A Summary

A shocking discovery that child sex abuse is being promoted and condoned by countries’ child welfare systems. This specific case occurred in one of the richest countries in the world. A Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde social system caters for a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde man, who verbally and unabashedly advertises that he is said to prefer little boys, utilising ex work colleagues as his source. He pretends to be a victim, while indoctrinating and conning people into thinking he is a kind, generous, honest, decent, respectable and morally upstanding person, who pilots the elite’s aircrafts. He cons a woman from his native country into marriage. They have three children. While this man, also a foreigner in this “respected” and rich country, initiates and gradually increases his psychological, emotional and gaslight abuse to destroy and eliminate the mother of the children.

Once more he advertises to be called a pedophile. This time saying his wife’s mother is the source of his “victimisation”. Concerned, his wife starts to educate the children that no-one is allowed to touch their privates and that they are not allowed to touch anyone else’s. The children, boys, are ages 1, 3 and 4 years old, do not fluently speak the languages of the “respected” country and, because of this, are more vulnerable. This man is upset that his wife starts to seriously question his behaviour towards the children. Which includes wrestling games where he continuously restrains the children and gropes and pinches them in their private areas. He had previously told his wife, when being questioned about this, that there is “something wrong with her for not liking it”.
About 5 months after this father’s latest “pedophile” advertising, the two eldest children told their mother that their father “makes ‘food’ from his penis for them”. The eldest child said “his father puts the ‘food’ in his mouth”. The middle child said “his father puts the ‘food’ in his buttocks.” The mother approaches a child welfare organisations with this information. There is a cursory medical examination of the eldest and youngest children, but the doctor refuses to examine the child who said his father puts the ‘food’ in his buttocks. The mother approached the police. But the police only interview the eldest child, then age 5 years old, who denies his sex abuse while pulling a disgusted face. The 3 year old child, who was ignored by the doctor, is ignored again. This time the police refuse to even interview him. The children start to disclose more horrifying details: Some of their father’s family members, when on holiday in their native country, behave the same as their father. That in the respected country they are taken by their father to a group who behaves the same as he does. That he lies to the mother about their whereabouts when this happens. The children call the place “the zoo”, saying the people sing, they bite like animals and indicated sexual orgies. They relayed how their father is upfront, busy with his bad things, while he leaves them alone amongst the people – men, women and other children. The police refuses to take any of this information. Later a child psychologist refuses the mother’s request to have her foreign language speaking children evaluated for sexualisation. But the same psychologist concludes in about 20 minutes that the 3 year old foreign language speaking child is not autistic and that the foreign language speaking mother suffers from “mental illness”.

The “respected” country’s social service system, with support and collaboration of this father, starts disinformation protocol procedures against the mother of the children. Saying, “she is mentally unstable, delirium, delusional, major depressive, anti-social, bi-polar, violent and dangerous etc. She has lost touch with reality, they say: Her children’s toys are on the carpet. Because of this the house is chaotic. She has lots of washing. She allowed her children to take their pet hamster with them to the police. She endangers her children and sets no boundaries. She allows her children to climb trees. This is very dangerous, abnormal and unnatural. She heals her children with homeopathic medication. This is child neglect. She neglects her children’s (ages 2,3 and 5 years old) school education, having kept them out of school for a day.

This “prefer little boys” father says he fears for his wife. She reports child molestation and a group of people he takes the children to. “She just massacred his pizza into a thousand pieces. This is partner violence”.
The child molestation is dismissed, saying no evidence. No charges are made against this father and he is called a victim. The mother is accused of abuse of children, no rational evidence exist, no possible charges can be made, but parental alienation of children procedures are started against her.

This man files for a divorce and is immediately given full temporary custody of the children. The mother is given no rights at all and is thrown out of the house at midnight into an apartment above the house. She and her children are tortured for several weeks by this father and his brother, who came to the respected country especially for this purpose.
This father wants to get rid of his wife and buys her a ticket back to their native country. The mother approaches the courts there to have her children’s welfare assessed and evaluated by a professional capable of speaking the children’s language. The mother is immediately attacked by the respected country. A Hague application for kidnapping is produced and it is demanded in court that the mother be found guilty of kidnapping, even though her children is in the father’s care on his parent’s farm. Lies are created surrounding the respected country’s behaviour towards the children. One lie being: The children speak all the respected country’s languages and were understood by everyone. Another lie was: The children were interviewed and evaluated by the respected country’s social services and there is no need to intervene. Our native country’s court orders a language evaluation of the children which determines that the children can speak only their native language fluently. But this court orders the children back to the respected country where no native language professionals exist.
Then this father drives over his middle child who is now 4 years old, breaking his leg and causing a haemorrhaged arm. The police in the native country decides they want to interview this child. As a result this father takes the children and flees the native country’s jurisdiction into a bordering country. A month later, after removing the evidence (plaster of paris), of having driven over a child, he returns to the respected country.

The mother also returns to the apartment in the respected country and is again immediately attacked. She is told she has no rights to her children at all. She tries to greet and speak to her children, who reside beneath her apartment, from the window and is harassed and recorded by strangers who are now nannies to her children. They push the children around, ordering them to ignore their mother. The respected country’s Youth Court judge finally ordains some contact between the mother and her children, supervised and at a section of the criminal institution.

All this father’s bad behaviour that is recognised is written off to “accidents” and “him adjusting to being a parent”, having had virtually nothing to do with the children’s former care giving. Nannies are hired on a whim, not interviewed before being “employed”, even ones who do not speak the children’s language. They are left in their care for more than a month at a time.

This father continues his “victim” act, adding “my wife is mentally unstable, violent and dangerous” – spreading this even to the parents at the children’s school. He wants to get rid of this breeder woman. He instructs nannies to report her to police for everything and anything – even making up lies.

The respected country refuse to renew the mother’s family residence permit, stating she does not qualify for one any longer. Eight months later she is given a letter stating she has 30 days to leave the respected country or be removed with coercion. She ignores this letter and informs the Youth Court judge that she will not be forced to commit the crime of abandoning her children. With a Women’s group the mother notify the UN that the respected country is making her a human trafficked slave used to produce children for a man who says he is called a pedophile.

During supervised visitations with her children the children tell their mother about their abuse. How they are punished and beaten for speaking to her at the building they basically all share. Physical punishments like pulling/twisting their ears, being constantly slapped on the head, being kicked and other emotional and physical abuse are relayed by the children. The children also talk about performing incest on each other. But talking to the police the children deny any physical abuse. They told their mother their father tells them to speak the truth, but when they do this, they will have to move to another house.
The father and his nannies refuse telephonic contact between the mother and children. The father tries to make deals with the mother that if she ignores her children when she sees them then he will allow her one telephonic call a week.

The mother has had three substantial psychiatric evaluations. All indicate no psychiatric deviations. The court contracted their psychiatrist who diagnosed the mother of the children with “delusional psychosis for fearing for her children’s welfare from pedophilia”. The respected country’s court and social service employees continuously tell the mother she must remember that she is mentally unstable and that nothing she says is to be believed.

The mother discovers naked posing pictures of her children on their toy camera. The camera was a present she gave them, which the children had given back to her after saying it is broken. She verbally reports the discovery of the pictures to the Youth Court where she is told that the respected country has “future evidence against her that she is a harm to her children”. But the judge changes the mother’s visitations with her children from the criminal institution to her apartment, to be supervised by a nurse or someone like that.
The mother is left to arrange these visitations with the man who wants to destroy her and get rid of her. He ignores emails for visitations for months. She reports him to police. Then he makes his own orders, demanding interviews with the supervising persons. Social service workers insist he is in “control” and the mother must “respect him”. “He is worried about the children’s welfare”, social service workers insist. He demands from a child psychologist, put forward for supervising visitations, that she must agree not to report on anything the children might tell her during the visitations. She withdraws her offer of help.

The children are enrolled into voluntary nature trips on days arranged for visitations. This father arranges everything he possibly can on a date arranged for a visitation and then orders the school social service worker to relay to the mother that the visitation cannot take place anymore. This is done frequently. This father continues making more and more demands and rules. Gradually the children had started to ignore or act very reserved towards their mother when they see her in public.

The mother consults experts on the naked child pictures she had found and they described it as concerning. Downloading the pictures she found a recording made an hour before the pictures. In this, this father can be heard repeatedly saying, “penis-bum”, to the children. The mother made another police report.

Social service workers from school and the child education department tell the mother that she must remember that she is mentally unstable and that her opinion on the pictures is irrelevant. That the children ages, about 5 to 8 years old, posing naked and in homo-sexualised positions on their father’s bed, is considered “normal development” in the respected country which the mother “must allow”.

This father moves the children to a house he bought 2 blocks away. Social service workers insist on the mother’s visitations with her children moving back to the criminal institution with less time ordered for the visitations.

Irregardless of:
A testimony of this father’s friend who relays how this father also told him of being said to prefer little boys.
A testimony of the maternal grandmother who saw this father on a bed with his hand in the front of a sleeping 2 year old eldest boy’s nappy.
The grandmother’s doctor testifying that the grandmother was disturbed by his behaviour, which this man tried to convince her was “nothing”, and had discussed it with her doctor at the time.
A video depicting this father’s child penis groping/pinching public wrestling games.
The mother of the children testifying that the children told her that their father makes ‘food’ from his penis for them.
A voice recording in which this father can be heard repeating only “penis-bum” to small boys, followed by a session of children posing naked and sex media being produced on this father’s bed and in his bedroom.

The respected country’s choice is: To carry on promoting the “pedophile” parent and to increase parental alienation and emotional torture tactics on the mother, while reminding her that she is mentally unstable to fear for children from pedophilia activities.