friday if the 10-year-old refused to go to her father’s home for a visit this weekend.
“If there’s any interruption to parenting time, you will spend those weekends in Metro Corrections from Friday to Monday,” Brown told the sobbing woman as a sheriff’s deputy handcuffed her and took her into custody. “I need you to comply with the court’s order.”

But on Friday, after the child again refused to visit her father, Brown backed off the threat to jail the mother for the weekend, saying she never intended that the child be forced to make such visits, according to the mother’s lawyer, Thomas Clay.
Rather, he said, he and a lawyer for the father are discussing ways to resolve the dispute in the best interests of the girl and a teenage sister through means such as counselling or mediation.
The apparent break though came Friday after Courier Journal published this story online, noting the dispute had landed the mother in jail for two days.
“There’s been a whole change of atmosphere,” the mother’s lawyer, Clay said.

The Women’s Coalition October 16, 2017 ·
Mom Jailed 4th Time for Refusing to Take Child to Visit Dad in Prison
Judges Empowering Father to “Harass & Torture” Mom
“When I took [my daughter to the prison], she just clenched to me, had her arms around my neck, wouldn’t look at him or talk to him. He tried to force her to, you know, like hug her and kiss her and stuff, and he was sitting there making remarks and [said to her] when he gets out of jail, ‘You will be with me.’”
– Jennifer…
Jennifer Logan, 28, was ordered to spend 21 days in the Kosciusko County Jail after not taking her 7-year-old daughter to visit the girl’s father.
Special Judge Torrey Bauer ordered Logan to report to a jail in a closed hearing Wednesday.
…Davis [father] was convicted of driving drunk and causing the death of his then-girlfriend, Victoria Anderson, in 2010 on Old 30 west of Warsaw.
Logan describes her past with Davis as abusive and says Davis is still trying to “torture” her while he’s in prison through acts of harassment, complaints and requests for money.
While in prison, Davis sued Logan for parental visitation rights, resulting in the order requiring Logan to accommodate the visits for her daughter.
Logan says Davis is just making trouble for her.
… “He’s still harassing me, He’s still torturing me,” she said Wednesday after the hearing.
In the court hearing, Logan said Bauer told Davis, the father, that if he put Logan, the mother, in jail, he would not see his daughter during the three weeks she serves time for.
“He said lock her up,” Logan said.
Logan said that showed in court Davis didn’t really care about the child.
Logan said the one time she took the girl to see Davis, her daughter was scared and was holding onto her and refusing to go in.
Logan also said Davis seems to care more about money.
“When he does call, he talks with my daughter for five minutes, and then talks to me and begs for money,” she said.
Logan showed the judge a letter Davis sent her from prison in which Davis implies he won’t put Logan in jail if she sent him money.
In the letter, Davis asks for $250 to purchase a TV and headphones in prison.
… The court-appointed attorney, Anthony Garza, declined to comment on the case.
In March, Los Angeles County paid a $150,000 settlement to a celebrity Beverly Hills doctor after social workers lied under oath and falsified evidence to take her four kids from her, amid a thorny custody battle.
But despite the payout — and the help of top-notch private lawyers — Susan Spell, whose TV credits include Oprah, CNN, Good Morning America, and Dr. 90210, still doesn’t have her kids back and fears for their safety as they continue to live with their father who has a documented history of domestic abuse.
“It’s so crazy that, if I let myself, I’d just go full crazy and probably go over there and take my kids,” Spell said. “It’s a bit of chaos that I’ve learned to live with, but I’m hurting tremendously.” This fight for her children has consumed not just Spell’s life, but her savings, too. In addition to the lawyers, Spell said she’s paid thousands of dollars to professional monitors just to have the opportunity to see her kids. In more recent proceedings, the mildly famous dermatologist has had to represent herself, no longer able to afford private lawyers, but still too affluent to qualify for free representation.

The Women’s Coalition July 30 ·
Judge Gives Mom 5 Years in Prison, No Contact with Kids
Harsh Sentence Despite National Protests
A Spanish judge on Friday sentenced a protective mother, Ms Rivas, to five years in prison and no contact with her children (12 and 14 years old) after she went into hiding for a month to avoid turning them over to their abusive father, who had been convicted of abusing her.
“We’re helpless in front of this patriarchal judiciary.” 
- Suky Reglero, 8-M Commission spokeswoman

Heather – what doesn’t kill me

D Smlls McCracken shared a post — with Connie Reguli and 45 others. February 4 at 2:50 PM ·

You want to know how my divorce took everything and did it illegally when there was admitted child abuse by my ex husband in the transcripts on the record and retain full custody where I didn’t even have any visitation rights.

Geerte Frenken is with Cindy Dumas and 5 others. August 13

Today, I share with you information I received firsthand regarding Marlena Frayji, the Protective Mother I interviewed on Hell is for Children in January of 2017; loving Mother of three. Marlena Frayji wants you all to know that she has been sentenced to one year in jail for replying to a private message on Twitter from her 17 year old daughter, in which her daughter says: “Don’t worry mom, I’ll tell the judge I want my mom back.”

Marlena’s abusive ex kept their daughter from testifying in court by hospitalising her in a mental health facility for teens, while she has never been diagnosed with any mental illness. Marlena’s abusive ex owns a 3 million dollar-a-year design company and Marlena is ordered to pay him child support, while she has no income whatsoever. This man is supported in his campaign of Extreme Gatekeeping and Coercive Control by the Jehovah’s Witnesses of Granite Bay, CA. Marlena Frayji‘s daughter’s desperate pleas to get away from her abusive father now go unanswered, as her mother sits in jail, thanks to Judge Harry T. Hansen of Placer County, California!

Geerte Frenken is with Cindy Dumas. 1 hr · 23 November 2018

The Netherlands: Unfortunately I have to report that the disgraceful injustice regarding Yvonne Floor’s 13-year old son Max is spiraling out of control, even more than it already had. After Max had been choked by his father and CPS did nothing to protect Max, Max ran away to his mother Yvonne to seek safety. A few days later, a SWAT team with battering rams plus CPS workers, removed Max from his mom and placed him in an institution. Neighbors witnessed the ordeal. This insanity must stop NOW! Free Max! Let him go home to mom!!! We will take this case to the European Court if we have to, for violations of the Human Rights of mother and son! Prayers please!

Geerte Frenken Please note that Yvonne Floor , who is a Human Rights Journalist, is being prosecuted for writing a book about her story (in which she changed all names, except mine with my permission). The book is not allowed to be published. I don’t know of another book this happened to since Hitler’s book Mein Kampf was forbidden in The Netherlands.…/tot-de-dood-ons-scheidt…/

The Women’s Coalition September 10 ·
Mom Arrested & Jailed after Daughter Runs Away to Her
Faces 11½ Years in Prison, $160K in Fines; 250K Bond
Women’s Coalitionists: Ask D.A. to Dismiss Charges! [See below]
“There are criminal charges for child abuse pending against the stepmother. She physically assaulted my daughter, left bruises on her, and threatened to drown a baby; and the stepmother’s father routinely exposes my kids to pornography.”
- Karin Wolf
Karin Wolf was arrested and jailed in Connecticut last week on a New Jersey warrant after her 14 year-old daughter, Gretchen, ran away from her abusive stepmom 9 days earlier. Like millions of women, Karin had custody taken from her by a judge known for unjustly switching custody to fathers, and she has not seen her two children much since 2012.
Karin has been charged with interference with custody and contempt of court. She did not waive extradition, so she will likely stay in Connecticut until the extradition hearing in 30 days.
The custodial interference charge is a serious felony carrying a punishment of up to 10 years in prison and $150K in fines. The contempt charge is a less serious felony with up to one and a half years in prison and $10K in fines. Bail was set at an outrageous $250K, which means Karin will likely have to sit in jail until trial.

Montana Marie 2 hrs ·

Friends, I have to share here bc there is no where else.. and if I don’t somewhere, I feel I might implode.
This has already been a long & difficult battle, & 1 I did not sign up for. After nearly 4yrs I have finally been allotted a young DV shelter atty; solely for my younger 2.
After finding NO justice 4 my older 2, none 4 my 2 biz’s, separate career, single parents ministry, 2 homes, 401k, vehicles, savings, rep&credit, church family, blood family, heirlooms.. not for forgeries, a strange POA, nor 4 being drugged, raped, nor stalked, not my 4 name & my work (creative & profess); it is NOW that I am granted an atty.
Ok, take what u can, right?
Maybe not.
I have court (conf) tmrw, & I am being forced to cont’ this game, if I ever want to parent again the children that I bore. Tmrw I am 2 agree 2 be back under CYS assoc’d supervision, so they can report again.
Friends, a year ago I made ‘too elaborate’ of dinners to appear stable enuf 4 ‘them.’
This ‘DV ATTY’ tells me that I have no credibility w the court, ‘she’s sorry to say.’ That apparently due 2 what CYS or my abuser state.
My abuser has already punished me for daring to ask for a teensy bit more time w my babes, let alone what he KNOWS & processed countless times: that I AM THE ONLY PARENT. He’s the very same skin/bones that I could never end in telling u all the ways he has abused me & all 4 of my children. Believe me if u even dare.
I just need to say somewhere to someone that will hear: that I AM SO ANGRY RN. This is so very wrong. If u know anything abt me/how I’ve raised my babes, OR what is happening to them every moment of every day then u know my words to be true. All I have left is my credibility, but now I’m told – not?!  I do not know how I can continue this charade.

#thecourtsaidusa Picture: “Child Protective Services forced me to leave Domestic Violence And forced my children to stay in it.” #ThecourtsaidUSA
Most people are unaware of the crisis in the custody courts which have proven unable to safely handle most cases involving domestic violence and child abuse.  These are the most dangerous cases and a new study from the National Institute of Justice confirms that the courts are erring on the side of risking children in a majority of the cases studied.  Another study by Dr. Dianne Bartlow looked at the court response to 175 child murders, many of which were facilitated by courts giving access to dangerous abusers.  She asked the best judges in communities where the fathers killed their children what reforms had been implemented in response to the preventable tragedy.  Shockingly, the answer was none because the court officials all believed the murder in their community was an exception.
Two recent child custody cases involving the tragic death of Prince McLeod Rams and continued denial of normal visitation between Natalie Khawam and her son provide good examples of how the failure to use current scientific research and a widespread bias favouring (often abusive) fathers routinely place children at risk.  The adoption of best practices that make the safety of children the first priority would have changed the outcomes of both cases by making the children safer and healthier.
We especially appreciate the Washington Post editorial concerning the death of Prince McLeod Rams because it provided information about the pattern of mistakes that often lead to tragedy.  Domestic violence experts look to patterns within and among cases to better understand the circumstances, but court professionals rarely have the training to understand these patterns.  One of the patterns we see is that when courts limit abusive fathers to supervised visitation there is tremendous pressure to quickly resume normal visitation, but when mothers are restricted for issues like “alienation” which do not create a safety risk, the courts routinely allow these restrictions to continue for many months or years.
The U.S. Department of Justice recently released a major study about the training of court professionals regarding domestic violence cases written by Dr. Daniel Saunders. Dr. Saunders’ interviewed 24 protective mothers with harmful outcomes like the one in the Natalie Khawam case.  These are cases with extreme outcomes in which safe, protective mothers who have provided good care for their children, and are the primary attachment figures for their children, are limited to supervised or no visitation and the alleged abuser is given custody.  These outcomes are always harmful to children because the danger of denying a child a normal relationship with the primary attachment figure, which includes significant risk of depression, low self-esteem and suicide when older is always more harmful than whatever benefit the court believes it is providing.